❌ Сибирь – Локомотив 2:1 прогноз|10.01.2020|Sibir Novosibirsk – Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 2:1

next match will be held in Novosibirsk
Khl Siberia takes the locomotive Yaroslavl and I welcome all hockey fans
love sports betting videos tournament tables locomotive takes ninth
line of siberia 15 but lag is currently only
six points plus plus siberia rule for two games less than a locomotive in turn
locomotive 26 wins 20 defeats siberia 22 defeats 22 wins
as for the form of commands about the locomotive has a pretty good series
team 3 last matches and missed just one puck it was in
guest game against salavat yulaev pretty stubborn fight locomotive
win in extra time but also won a home victory
over cupid and cool union with dry count total of 70 made up yes certainly
matches they are simple locomotive passed them but failed to score points just for
except for a match with CSKA do mother and lost in extra time 43
as for ourselves this team with us last five home games in total
managed to win only one victory what is it was in Syria will be over kunin
and so we see that for Spartak Vickery CSKA Petrochemist versus these teams
I could not plainly somehow show yourself and show
as a result, defeat in regular time but as for the current tone shape in
the last game was won by a guest victory was made into extra
time 34 can probably be noted here what Siberia succeeded in the first period
score two goals probably this helped the team in
further and in the second period to score well and win overtime as far as
matches I am against the metallurgist and against the petrochemist that I said
then here the team is certainly a lot skip I think that all the same in our
league in khl when the team misses 2 3 goals then
it is fraught with the fact that it will be pretty hard to recoup
or try to get a whale at least glasses that we probably saw now by
home games siberia team in five last matches I’ll just repeat
managed to win one shootout we moving on to rates, I think that here
do not drag out for a long time I’m talking about something else
that the locomotive will definitely come to play as a favorite locomotive more
moments will create especially problems composition now is not and I will bet on
head start 0 and in regular time coefficient 18 I believe that after a heavy chair with vatami
the locomotive is able to triumph in Novosibirsk in normal time
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