【Eternal card game #5】Overwhelm Divining Rod Deck

Hey! What’s up everyone! Welcome to Yoshi Game World! Today I’m gonna Share my Divining Rod linked with Overwhelm deck. It’s a kind of gamble deck, but it’s really fun to use. Divining Rod can play all units in the top four cards of our deck that share a skill with the wielder, so I choose Overwhelm as a skill to fish. So there are many units of Overwhelm in this deck. Dawnwalker, Knight-Chancellor Siraf, Copperhall Elite, Horned Vorlunk, Sandstorm Titan, Talir who sees beyond. Actually, there is another linkage in this deck, you know, Destiny provided by Talir. If Talir is in the battle field, all time units can be played by Divining Rod. In other cards, Excavate is for recycle of Divining Rod. Vanquish, Auric Runehammer and Harsh Rule are for Removal. Find the Way and Amber Acolyte are for stable power supply. OK, then let’s play!

2 thoughts on “【Eternal card game #5】Overwhelm Divining Rod Deck

  1. スマホから日本語字幕が見れません。ちなみに機種はiphoneです。

  2. 今年から私もちょいちょいEtarnal Card Game始めるようになってこちらの動画にたどりつきました。よければ対戦等お願いします。

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