Вулверхэмптон – Шеффилд Юнайтед прогноз|01.12.2019|Wolverhampton – Sheffield United

the match will be held at Molyne stadium on the 14th
England Championship Tour Wolverhampton accepts sheffield united i welcome
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let’s go to the table now in mode live are some matches we
see that wolves and sheffield go on the sixth seventh line, respectively
but in a successful scenario, one or another team can quite imagine
displace Tottenham which takes the fifth line of the team is both wrong but
skips it wouldn’t be so much to score
last match with we are now to them of course let’s go then we see that they were messed up
start with the home wolf team played against bournemouth the guest game was
the team won 1: 2 in that meeting scheme of the game was 3-4-3 attacking scheme
here we highlight Raul Jimenez who scores in almost every game
Well, Jou Moutinho also managed distinguish oneself
in the fifty-ninth minute steve cook do something 1: 2 turned out that Wolverhampton could
lose points but still there we are let’s also look at the statistics
probably there are no more questions will wolverhampton a well-deserved victory in
won this meeting after that was away match against sporting mash
the team played in a draw 3: 3 although during the match I lost therefore
here wolverhampton likely acquired rather than lost and so if we will
you can look at the big picture analyze positive dynamics
Wolverhampton scores points and team manages to score this is the most important thing that
Regarding Sheffield, that team played against manchester united this one I already this
game in his review one of the assorted here is chris
wilder played three defenders but
besides this there was again a midfielder in which also helped protect well
assaulted fox musset and david mcgoldrick until these guys
especially show effective football but here in the last matches it seems to be foxes
the musset for example began to score as well probably you can highlight the baldock
John Flack who is meeting just the same managed to score
sheffield and thanks to its probably fighting qualities in 90 minutes to do the score 3: 3
take a very important point in the match against red devils that is important
regarding trends, we see that the team played before this hard match
guest scored points against Tottenham Hotspur outplayed burley
the arsenal is why we are quite imagined we can say that sheffield and in
recent matches began to score the most the main thing is even a victory over serious
teams the composition of the game for us no permutations are already available here
or there won’t be much change because sheffield will also play two forwards and
three defenders and wolves the same will not depart from its scheme
the very faces and I’m sure that in this meeting we will have to see
goals yes let it be not 3: 3 not 2: 2 sure that
2-3 ball in this meeting one of the teams score therefore I guess that the score
maybe 1: 1 can keep there minimum win 2: 1 but I will score goals
I will put on the total total more than 1.5 coefficient 1.46
and walk rate 68-71 percent be sure to write your comments in the comments
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channel and see you soon

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  1. Обе забьют да 70% , эти команды играют на характере в основном и если пропустят то обязательно забьют

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