Ренн – Марсель прогноз|10.01.2020|Stade Rennais – Olympique de Marseille

after a short break it resumes
championship of France in the twentieth round of rennes takes marseille to rouge park i
I welcome all football fans lovers bet on sports in
tournament table both teams decides the same task marseille we have though
is on the second line but we see that ren haunted and
and this is serious persecution because rand spent one game
less in case of victory it will be 36 points and in many ways a match between marseille
will be decisive for the fight the second line with us
the difference between goals and goals we see that Rand plays a little better in
defense at marseille is better played in attack therefore plus minus
can give both minus and plus that we have personal confrontations
here basically both teams score 5 6 such an option breaks through but Marseille
already over four matches doesn’t lose about it either
statistics show that is three last match is a draw of match 11 and
22 rhino nasa held the match on January 4th at
France Cup played against Amiens the victory was a penalty shootout and we
we can only talk about he could spend a lot of strength but in that
meetings did not fully played the main Well, the last one in the championship
the match was dated December 21 UAH at home took bordeaux well r let’s say so with us
managed to its moment to realize do
Tambov Yanka is one of the best strikers teams and that’s what 8 goals scored well
a drink also stands out here you really in that meeting, he could not
really show herself but she also managed already in the season 4 goals to score in principle
housing team on becoming she looks and goes along the course of the tournament
points and definitely a match against marseille I repeat will be largely decisive
as for mars or that team on one later rule the match for the france cup
played against calves like here too the most how victory was won in a series
penalty marselle certainly also played no
basic composition well and the last game the team spent December 21 it was urine
home against him and the team won 31 in that meeting managed to excel
Demetrius, I am not the first about him time I say that he is in
in good shape began to score giving assists for a reason
is the captain of the team well and gave bendita argentinian
striker also stand out from the background of all the rest of his companions on him what
seven goals scored and will also be threaten commanders on
the next match the coach team coaches Andre Villash-Boash game scheme
clear 3 attackers attack and marseille if we look at the last
match in almost every game scores 23 goals and this certainly can not us
you are not happy about guest mother what were unsuccessful examples against
I’m opposite you Saint-Germain managed the team
straighten the situation and replay 20 on same toulouse
well match with matt points were lost 11 moving on to bets, I think that here
still marseille will be a team more class no i think marseille
will have a better chance of winning so I want to make a bid with
safety net for a 0 2 teams odds 1 912
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3 thoughts on “Ренн – Марсель прогноз|10.01.2020|Stade Rennais – Olympique de Marseille

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  2. Хороший выбор. НАДЕЮСЬ ЗАЙДЕТ. А то на тех выходных на итальянцах круто слил).

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