Брайтон – Челси прогноз|01.01.2020|Brighton & Hove Albion – Chelsea

21 match will be held at Amex Stadium
English Premier League Brighton accepts chelsea I welcome everyone
football lovers do sports betting in tournaments table what
it is in parallel parts of the hour takes the fourth line Brighton 14 well
and we’ll have an hour anyway try to keep your position because
what’s the fourth place this zone Champions League turnover with man city with
it will be very, very difficult again there will still be a return match and
perhaps part will succeed for this match take it more seriously and maybe
impose a fight with regard to bright the team we also have the opportunity
fight for the league zone europe why no team has at the moment
negative difference for scored missed but
23 points I think what else can give opportunity to fight backlog of
Sheffield is currently 6 points
as for the form of teams and about this we had a pretty bad series team
held a row draw boy held two matches in which
lost but here sheffield this on him here is not a match against barbato succeeded
interrupt this series the team won 20 a here we note that on the field to the right
the attack appeared I’m hanbok this is an Iranian ballist he managed
distinguish already in the third minute after transfer on or mup i’m a team scorer
seven swords on his account further Brighton owns more
ball brighton creates a moment we’re at 79 pass my arenas
sets the final score 2 0 what we have the game people 100 team
suffered just not five matches two defeat
all these defeats were at home stamford bridge he mumbled a trial by someone on
and note that in all these matches I want failed to score
but as for the guest matches, then Cho it looked much better it was a match
became bad it was a match against Arsenal also visible match against
the arsenal of the team completely lose 10 at 13 minutes Obama brightly makes even
next let’s say chelsea tries trying turn the tide of the game
somewhere no chelsea fits comes closer you see that a lot of yellow
cards which indicates a very a lot of struggle well, and we see
on 83 on 8 and 7 minutes goals happen jorginho and the subject of abraham finally
interrupts his series he is already there in my opinion five or four matches did not score here
he managed to excel Frank lampard donut switchblade 3421 abraham
on the edge well evelyn & moon then let’s say played around the edges for this match scheme already
available at chelsea we see that the scheme of the game will be 433 but I’m sure the food is a match
then the game scheme will be approximately the same as the match against
the arsenal that is and the green munt will play spearhead abraham spearhead ovelin and
Mond around the edges to remove on here too kind of rearrangement would seem
schemes of the game 433 but the rope and and the coffin lose a little lower on this i’m sure
Turning to rates, I think that all the same chelsea as i said away plays better
Well, it seems to me an hour since Abraham scored in good shape is vilen
Mond all these guys will be anyway higher class in brighton sheet and
the team must win you You can definitely bet on a clean
victory chelsea but I’ll take it so insurance and
the second command is not set lose and plus total less than 4 s
half with a factor of 153 certainly all sorts of things can take to score
then sit on the defensive but still I think that Chelsea will have to go
forward will have to score here too Of course it will all depend on how
which will be able to realize their moments so the rate is so less
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