✔ Хетафе – Реал Мадрид 0:3 прогноз|04.01.2020|Getafe – Real Madrid 0:3

Alfonso Perez will host the match of the 19th round of the Spanish La
getafe league takes real madrid i I welcome all football fans
sports betting lovers Real Madrid table tournaments will leave
he threw back two points Barcelona hold the match against
Espanyol Espanyol is the last team tournament I think the leopard
the team will have their three points 42 points but here real is also necessary
win because in case failures
lag will grow and grow what concerns China WTO team takes
sixth position 30 points scored hits also left from the Champions League area on
two points, of course, in front of both teams will be only one
the task is this victory because if the stage is on
the sixth position is most likely a task put on every match just such
getafe I’m so a team that is wrong misses a lot 17 goals conceded
less than one vote per game well 26 goals are better than athletics
madrid sevilla atletico bilbao and even trying on him also
qualify for league europe therefore real madrid at least will not
just well, now let’s look at what form of team fits unconditionally
there was a short break the teams should were better prepared to make out
each other and we see that real madrid experienced in the end the problem it all started
from the match with Valencia 11 further dropped 000 athletic bilbao 00 that is how
at least one two goals scored match against stage i expect because not
a series can take so long let’s say one of the great clubs in the world
accordingly we have a match against Atletico Bilbao real many of his
moments not used we see by statistics 69 percent in possession
8 shots on target but certainly there is just gasoline that helps
his team in matches with 12 teahouses that played Vincius Rodrigo unconditionally and was
then appeared on the field and Iow bow that eat better
players were called to the field but again it did not bring any success for
zidane’s teams regarding the game china then there was a good series waiting
played nothing but here is a match against Velal failed to extend his series 1
then everything seems to be fine but the problem the only thing left is that no one getafe
hit him on target did not inflict, we see that 0 shots certainly count on the goal
I had after the break getafe guided cafe bar dallas
trying to make a reshuffle comes out leaves the team veteran jorge raspberry
appears angel rodriguez also matiz oliver appears and but we see
that matiz oliver will get in two minutes 2 yellow cards leading to
removal and after goal my voices probably counts on the hit
this office and grace was very very hard in the end, probably adopted yes
an important victory is a team now starts to fight and league season
Europe, therefore, everything is more interesting and more interesting
with each round will look after spanish championship in the act
the confrontation here is certainly very real advantage on the side of real madrid
we see that once only guides won one draw and 16 real victories
real team we see that after setbacks against Atletico Bilbao Zidane
goes to reshuffle the claim as playmakers are two attacking benzema and
Gareth Bale, I think that a bunch in principle equipment and speed look good
what you need real madrid well, they and typhoon saz play their own way
pattern I’m past that jorge raspberry for two they
scored eight swords raspberry veteran toastmaster this what after
break also coach his team friends will change if you are not already
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but we will go with you to bet a Still, I believe that in this
confrontation real madrid maybe and has some percentage of what they
lose points but most likely they will win
and plus, I think that he will be less 3 and a half years of hits so closed
team and if they miss but somewhere there will be 23 goals but it is unlikely that the getafe will succeed
score one and seven by ourselves patency rate 82 percent
friends write your opinion in the comments Like the video if the review was
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5 thoughts on “✔ Хетафе – Реал Мадрид 0:3 прогноз|04.01.2020|Getafe – Real Madrid 0:3

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  2. Если брать в экспресс.. Просто поставьте.. Реал забьёт.

  3. Грамотный прогноз. Реал точно не проиграет.

  4. Давайте экспресс соберём, хорошие матчи будут

  5. Высший класс. Я и не сомневался!

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