Арсенал – Манчестер Юнайтед 2:0 прогноз|01.01.2020|Arsenal – Manchester United 2:0

January 1 in the football world is also called
boxing day because english The Premier League traditionally gives us very
interesting matches and such matches will be serve
arsenal match manchester united match held at emirates
I welcome all football fans sports betting lovers
Manchester is on the fifth line certainly the team must pretend
to higher places I’m sure that muu tries everything possible to do for
at least in the top three enter aspen we go on 12 lines in
team now changes here and 24 Arsenal points scored this season
can only rely on the league zone europe’s last game
basis met against chelsea it was check for team team evil
Mikel arteta is definitely very, very hard in principle protective only
old baggage have to go and here the game diagram was 4231 we see that
if the previous coach used a point boomerang here
art it uses la casita as center forward a obama yankoy
we have a nelson flight, respectively acts as a flank of globalists
now we have made sending the traditional pattern distinguished half
abraham who had a lingering without scoring series but in the end of the match we
see knocked began to crush and these two our head 83 87 minutes fell
certainly the arsenal started the match well arsenal
as probably a home team began to show himself but after all the same
chose intercepted the thread of the game and here’s how win 12 for Manchester
here we have the team in the last two matches win here homework
victory over newcastle 41 well away managed to beat
burley 02 before meeting wilshire played according to the scheme in one striker Anthony
Martial well and around the edges Marcus Rashford which comes in amazing shape and
Daniel Jones who periodically flashes also demonstrates its class
also periodically we can meet on mason greenwood field but also the appearance
jesse lingard didn’t cause any doubt anders peru he will replace by 73
minute in general urine we had a good the second is there but we also see that our first
goal they scored in the first half will make they and then her Martial composition of the game
for us you have an arsenal of us will play in his own way
let’s say the scheme in one striker la casita but also manchester this also
Anthony Martial will make the same scheme danila james marcus rashford and here
first minutes already appears jesse lingard will certainly be very
an interesting match as history shows then practically
6 last matches five times both teams scored but there is an arsenal
sometimes Manchester wins and very interesting boxing and yes with you
expects moving on to the bets but I still I chose meanwhile to stand on the fact that
Manchester will not lose or both teams hammer and I think that all the same here
need to bet that both teams certainly beat the arsenal
will have to score at home because but if you don’t shoot down Manchester then
hard to count on at least one point in the match because
Manchester I’m sure my goal one at least will be able to score and and
maybe Manchester will still win victory the advantage is still a bit on
I bid on the side of the guests that both center goal 156 and 82 passability
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  2. Арсинал никакой. МЮ победа. С наступающим!

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