❌ Аталанта – Парма 5:0 прогноз|06.01.2020|Atalanta – Parma 5:0

on athletic azura in the 18th round of Italian
atalanta series takes parma I welcome all football fans
sports enthusiasts to atalanta standings
the fifth line the team continues fight for the champions league zone we see
the assault is now holding its match against torino is a very intense game but also
talent is this team which is the most in championship scored 43 hunger 30 typed
point and this season is really possible fight for the champions league
as for the game format here too pretty unexpected result is
7th line is the zone of the league of Europe and our team has a difference
missed + 4 in the asset 25 points in in case of victory it will be possible to catch up and
career and talent, respectively, that Regarding the game form of the ax we have in
recent matches look good probably all started buying up the match against
Is he victory 21 won but further in the next three matches the form will be
score and here will even be won victory over attacked 12 but last match
tour against a breach his team with us saved at 92 minutes alberta grasse
doing something 11 and here probably note that
cut it looked no worse than Parma field and probably a little bit
closer to victory as for the game atalanta that team we have now
renewed its probably an extravaganza extravaganza match with Milan and
we see that five swords were shipped and with all managed to save their gates in
immunity after the first half it turned out that the account cannot
be his device but we see that Milan trying to recoup milan trying
to do something but all efforts in vain and here we have only atalanta 61
80 minutes in a third, that is, in twenty two minutes draws four more swords and
makes a large score of 50 overall Milan certainly a very weak match, but I
talent managed to take advantage of this and certainly showed her spring game
where any of the attackers say so playmakers may respond to
gear and close the groove in the empty net so he’s on the go now
even when they lose scores and here I do not exclude the fact that atalanta
match against Parma will be able to score 23 sword not parma turn from believe that
after the break, they lose their skills team will continue to score and us
with you expect a very very interesting match or put up with you is available
we have the same talent as before will play 3421 but parma
here the scheme in 3 forwards and this probably says
that all the same Parma will count probably on a high-speed game on the flanks
therefore, here I consider it necessary choose not a head start not a clean victory
leave both teams to score this one he will break through more than two with
all the same I repeat that to me it seems if the atalanta leads in the account
1020 let’s say so Parma of its scheme its performers will have
opportunities they I think they should score but atalanta
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