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Hi. I’m Won Sang Kim. This time we will learn about the Masse. To try Masse First, learn from the attitude of the masse. masse stance differs much from the basic posture. Directional cue is facing two-footed position To closely match To do this, stand aside. In line with the state next Turn your eyes to the cue direction, Hold this position as prone waist. The important thing is the bridge. Masse bridge is Separately and it requires a very large practice. In this state bowed Trivet shaped as a bridge so you need to practice. I’ll show you how to practice masse bridge. Give strength to the finger Three fingers on behalf conditions It is to a push-up. Horned away from the table also Chest rather than diagonal To move vertically to a push-up. In other words If you think your fingers are doing push-up. These exercises have a lot of fingers getting stronger The bridge is stable. must Not this practice to the masse. If you have strong fingers, even when the standard bridge Much can accurately align the hitting point, You can prevent miss cue. character! now After giving three fingers firmly force to create a bridge Spread your thumb and index finger The cue to pass between them So grab your posture The default position is to the masse. yet again We’ll show the crystallization attitude. At this time, Hold the position of the center of gravity is right about the cue. It is important to keep the magazine so far. You have to hit fast and hard to catch people away. When the masse using a snap of the wrist That the stroke is of the essence. Depending on the degree of soft, quick snap The power of the masse varies. I’ll explain when you try hitting point of the masse. hitting point is about the tilt of the cue It is formed in the vertical plane. If the cue is conducted in a horizontal The cue for the hitting point exists in the vertical plane. So cue is inclined to the ground hitting point is The bottom will be present in the 45 degree plane. It posted a coin over Cue-Ball. Among the vertical plane hitting point of the cue The presence on the border of the coin. When the hitting point of the cue pulled up to degree 90 It is intended to show you. The shop on the rim of the coin is present If the cue to So if you tilt the shot hitting point is This exists in the degree 45 side. Not the center of the Cue-Ball The present hitting point on the rim of the coin. Several places in accordance with the tilt of the cue Looking try hitting point You will be able to feel a variety of effects. Here we’ll explain how to aim the cue. When the masse Thickness is not the primary aim of thinly as possible. After you do this, aimed And secure the cue, cue line to match the Place both feet. Lift as a cue in this state. 1st Object-Ball wear thin as possible after the Creating a round That success is the basic aim of the method masse. When the size of the round is masse This is controlled by the tilt of the cue. If so closely cue is tilted to the horizontal, Round power forward because that is very large. The cue is therefore closer to the vertical round is smaller. first I will have to demonstrate only one ball. If a cue so gently tilt It will form round the considerably larger. Cue-Ball is round while advancing the drawn look You can check. But if you put the cue so much Since the power forward to small The rapid round is formed. There are people who want to fix the size of the round by force. That controls the slope of the round to the cue We need to remember. in reality Place the Object-Ball and Cue-Ball’ll show trial. Now is 1st Object-Ball and the 2nd Object-Ball Because I put a little away While slightly forward curve should be formed. So rather than erecting a lot of cue Order to the effect of forward Tilt the cue should try masse. If the cue distance of approximately degree 45 degree tilt You can succeed. Basically Thinly as possible determines the thickness of the 1st Object-Ball, and Then A stance It must be consistent with the direction of the cue. While lifting the cue to stop at degree 45 degree hitting-point is Since the decision to go forward tilt Top hitting point is not necessary. Since the left while moving forward curve is created, If you decide only left english You can easily succeed. This time, the distance of the 1st Object-Ball and the 2nd object-Ball It is very close. So a lot of the symptoms that should saenggimyeon forward. Round is to be formed soon You can catch the 2nd Object-Ball. Thus, if paying too cue Since the forward forces so many late round form You must quickly make a round. Similarly, the thickness and aiming Upright much earlier than the cue Let’s quickly to form a round. When using masse You need a lot of practice to try the wrist snap. If you do not have a soft wrist Do not produce instantaneous speed, Since it did the winning shot in a force table I can not make any progress. The extent masse is used in free-game A level. The 3-cushion game Often use the free hand masse. That attitude is a little different. On the left hand side by attaching it to a fixed It can be an important tip. So first create a birdge If this position is built with the cue You can try to force in a stable masse. Both the posture The idea is to pool the first strike Thoroughly it should practice, The most important thing is the bridge. The bridge to be very firmly fixed like a stone You need a lot of practice to bring the power of your finger. Free game skills are even more than 300 points If you want a masse From the beginner’s mind-set you need to practice again. When I practice This attitude and the masse, In this position once wrote the 30-minute practice sustaining. Not just because it adheres well to itself masse. masse is because it is a completely different attitude This requires a lot of practice and a separate, Ensuring correct posture from It is important to practice. It is one more favor to ask of you The ability to control the size of the round only You can learn to feel with a lot of practice. The bottom line is not only a lot of practice. Viewers! Feeling So that it is always a successful one in practice Please practice a lot. I’ll keep you in the next hour.

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  2. you're a great master. I congratulate you heartily. These videos are a great sacrifice.

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  6. 역시 맛세이는 어려워요,, 열심히 따라하고 있습니다~ 감사합니다~!

  7. 김원상님 감사, 저같은 저급자도 잘 알겠끔 설명은 정말 너무 열심히 잘해주셨어요. 마세, 찍어치기 아무나 하면 큰일나요, 손재주가 뛰어나고 운동신경이 좋고 운동머리가 좋아야 하죠. 그런데 한번 듣고도 다 알겠는데, 안철쌤 정말 당구머리 좋다고 생각됩니다. 역시 당구는 아무나 하는것은아니군요.

  8. 마세를 할 때 당구 다이를 찍는게 맞는 건가요? 아닌가요? 당구 초보인데 유투브상이라 그런지 누구는 다이를 찍는게 맞다..누구는 아니다 라고 하는데 영상에서는 다이를 찍지 않으시는거 같은데 정답을 부탁 드립니다

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  10. 일직선상에 공들이 놓일 때 선택지를 하나 더 둘 수 있겠네요 ㄱㅅ

  11. 나이도 들고 키가크고 몸이 좀 굳은편이라 자세가 높다보니 두께가 조정이 어렵네요..이럴때 두께조정을 효율적으로 하는방법있나요? 자세 높은 사람은 어떤 기준점이 있을까요?

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