【Eternal card game #6】1 Cost Tempest

Hey! What’s up everyone!
Welcome to Yoshi Game World!
Today I’m gonna share my 1 Cost Tempest deck.
In order to cast Channel the Tempest with 1 cost card, we can use Eilyn, Queen of the Wilds and Snowball created by Jotun Hurler,
This deck includes only one Primal spell, I mean, only Channel the Tempest,
so if we cast another Primal spell, it fishes Channel the Tempest definitely.
Eilyn is a very high cost unit, so I thought I should prepare another way to put Eilyn on the battlefield.
That’s why Quarry and Grasping at Shadows are in this deck.
Feln Bloodcaster, Xenan Cultist and Steward of the Past are for blocker in early turn.
OK, then let’s play!

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