❌ Эвертон – Ньюкасл Юнайтед 2:2 прогноз|21.01.2020|Everton – Newcastle United 2:2

at goodison park in the twenty-fourth
round fight everton and newcastle i I welcome all football fans
sports enthusiasts certainly both teams will fight for
zone of the league of europe to whom more degree will need to hit
probably in this zone will probably show 5-6 tour coming here but now for
to make a prediction make a bet you still need to look at
team results let’s start with overton is definitely you after us
Parish Carlo Ancelotti has transformed the team began to gain important and necessary
victory for yourself certainly victories such as
against brighton and berlin correctly say about the fact that it’s still probably style
Italian trainers if necessary somehow dry the game they can
to do and the team will give the result too most probably we can talk with you
and matches against newcastle like which
casque took place not so long ago on December 28 Where
Nika became at home lost vertu on 12 in these five match which everton
managed to spend here was an away match against Mansity the team lost 21 but
the game was good and everton we see probably the most important thing
Everton games now is what the team started to give a result this is the first and
the second started to score it probably too you need to celebrate a match against West
hama team played nothing were the points are lost the truth in that meeting
probably it was all natural unconditionally team carlo ancelotti hard hard
was to create any moments because what we see is that the troops played in two
lines strictly and set accordingly I’ll raise attacker Sebastian Khalir
played a monoplane appreciate the head came in As a result, we have it all from the central
defender and with a diap but his goal everton in then managed to score it was
done too before the break make the house not how albert levin is one of the best
scorer writer of this team before in match against you boor probably not enough
richard forest which by the way did not touch I scored two goals, but I went to
field moise kin which was soon replaced by amara nyasa in general if we are
we’ll talk about the bench here I can also appear at any time
anthony gordon and the same morgan schneider lin therefore in case
everton will lead the account is who reinforce for example the center
field or for example defense lines what Regarding the Newcastle game, that team with us
let’s say probably due to the fact that there were serious rivals the same
Manchester got here on everton trying the team of course took away points
newcastle three defeats in a row but we see what the situation straightened match against
choice of feints here medication managed one point to select well, and then as we see
probably probably in spite of growing then who came to play in this
case chelsea Gastal takes victory 10
certainly in this meeting all that direct was only on the side of the chelsea team
attacked a lot created a lot moments but in the end at 94 minutes and so
Hayden and managed to establish final score 10 definitely not
castil acquired in this game although by the fact
moments really did not create it says probably about the fact that the team still
managed to fulfill the plan for the game of steve bruce here we see that too
strictly two lines of 5 defenders but one Linton on the tip will in principle be
probably this is a team to match the newcastle I I think that I wouldn’t try to
say the first number and achieve the result did not work, for example, how
it was in a match for example against everton or against will find a for example
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it’s always nice to get such nishtyachki let’s come to betting on
I consider that Everton if won on a visit to
Newcastle then I think that at home will not be able repeat the same command should
to gain points here all the more as I said extra class specialists
players weaver then on say so but not on head but
half exactly stronger so I Everton seems to create his moment
everton in the first half will lead to score but in the second half carlo ancelotti
able to make the right replacements find the right words and eventually the team
holds a minimum win of 10 but not exclude the option that no one has become
will manage the score compare here further in match ending
no longer newcastle is calling how it was a match vs chelsea everton
so I bet that everton I will defeat the void 45
coefficient 221 you friends decide certainly bet or not but
do not forget that bets are necessary do with a cold head you were on
sports betting channel marco devic now that I am a little unsuccessful series
started but it should end i I think this will happen right now
be sure to subscribe to the channel every day new forecasts well i expect from you
your forecasts comments like under video until we meet again

5 thoughts on “❌ Эвертон – Ньюкасл Юнайтед 2:2 прогноз|21.01.2020|Everton – Newcastle United 2:2

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  2. Я за эвертон, хотя есть мнение что 2х можно попробовать

  3. Эвертон лучшие! Вести в счёте на 90 минуте 2:0 и сыграть 2:2. Лучшие!

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