12 Best Nintendo Switch Game Card Cases – List and Overview

– [Sergio] Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best Nintendo
Switch game card cases. (upbeat music) Welcome to It Came From A Box. I’m Sergio A.M. and I don’t know why I did it that way today. Anyways, when it comes
to games on the Switch, we’ve chosen to go physical when possible. Why? Well you can collect them, trade them, sell them, share them between consoles, they also drop in price in stores, and since most games fit
entirely on the card itself, they can save you some
space on your memory card. But, you gotta carry them around. So let’s take a look at some
of the best options out there starting from small to junk
in the trunk, or large. Starting off the list, we have small cases with either four to eight slots. These are the ones you can throw in your carrying case and take on the go. First up, these red ones are included with most RDS Industries carrying cases. They hold four games, and it includes a mini case for two Micro SD cards. They’re very straightforward. We’ve used them for a long time because they’re low profile, very thin, they fit anywhere, and
if you want more games, you could just get more since
they don’t cost that much. Then there’s these generic cases that also hold four
games, two on each side. They’re okay, they’re a bit shorter, but they’re just about as thick as two of the RDS Industry ones. Next at six slots we have these three. This Pokedex one is by Funlab, but there’s similar ones in other colors. It’s held shut by these clasps that are a bit annoying to use, and we have three snug
foam inserts on both sides. Looks very cool, you
probably have seen it, and it’s also low profile. The second are these inserts. They come in a two-pack and they slide into any of the official Switch cases that came with your game. It’s a very unique way to repurpose them. It’s almost like a way to
hide games on your shelf. And it actually gives you seven slots because it uses the one already
included on the case itself. Oh, and it also has two
Micro SD cards on both sides. Finally, we have HORI’s Pop & Go case. It’s a little bit gimmicky,
you’ve seen it on here before. It’s available in Mario and Zelda themes, and it’s a cool way to both
store and display your games. It opens at the top, it’s two-sided, three games on each side, and then you just push your games in until they snap into place. To remove them, you might
wanna grow out your nails so you can hit that indented trigger, which then pops out the
game, hence the name. Now let’s talk medium cases. First is our current favorite by BagTu. It holds eight games, which,
as an indecisive person, is my favorite amount. It’s very tough and protective,
plus it’s very indiscrete. It unlocks with a push of
a finger-hurting button, it opens at an angle
for an unknown reason, and the foam insert keeps
your games securely in place. Reason we love it is because
it carries eight games, yet still manages to fit in
most of our carrying cases. Next up, we have the popular
PowerA Premium Game Card Case. It’s available in multiple fun designs. It’s very well made. Each slot can hold both a game
as well as a Micro SD card, but they’re a bit bulky,
which makes it difficult to fit in a carrying case,
especially a thin one. Either way, they’re some of the
best looking ones out there. Then we have MoKo’s,
which is a transparent crystal plastic case, which is more for display than it is protection. It holds 12 games, six on each side, and it’s very similar to HORI’s, where the games fit in
a little too tightly. It also has a strap on the
corner that I guess you can wear, and the games look very cool inside, but this crystal is very
easy to break and scratch, so you have to be careful with it. Finally, for those of you who’ve realized you spent way too much
on games, like myself, there’s the large cases,
which are best for storage. The first one is sort of a hidden gem for those who want a large
capacity in a slim profile. This is by I-knee? E-neigh? I-Ein? Anyways, it’s available in
three trademark-safe designs, and it’s similar to PowerA’s
cases with the foam inserts. Very simple and effective. Now this next one is by HORI. It holds 24 games, and as I
mentioned, it’s tough to use. The reason for that is that the slots inside are very snug. Games snap in easily enough,
but when removing them, you have to make sure to push away the plastic and lift the game up. If not, you risk damaging that cart, and some reviews have
actually mentioned that. But if you can get past that,
its a pretty decent case. Next is our favorite for storage, and that’s UniKeep’s binder case. It’s very simple. You have two foam inserts that can hold 60 games, and that’s it. Reason we love it is
because it’s very easy to pick out your games, and
you can put it on a shelf next to you books or slide it
in a bag to take on the go. Just don’t lose it because that would be an incredibly expensive loss. Finally, there’s ButterFox’s 63 game storage holder thingamajig. It’s a hard-shell zippered case with four flaps that hold 16 games each, but the slots are large enough to hold other things like SD cards and even 3DS or DS games. Very simple, and it’s the best versatile solution on the list. And there you go, that’s the list. Now I’ll hand it off to you. Let us know what you think of
it down in the comments below, along with what you’ve been
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see you for the next Box.

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