10 Bets You Will ALWAYS Win! PRANK Your Friends!!

Musica *Music* Hey guys it’s Wengie and Wendy and welcome back to our channel!!! and today…TWIN HUG!!! Today we’re gonna be pranking each other with bets… You can always win! That’s right.And you guys can do this to your friends as well!! But hold up!!If you guys aren’t a part of the fam wet here already i encourage… you guys to join just click this “subscribe” botton Hacer click en el boton subscribete And you will be entered macbook air giveaway And the only other think you need to do is to be subscribed to either “Reacticorns”… …or my vlog channel! And that’s literally it! .And oh my gosh guys lets get this..video to a 150.000 thumbs up! Yes!!Let’s get to a 150.000 thumbs up. That would be amazing!!!And without further a do lets get on with the video… lets go! *Music* Wendy: Hey Wengie I bet you can’t draw a perfect circle freehand. Wengie: Probably can’t.That sounds really hard. Wendy: I can do it! Wengie: Whaaattt?!?!? Wengie: No! No way! *Opens Marker* Wengie: Noooo! Wengie: What do you think of this? Wendy:Nice try Wengie. Let me show you how to do it! Drawing a perfect circle freehand is pretty much impossible. The trick is to place your fifth nuckle.. on the paper and then rotate the paper around the knuckle as the rest of you hand stays still. Kinda like a compass… This way you get your perfect circle without using any other tools *Music* Wengie:Whooah!! *Music* Wengie: That looks really good. Wendy: See Look. Perfect circle. Wengie: Damn it. Wendy: Pretty cool huh *Music* Wendy: Hey Wengie I bet you can’t stand on your left leg. Wengie: Yeah I can.That’s easy! Wengie: No but there is a catch. You have your left shoulder on the wall first. Wengie: Ahh! Okay. Let me give it a go. Wengie: What!?!?! Wengie: Is there like a magnet here or something Wengie: What!?!?! This is supposed to be easy! Why can’t I do it? Wendy:Okay my bad! It’s actually impossible .Let me tell you why. This bet seems like it would be super easy at first until you actually try it out for yourself. Then it will seem strangely impossible The reason you won’t ever be able to do this is because when you stand on one leg you center of gravity shifts towards that leg and then your body needs to compensate by moving in that same direction. Unfortunately in this case there is a wall in the way so no matter what you do you won’t be able to keep balance. *Music* Wendy: Hey Wengie! I bet you can’t take this card and put it on the side of the cup And then balance this coin on the other side and have it like balance and stay Wengie: Ok. Alright. Wendy: Try it Wengie. I can do this *Music* Wengie: Noo! Wengie: *groans* Wendy: Haha! Wendy: This is- This is really entertaining! Wengie: Ugh this is impossible! Wendy: No it isn’t. I will show you The trick to winning this bet is to use water Normally, the coin is much too heavy to be able to use on a card but if you fill a cup full of water so the surface of the water comes into contact with the card, you will be able to balance the coin easily the reason this works is cause of a bunch of science stuff Wendy: See told you it wasn’t impossible! Super depressing Sigh* Wengie: Fine you win this one Wengie: I’m gonna you back Wendy: Lolz Music* UGH, so thirsty! Wengie: I prepared a drink for you do ya want it? Wendy: Awwz Wengie that’s so sweet of you! Thankyou!!!:3

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  2. Me: *thinking that she has a twin *

    Her:look at my twin

    Me :*i don’t thin that she has a twin *

  3. I would just drink the water instead of
    squeezing the bottle.
    Me big brain! UwU ✨✨✨✨

  4. The reason why the ketchup packet is floating in the water bottle with water in it is because when you squeeze it the air stops and the catch up packet needs to float with air 😁

  5. Because your pushing more water force to push the tomato sauce packet to the bottom ( I’m so sorry this is so late)

  6. The Rock Paper Scissors one tip:

    If you do rock to much or paper to much. Try to think if the person you play with will choose the same thing you chose, or will the person choose the exact opposite on what they did before.

  7. I am a pro with rock paper sisurs without any prank or magic i just read their mind i gues

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  9. I forget what it's called but are if you squeeze it the the air pushes that pet shop ketchup package down

  10. Beacause the air doesn’t have enough space to move in and also I’m a kid I’m on my moms acount

  11. Wengie you are the sweetest person and prettyes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Um I tried the standing in one leg with the wall thing it worked so idk wut ur saying about it is impossible so ye

  13. This is neon🦜
    He is 0 years old
    1like-1year old
    Let’s see how olde neon can get

  14. When Wendy was explaining the coin holding one the captions just said a buncha science stuff and I didn't even understand her.😁 like if that was u

  15. You guys are soooo cool! Keep up the great work! 😇🙂😇😁😁

  16. I love your hair it’s so cute and beautiful the colors are amazing 💕

  17. Who do you like ?


    Hmmm I think I like Wengie 😁😘

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