10 new bets that you will always win (6)

Take a tube from a toilet roll and explain
that the bet is to drop it and have it stand on its end. Your friends will fail every time.
To win the bet, simply drop the tube on its side. Draw and arrow on a piece of paper and
challenge people to reverse the direction of the arrow without touching the paper. To
win the bet, just slide a glass of water in front of it. Start off with three glasses.
The middle one facing upwards and the other two facing downwards. Explain to your friends
that they have to end up with all of the glasses facing upwards. They only have three moves
and on each move they can move two of the glasses. Then show them how easy it is. However,
when you set the bet back up, place the middle glass face downwards. Now it’s impossible.
This bet involves a glass and an object like an orange. Place the glass on the table and
challenge your friends to place the object on top of the glass. When they do this, explain
that you have won the bet because that is the bottom of the glass. Place three glasses
into a triangle and challenge your friends to balance three knives on the glasses in
such a way that they can support a fourth glass. To win the bet, place the first knife
here, the second knife on top of the first, and the third knife under the first and over
the second. That way, the knives form a platform and you can balance the fourth glass on it.
We are half way through the bets now, and here is a picture of a stuffed goat. This
bet involves six glasses. Put liquid in these three and leave the other three empty. Explain
that your friend has to re-arrange the glasses so that they run full empty full empty full
empty. But they are only allowed to move one glass. When they give up, simply pick up this
glass. Pour the liquid into here, replace it, and you have won the bet. Ask your friends
to hold their hands out like this. Turn them over. Link them together. And now move them
like this. Now point to one of their fingers and ask them to move it. Providing that you
don’t actually touch their finger, they will be confused and move the wrong one. This list
of numbers adds up to one thousand two hundred and forty. Challenge your friends to lose
two of the rows but still make a list that adds up to one thousand two hundred and forty.
When they give up, fold the paper like this and you have won the bet. And you can download
a PDF of this list using the link that is below this video. Place a note about seventy
five centimetres from a wall and ask your friend to stand against the wall. Now challenge
them to pick up the note without moving their heels away from the wall. They won’t be able
to do it. This bet involves a funnel, a coin, and a glass of cold water. Tuck the funnel
down your friend’s trousers, ask them to balance the coin on the end of their nose, and explain
that to win the bet they have to drop the coin into the funnel. However, before they
drop the coin, simply pour the cold water into the funnel. You will lose the bet, but
it is funny. But be careful because your friends might be more than a tad annoyed.

100 thoughts on “10 new bets that you will always win (6)

  1. 0:37 is easy you flip the two upside down cups up the the take the left or right one and switch it in the middle

  2. I like how he always says liquid, instead of water.

  3. Take a tube from a toilet roll 2 minutes later
    mum: I need to wipe my A$$
    Kid: gulp😬

  4. Draw 9 squares side by side. When you have that done. I want you to put 10 horses inside your 9 boxes. All 10 must fit, can't put 2 horses inside same box. 1 per box. How is it done.. Ha ha ha I can solve it but not telling

  5. Does he realizes at 0:37 he could of just simply turn the left and right up and it would of been done. You dont need the other two.

  6. Tricky tricky… I wonder IF ED can use the 3 glasses trick to demonstrate the evolution of data.

  7. I like the simple bets. Place the orange on top and the glasses and one move. Easy money.

  8. I threatened a Wal-Mart employee I'd sue them for child support if they didn't help me find the condoms

  9. Ten… Old bets you'll always lose !

  10. " were halfway through the bets now, heres a picture of a stuffed goat."

  11. There's an outtake from the film The Boat That Rocked where Nick Frost's character tells this lad if he let's him smash six eggs on his head he'll give some money. He breaks five on him them says I think that's enough and the lad asks for his money and Frost says no, the challenge was for SIX eggs not five. I did this to someone at work, he called me an illegitimate child and was in a foul mood for the rest of the day.

  12. If you are in grammar school I’m sure there is a library. Very likely, there is a book containing all these ancient tricks. You don’t need a crap video on the Internet. Just READ!!!

  13. By buddys 6'5 he grabbed the note without moving his heels. He's flexible.

  14. At childhood our father had a lit of these in common. The times when TV was mostly OFF!

  15. When your friend does these to you and you watched the videos too and he’s like I’m broke

  16. The thing with he cups is easy because all u gotta do is move the left and right cups there u go it’s upwards now

  17. I did the one you had to move your finger and what do ya know It worked on my self

  18. I’m a sophomore in hs and I remember watching this exact video in 4th grade. Time flies.

  19. Title: 10 NEW tips that you will always win
    YouTube:Let’s give it to them 7 years later

  20. 2:41
    Quirckology: they wont be able to do it.

    Michael Jackson: Hold my hehe

  21. New? This is 6 years old, and if some idiot wants to tell me this was new at the time then the video should say that "10 new at the time bets you'll win" (or whatever, already forgot what the title was but my point being it should add the "at the time" part)

  22. 0:48 “Now it’s impossible.” Why don’t you do the same thing but the other way round

  23. i remember watching these as a younger fella boy have the years gone by so quick

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  25. We are half way through the best now,and here is a picture of a stuffed goat XD so random

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