【Eternal card game #4】Eternal Blessing Deck

Hey! What’s up everyone!
Welcome to Yoshi game world!
Today I’m gonna Share my Eternal Blessing deck.
The concept is to cast Copperhall Blessing many times by using Elysian Trailblazer and Second Site.
As targets of Elysian Trailblazer, I narrow spells down to three.
I mean, Copperhall Blessing, Second Site, and Harsh Rule.
If she gives Copperhall Blessing Echo, I can control damage I will take.
If she gives Second Site Echo, I can draw two cards every turn.
If she gives Harsh Rule Echo, I can control battlefield easily.
In other cards, this deck includes Mistveil Drake and Throne Warden as finisher.
Silverwing Familiar with Hammer of Might can be also good finisher.
Jot Hurler focuses on dealing with like Oni Ronin Because I can’t adopt spells any more.
And Auric Runehammer is also in as Removal.
OK. Then let’s Play!

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