Саутгемптон – Тоттенхэм 1:0 прогноз|01.01.2020|Southampton – Tottenham 1:0

match 21 will take place on st merris
English Premier League Southampton takes Tottenham i salute everyone
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tournaments tables fight teams occupying 6 and fifteenth line
Tanakh we have 30 points and command
Jose Mourinho continues to fight for Champions League as for from game plan
to the hostess team whether we left team relegation zones now victory case
maybe already near the middle standings have already given
and the fight for the league of Europe is possible but for this certainly needs to be played better
on defense as regards personal confrontation then let’s go right away
touch statistics breaks here total over 2 and a half I’m in seven of
eight times well and also both teams scores 8 out of 8 times with regard to form
teams about which he us the last game met against the Norwich in that meeting
Norwich we have after the first half leads 10
everything is very bad, but I’m deputy with with some help she managed
little game move change her christian eriksen makes the score 1 1 next we
own goal serge quarry well and 83 a minute
hurricanes penalty kick realize it and make the final score 22 unconditionally
at the end of the match then anaheim tried to score and win
but the team Marina failed to do this we see that the scheme of the game was such
a little new 3 1422 forwards well again
which is most likely the case with us acted a little deeper than
hurricane as for guest games, Tutankhamun
in the last matches of the last five match it doesn’t matter which opponent
will be norwich will be goods hinton be it’s like wet urine on this one here it
boor in all matches misses that concerns from someone the team we had
a number of good matches, for example against chelsea vs restored we see that
advantage team 2 goals left the field but here is a match against
crystal palace home match seemed southampton will be able to continue his
winning streak but failed to do so although according to statistics we see that our gene
there certainly owned more of a sword with agent created more moment but
again here is more pretty it often happens that teams are just one hit
inflicts a goal on the target so basically it happened
Roy Hotz’s team played on a counterattack Well
tomkins central defender managed distinguish yourself and you bring out your team
forward further permutation happens next to the tumor goes armster comes out and
length one at a time and all this ultimately gives starved hunger and not young with scorer
teams on his account 12 goals and makes score 1 1 at the end of the match with the agent
tries to score but does it already fails and probably if
draw a line under the teams then both teams played last matches in
productive draw and both teams have our last matches
skips therefore proceeding to bid I think you guessed I will
make both teams score with coefficient 1 59 I think that the court
gentoo is quite like a match from norwich when playing court agent can get lucky all
these and then we find the flight recoup and definitely do it to them
succeed and then everything can swing like one way and the other, that is, I
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video and see you soon

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  2. Тотенхэм не проиграте инфа сотка)))

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