2013 to 2019 Engine Swap – Part 2 (BRZ, FR-S, 86)

My god… I feel really sorry for the
Japanese guy that has to put this together every day… Hello, and welcome back to Speed Freak
Garage, home of PowerSports on YouTube! so we’re going to continue with our 2013
to 2019 engine swap so the first thing I need to do is set the record straight
the fluid I found inside the intake manifold after discussing it with the
seller of the engine and discussing it with a friend in town who’s basically an
engine swap expert the fluid was put there on purpose
during the leak down test to protect the cylinders and it was put there to
prevent corrosion during storage since this engine came from Florida or
obviously ocean weather is not so nice to metal so I was a total dick to the
seller of the engine in the video so that’s my bad so supposedly that fluid
was there on purpose to protect the engine so we’re gonna go with that hope
to god it’s right so for those of you who are jumping to part two which is
today and you skipped part one for whatever reason so it’s important to
note that you can’t just take a 20-19 engine and put it in a 2013 there’s a
lot of shit that has to come from the 2013 so all for crank trigger wheels and
crank sensors have to go to this motor the wire harness has to go to this motor
the computer has to go over the coil packs the did I say for crank sorry the
four cam trigger wheels and sensors the one crank trigger wheel and sensor has
to go from 2013 to 2019 the whole wire harness and then your port injectors
luckily the direct injectors don’t have to be messed with because those are
pain in the butt so there’s a lot of work that has to be done a lot so today
we are going to focus on taking apart this engine because it does not have to
go back together because it’s blown up it will not go back together so we can
basically just throw everything off this engine as fast as we can without losing
parts and pieces that we need and then another day I’ll have to have someone
come over and help me to very very carefully start taking parts and pieces
off of this engine because this one like I said we have to keep so I’ve got to be
very careful with it it just kind of sucks cuz like stuff like the alternator
you can see this alternator here is completely different from this one
for whatever unknown reason subaru just decided to screw everyone over who would
for whatever reason need a new engine they obviously don’t care about their
customers at all because this engine is so different but it’s the exact same
anyway we can start taking shit apart so I’m gonna get this catch-can out of my
way here I’m not going to be reusing it it’s not necessary unless you have a
turbo to vehicle so we need to get all this drive kit off these two pulleys the
bolts are missing because those went to the turbo kit that was sold so we are
going to release the tension on the belt and slip the belt off these pulleys
might just fall out because they like I said they’re not really attached to
anything so pulley and so you know parts like this it’s really really hard to
mess up and put them back in the wrong spot so basically that’s what this big
2013 blanket is for is us to just put things back the way we
got them but like I said this engines not going back together so it’s not
really that important this belt I really like this belt it’s like a no squeak
style I mean I need to get a new one obviously since it’s been sitting for a
year that’s not good for a rubber butt and get all this apart and then these
will have to come apart see I’ve got probably nope before so what the hell are you kidding
me oh that’s weird okay I feel dumb just a little rusty I
guess okay and I’ve got two extra GoPro
batteries with me today so I should be able to go for at least three hours
I think the GoPro memory card is full after – after four hours so that’s about
the maximum video I can do in one day so then let’s see we have to reuse the 2013
wire harness which like I said kind of sucks it really sucks we don’t have a
choice because again Subaru doesn’t give a shit very frustrating I should have been able
to just plug and play this engine you know no reason for all the changes that
were made okay
and gotta get those let’s see unclip them but there it is all this stuff has
to be undone without damaging it just the hardest part and the heaters gonna run a lot today
because it’s only 20 degrees outside but it’s 60 in here with three giant thermal
garage doors I mean they’re insulated but they still they’re not as good as a
wall so we’re gonna have a lot of noise today okay so got all that probably go ahead and unplug this cuz
we’re gonna use the new AC unit okay and then this I actually would really like
to 3d print custom ones I mean now that I have it I mean I’ve tried before with
my friends 3d printer but now that I have my own 3d printer I can try to make
a better version or just I mean these are in good condition these are in
really good condition I might as well just keep those but got our belt off okay now we can start with the impact to
get the rest of this stuff off so it I mean it all has to come out of the way
because the really hope I can use the new throttle body it all has to come out
of the way because we got to get this timing cover off which is you know don’t
get me started but see we got to unplug this and plug a bunch of stuff that’s it’s gonna be hard to do some of this can come off ah me and that is it’s like a super lock to make sure get
some compressed air and clean all these connectors out I don’t want to break
them because if I do the amount of money that would cost it uh I can’t even
imagine so let’s see what is this down here is just like a low oil sensor
there’s one over here – there’s some kind of control module for the I don’t
know I mean yeah I just don’t know enough of what Duff fuck this it’s one of these fancy screwin zip ties
that’s great lazy really fucking lazy okay you need to get this I don’t even see how you release the
plug on this one like that there we go holy shit that’s
got oil in it what the fuck look at that there’s oil
in there oh man whatever I did to this engine i damaged damaged something
inside of here Wow should not be oil in there at all okay then go ahead and release the other side that looks like it’s broken is that from
doing the crap yeah at least it turns off quick I just
fuckin it’s attached with that lazy ass is it
tie thing okay cut that off I just need to get
this connector off but I don’t see how because it’s obviously something’s
broken or see maybe the other one won’t give me a hint
now of course it’s hmm I think it’s supposed to lift up and then on a hook
no I’ll come on shit what is holding it on damn I I don’t know I don’t know I’m
afraid to break it okay see that’s free we got to get this one free which is a
pretty straightforward no oil on that one so that’s good then this is an
attached to the well shit I mean I got a kind of got a lot of these I mean
everything has to be disconnected right because I have to take the whole wire
harness off the engine so this okay okay and then of course that ones okay that’s out that’s free this is all
free once I get that out of the way anyway it’ll be no no no I still haven’t
figured this out uh what am I gonna do it’s definitely something’s damaged that
shouldn’t have been okay there we go okay so one of these is an oil pressure
switch I think this this yeah this is some kind of oil pressure switch this is
probably an oil pressure sensor it’s a one wire-to-wire right okay
so all this is nope this is a disconnect this one doesn’t look like it’s meant to release but I got it and I really could just cut these zip
ties off but this is good practice for doing the next engine the 2019 engine
because we don’t want to damage any of the stuff on the 2019 engine damn you this one’s gonna have to be cut off
something’s jamming it damn it carefully we don’t want to cut the wire
harness okay that wire harness is now free this
year and here have to come out still so it’s just a little locking tab right
there and this should come right out come on come on okay let’s do this I’m
gonna say that’s a ten whoa shit does the deal okay all right that’s released that back alright that’s released there and we
actually have to rescue these sensors so I don’t know there’s one two three four
sensors and then one two three four so which sensors do I have to rescue that’s
the question so this has a blue green white and red wire this has a blue green
white and red wire but this sensor has blue and red blue and red I don’t understand which
sensors are new shit they look identical oh boy well that’s not gonna be so
straightforward then is it man that sucks of course it’s not gonna be
straightforward that’d be too fucking easy right okay so we gotta get just big old alternator assembly out of the
way gotta get the crank pulley out this is in the way fucking shit
Hey well that’s got to come off doesn’t it yeah okay fuck Wow that is on there good
okay it’s completely different throttle body
design well I guess that makes sense plastic versus aluminum okay these coolant lines running to the
throttle body are actually to defrost it which is pretty cool
honestly never would have thought of that since it’s electric it could
technically get overpowered by frost or ice which is crazy so they have these
coolant lines on here to heat it up oh man that one’s stuck on there good come on fuck you damn what a panda ass okay
so that’s free okay those are all good what is that underneath there
it’s interesting okay so next I don’t know there’s really no
right way to do it next we can see if this is strong enough to do the crank
pulley of course I don’t have the right size impact 22 it’s a 22 but this is an impact
socket so this really isn’t the best idea in the world nope full power obviously using an
impact on your crank isn’t really a good idea but again this engines blown up for
this one will probably have to be a little more careful oh yeah it’s actually is that normal for
there to be oil on it I don’t think it is I’m not sure now crank bolts are
torqued to yield so you’re not supposed to reuse them so I can actually you can
use the crank bolt there to set seat the pulley if you need to seat it and then
you know everything will be alright now supposedly there’s some kind of weird
special like keyway thing inside of this that you really really really don’t want
to screw up so but again this motors trash we are gonna reuse the lightweight crank
pulley it’s a nice piece so no reason not to makes the engine rev up way
faster okay so next we can take the idler ooh
that’s crunchy take the idler off and we can take I would say 17 totally off base
there 15 no 13 no give me a break here 14 interesting very interesting okay
we’re going back to safety mode okay and that idler was here and you I’m
trying to organize them as how they come out as best I can
now this one I can probably leave on and I just need to get the alternator assembly off I’m gonna have to take the
idler out anyway though because I’m gonna use the new one of course but the
alternators got to be reused which sucks damn okay
full power big difference big difference okay it’s alternator give me a break
here I’ll just stay on full power just be
really careful with it okay so these have to be bagged just in case 2013 alternator alternator okay and then I think there’s some more bolts
holding it on let’s see ya think just two more okay and then this one here yep there
she goes she’s ready to come out okay really sucks yep three use the
alternator luckily you know they last forever I mean okay think it’s probably
gonna be heavy yeah okay I’m gonna have to find a way to use the new tensioner I
don’t know how easy that’s gonna be looks like it’s built into the what the fuck kind of
shit design is this what a joke how am I supposed to there’s the tension
or this whole giant bracket and I just have to reuse the bracket some dumb
fucking shit right there okay 12 to 12 come on come out no I don’t want to come out
okay what else is there anything else holding this alternator in it doesn’t
look like it so how do I get it out okay alternator is out this will have to be
replaced with ah okay next next on the list would be I think
this is in my way water pump so nope ten all right no it’s out of my way okay
I think that’s everything put them back in fucking shit come on okay now all of these external bolts here
there’s quite a bit of them buh-buh-buh-buh there’s there’s a fuck
ton of bolts in my way oh yeah okay and I don’t know about these bolts like do
these you know this one this one this one did they have to come out also are
they holding tensioners on from the other side meaning if I I mean again the
engine doesn’t have to go back together but yeah I don’t know whoo look at that
look at this here something was leaking here look at that
Wow I mean I had the car turbocharged for 40,000 miles so obviously it’s not
going to be in good condition yeah okay they better all be the same size to look
at that there’s RTV on the bolt it’s unbelievable Walker 20:13 timing cover looks like they at least had the
courtesy to make them all the same size for now no these are different size but they’re
pretty obvious they’re supposed to be a different size so it shouldn’t be too
bad again this this engine is helping me learn learning about that engine because
that engine is way too expensive way too good a condition to half-ass fuck it up
which is why I’m going to wait till one of my friends comes to help so they can
give advice as we go my god
who the fuck designed this this is insane you’d think they would at least
have the courtesy to use a real gasket instead of all that RTV garbage that is
like 50% gonna blow the engine up if the RTV breaks away right I gotta figure out which of these
sensors I’m supposed to swap because obviously I don’t want to swap it if I
don’t have to I think that’s well three more god I
could imagine somebody forgetting to put one of these bolts back in and a whole
man not good yeah they’re all the same there’s two lengths super long and super
short so you’d hope they’d be hard to confuse okay that’s it that’s that’s
everything I mean I don’t know if you’re supposed to undo this I really oh wait
hold on that’s not everything I need to be careful because I need this computer
and wire harness I think that’ll at least let the cover
come off I don’t know it’d probably be smarter to
remove this all together damn hmm of course it’s a different fucking size I see this is gonna be 2013 computer
slash man what the hell is this even called this left hand cover just call it
left hand cover I don’t really know what the hell I mean it’s a mount for the
intake manifold but yeah okay so to get it off with the least amount
of screws do that okay and then got to get to that one but the wires are in the
way so we are going to very very carefully very very very carefully unhook the
computer system last thing I want to do is have to buy a computer
I couldn’t imagine trying to do this in the car you there’s no way no fucking
way oh wow there’s like a little final click
over damn that’s like a double lock mechanism to prevent it from ever coming
on okay and I need to get this zip tie unlock okay come on with that okay and I
should be able to get to that bolt now or not I’m gonna have to do some more
work back here am i stuck on okay so only three bolts hopefully find
out here this whole thing should come off yep okay
then I can get well the zip type thing still good but I mean ideally I would
just yeah move the computer to that one which means I do need to just take it
off of this completely it’s seen that coming Oh easy boy easy then just to be safe to one d13 okay put
that down there but bolts with it and put this with it
okay now we have clear space to pull this and it looks like as far as
changing the injectors I’ll have to check price on new injectors but
probably just pull these two-port injectors out real quick should be
pretty straightforward I got a little like damper in here it’s weird it’s a
non-return style system it’s very interesting usually that would cause
vapor lock I wonder how they managed the vapor lock in the system I wonder if
that’s what this is for anyway yeah so these injectors
supposedly have to come out and go into that along with the coil packs but see
when I absolutely sure that everything is disconnected because if not I could
rip up shit I need it’s probably gonna be a big oily mess
too and it looks like there’s like sections where it’s made to give you a
spot to pull it open like here down there there’s a spot right here that
looks like a spot to like break the RTV I mean fuck breaking the RTV loose yeah
I think this is gonna be a mess where’s my Pig Matt do I have any Pig
Matt left fuck are you kidding me that’s all that’s left
I used that much great no I know here’s a roll of it smart okay I think this is
gonna turn out to be a big mess just get ready for it here this shit’s expensive too I stopped
buying the pig Matt cuz it is just way too expensive for very little results
and you can get you know the oil dry basically cat litter for way cheaper that stuff okay so now we got to get
something that can break everything loose which would be hmm well might be a problem oh my god what the fuck I mean I’m
assuming these bolts might have to come out too
I don’t I don’t understand I mean does this have to come out in order to take
the cover off ah I don’t know I don’t know I don’t
know enough about it or do I have to I have to take the sensor out first right
I don’t know how the fuck am I supposed to know that I want to risk damaging the
sensors timing cover and then you’re gonna call
this 20:13 front cam sensor bolts okay
and then this will be 2013 side cam sensor bolts this one sensor that’s leaking I don’t
know what to do about okay then very very very carefully who there’s
metal shavings on the sensor that’s not good okay so the trigger wheel is that
right there so this pretty sure is the sensor that has to be moved to this one
and you can see it is actually different although the connector looks the same
which is a little concerning but that also means that the sensor down there
that’s leaking it’s not supposed to leak right it is obviously damaged or
something so it would almost be worth buying for new sensors cuz if they got
damaged when the engine exploded they could blow up the new engine because
they wouldn’t sense the cam position properly right I don’t know I don’t
fucking know that’s advice I need to get so yeah there’s metal shavings in here
which is not good and the seals look pretty beat-up they’re dirty really dirty
yeah I wonder how much they cost they don’t cost much they’re probably like 50
bucks a pop or something outrageous this one seems to be in pretty good condition
so definitely want to replace the one that
was leaking 2013 cam sensors okay then this leaker here oh it’s stuck in pretty good why is it leaking though that’s the
question something cracked or I don’t know that
one I don’t want to reuse it’s not worth the risk so I need to know what these are I
wonder if those are the variable valve timing servos this and this which
obviously we want to use the 2019 s if we can okay next is this one that came
out pretty damn easy clean spot on the tall wait they’re different lengths holy
crap they are different lengths this is just a top and bottom oh boy okay I’m gonna have to be a little more
cautious 2013 cam sensor top left top left 2013 cam sensor top right okay shitty Walmart bags okay top left top
right let’s see and I can fix this this is
2013 cam sensor bolts and this is 2013 cam VV T bolts okay because I mean I am
gonna try to scrap this engine out or I probably donate it I have know someone
who might actually want the parts and pieces off of it although they’re not
really worth much considering it’s all blown to hell okay then this bad boy yeah it’s a different size this one’s
got a lot of metal chunks on it but it wasn’t leaking so it’s not good if
there’s metal chunks stuck to your cam sensors not good at all okay get her cleaned up and this will be 2013 ham sensor bottom right and I’ll
have to replace this one actually this one is completely different from the
other three I’m assuming that’s some kind of design limitation on the engine
so I’ll have to be super super careful to get the right part number for this
and of course you know they couldn’t bother to print a part number on it so
that’s gonna suck I could see them accidentally installing the wrong cam
sensor at the factory because of the fact that there’s no part numbers or
anything written on them probably got to be a pain in the butt on the assembly
line to put up with okay so this say no good and 2013 cam sensor bottom left this will actually take inside with me
so I can source a replacement put it here with the GoPro batteries okay I’m
surprised this GoPro still running why not been out here an hour wait is it
still running yeah okay okay so the cam sensors are out I don’t want to pull on
this because if I pull on that and there’s something connected inside of
there but I mean but then why would they have the bolts I don’t know what okay
well I got to go to the restroom anyway and I need to send some pictures to the
guy that’s helping me figure this out and see what his opinion is so I will be
back in a little bit okay we are back I don’t have an answer yet
for what to do about these but I am going to go ahead and release all of the
extra little bolts around the timing cover because even if say that bolt is
holding some kind of tension or pulley on or something then it’s not really a
big deal for it to all fall apart because again the engines not going back
together now on that engine we would have to be very careful about removing
something we don’t need to and potentially causing issues but in this
case I’m gonna go ahead start pulling these bolts not again I’m not really
sure if they’re necessary or not one out of there oh that smells they have our TV on them
so it makes me think that they’re actually helping hold the cover on whoo
that was a weird pop noise that our TV’s still wet are you kidding me after what
it’s 2013 to 2020 after seven years that our TV is still wet what that’s
interesting made a fresh bag form – oh god they’re
different sizes or is that just our TV yeah yeah I’m gonna have to be super
crazy careful about I mean I got the video to help me but the last thing I
want to do is watch my own video which is pretty hilarious
oh yeah god damn they had way too much RTV on this thing okay now I would have to assume that
this doesn’t have to come off but I might as well take it off because you
never know oh shit that’s rolling the whole engine okay come on yeah what is
that attached from the inside I’ve never seen a dipstick attached from
the inside before it’s got to just be stuck fuck it doesn’t want to come out I think it’s just stuck come on come out
of there you arrogant fuck ah yeah it’s just stuck man I wish the gonna shoot up
the wish the dipstick in my Porsche over there was that tight and I’m still a
little worried about it leaking well yeah it didn’t really need to come out
it’s not attached to anything let’s put that back in okay
that probably not going to be reused now I just need to wait on the answer for
whether or not whether or not all of this this and this have to come off
before I can take off the cover although I did hear an interesting little pop
sound that made it sound like the cover was kind of coming loose although I
doubt that oh you know what the covers got to come straight off too because
it’s sealed around this crank you know supposedly something about the way this
is done is very touchy let’s see there’s an alignment doll
there I have a feeling this is gonna be very hard to get off
sure there’s some kind of specialty pool or tool or some shit
who knows how I even begin to try and pry this off it probably need like a
legit pry bar yes it’s not gonna budge by any normal means that’s for sure I can’t really find I mean it’s attached
really well I can’t even find a gap to get the screwdriver in fuck okay well I
don’t know for now we might as well just continue with some of the other things
we need to do for example the coil packs have to be well I might maybe get new
ones but the coil packs have to be reused so dielectric grease good at
least that was done right Wow the spark plugs are deep fucking
deep in there holy shit okay do quote PACs seem like they’re in pretty good
condition for how much heat they are exposed to 2013 oil packs whether or not
I reuse those it’s up in the air probably will have to well I don’t know
cuz once you put the engine back in the car you can’t get them out I mean at
least not without some miracle just because of the way they’re designed okay I guess I’m gonna have to do 2013
coil packs left hand and 2013 quo packs right hand good dielectric grease I don’t know I
mean a seven-year-old coil pack probably time to replace it honestly
problem is we have to get a 2013 coil pack to replace it because it’s
different from yeah it’s completely different like look at this connector
just plastic and then look at this connector it’s like some kind of fancy
plastic with metal so the older computer can’t run the new coil pack which means
I have to be very careful here as a part number fko four three eight good so
seven year old coil packs will probably unfortunately expensively have to be
replaced you know and like say say if the Subaru coil packs maybe $300 for the
set but then a performance one is $400 for the set obviously you’re gonna go
for the performance one right so these will have to be replaced for sure seven
years old can’t be a dick and just leave them in there especially if I can’t sell
the car then I just screw myself over and have to take engine back out anyway okay coil packs are out I really want to
get this stupid how did I I don’t know haha that RTV see if this fucking thing
was held on with a gas sorry about that the GoPro battery died and I waited for
the heater to turn off so if they had bothered to use a gasket
then this cover would pop right off but no the whole fucking engine is glued
together okay anyway so I really probably cannot do this by myself and
need somebody with more experience so I’m gonna go ahead and take some other
stuff apart some easy stuff just kind of cherry-pick our way around the engine
take what we can so here you can see this cover this insulation material it’s
not on this one now the reason why is this insulation is a failed attempt at
quieting down the god-awful nightmare chirp-chirp chirp-chirp this this thing
that just chirps away 24/7 just still mad
such a pad design and this is actually a replacement from the recall for the
chirping and it still chirps it’s a replacement part and it still chirps now
the 2019 supposedly they fixed it the chirping was caused by ethanol that has
become a fact a known fact that the ethanol content in the gas the
the ethanol the more chirping so supposedly they fixed it they fuckin
better half because God is it annoying so the only thing we need to worry about
here is getting these two injectors out oh wow
holy shit look at this Subaru installed the injector wrong from the factory look
look at this or the mechanic that was working on this
pump fucked it up see how there’s an alignment tab this one is oh fuck look
at that this injectors left loose so either the
mechanic that did the recall on this or Subaru fucked up one of my injectors
that makes me really fucking mad cuz now I don’t even know if I can trust this
injector anymore I mean it’s not leaking and if it does leak it’s fairly
straightforward to fix it while the engines in the car but that makes me
really mad somebody half-assed their job see on this side the injectors are
correct so makes me mad really does and I don’t want to take the injectors out
yet I’d I’m gonna leave them for a second how does this manifold come off
well the injectors have to come out right but yeah I guess I can take the
injectors out give me a sec gonna have to the one of the issues with dealing with
injectors is they’re super touchy they are even the smallest little tiniest
particle of dirt can clog it and so you see there’s all this dirt all around
this work area here and there’s dirt all around the work area here so I need to
get rid of that dirt which would be would be what would be the best way to
do that I don’t have a can of compressed air like my friend organized this
toolbox for me this this is actually thirty years old my dad gave it to me
for Christmas because he got new toolboxes so this is an original
craftsman made in the USA from 30 years ago so I’m trying to take care of it
it’s more of a memento than it is for working so there’s not not going to use
it too much so we are gonna very carefully blow some air and I got to get
this charged up you can do it over here and this thing was like half price cuz
the Sears in town was going out of business but it was it’s frustrating
because it has like a slow leak so it doesn’t stay it doesn’t stay compressed
something in this assembly here leaks a little bit but I mean it doesn’t matter
just for eat my very low use now if I ever got of CNC plasma cutter in order
for this thing to keep up with it I would have to fix the leak obviously fix
it myself but okay so I’m gonna shut the camera off
while I do this cuz it’s really loud okay I’ve got 60 psi I don’t want to
overdo it you can see the dust coming off of it if you have too much pressure
you could actually blow into the seal or blow the seal out I actually got really
lucky that my direct injectors didn’t blow up from the pressure from the turbo
I don’t know how I got away with that cuz many people had that problem doesn’t
look like 60 psi is enough well it’s down to 40 now okay we’re at 80 psi try
again doing a lot better this hose sucks okay I am I am feel
better don’t feel 100% but I feel better so actually we probably should leave
this here oh fuck oh and that that might be you know might need this
just maybe right okay unplug it of course don’t want to start a fire all
right we can go ahead and pull these injectors make sure we keep them clean how the hell are you supposed to I have to unplug it first Wow Wow
that plug ah oh god there’s a lot of dirt all over
this one I wonder how that happened and I don’t
like that okay now I can get to it maybe okay we’re gonna do two bags I’m gonna do 2013 injector bolts 2013
inject doors 2013 injector bolts 1d 13 injectors okay 2013 injector bolts the injectors of course there’s another one of these where’d the orange one go oh oh where I
lost a screwdriver that’s not good where’d it go well that’s really not
good Oh No I feel dumb I think this one’s
sharper and it’s locked in there pretty good
maybe if I do it this way got it
okay ooh
okay good the fuels not gummed up so that means I got stable in it on time
because originally I thought I hadn’t gotten the stable in it man I might have
to as dirty it’s really dirty man I think you can wash this whole
thing in gasoline and some kind of procedure for cleaning these because
right now it’s just it’s just dirty like and I guarantee you they’re way too
expensive to replace of course a dirty injector I would hope the engine
computer can catch that if not it would not be good yeah I mean that’s dirty as
hell not so confident about not clogging it on accident I’m just very very glad the fuel is
still liquid and not a gummy nasty mess like I imagined hopefully that means the
fuel pumps still in good condition so that’s my big concern is if I didn’t get
enough stable into the gas then the fuel pump dirty okay let’s do it this way
let’s do try and keep as much dirt away from the important parts as we can left
hand yeah I don’t like that at all there’s just dirt everywhere could get
rebuilt injectors for a core charge not sure what I want to do on that
they’re so dirty and they’re old okay I don’t know if you guys can hear it in
the video or not but that air tanks leakin I mean the hose leaks too but the
tank is leaking all right I gotta take the bolts out that would be smart so same here let’s take the connectors
out first this time wow that is really makes me mad somebody half-assed
this one cowboy seems like it’s stuck come on you bastard there we go
No what the fuck crap got it okay and then I gotta get this off oh and then this how the hell okay
that’s off and out of the way hmm and the bolt was loose
so somebody definitely fucked this up but the second one was not loose yeah
somebody done fucked that up okay where dr. bolts yeah I don’t know what to do about these
injectors last thing I need is a clogged injector okay that’s fuckin dirty as shit no don’t do
that come on lay down in there yeah too dirty way too dirty
okay yeah that’s pretty pretty shitty I can’t reuse these new injectors yeah
they’re a completely different style can it well no they look looks the same to
me I need to double-check that one one DEP one one DEP DEA UCC DEA UCC are they
different man yeah they’ve got different part numbers
on them fuck that’s great okay
so and I hope they didn’t fuck these connectors up when they took that engine
apart oh wait I know I can’t use this wire harness anyway that’s right
okay so now we can remove the manifold I think it’s just six bolts intake
manifold two one d13 intake manifold of course it’s under the wire harness I’m come on give me a break give me a fucking break okay oh that’s a clusterfuck I would
definitely not want to have to change the intake manifold while it’s on the
car while the engines in the car because my god people have done it to fix their
direct injectors so doesn’t look like a fun day or week okay I just need to get
to this one okay and I need to get to that one which
is these are hard lines so I’m gonna need I’m gonna need some creativity on
this it is a 12 so gonna try this ghetto super ghetto okay oh yeah I got a so that’s one thing I was wondering is
this cover compatible with that cover my guess is No yeah I don’t even know if a cover there is a
cover on these or if they just left it like this I don’t know this is in pretty
good shape this could sell for some money I bet okay see if I can sell the catch can for and
not much because they’d have to buy new hoses okay if I remember right it was pretty tight
connection especially because of the boost yeah I think I over tighten this one come on there we go okay catch-can is almost ready to come off
how the hell come on
mmm what you I actually need to find out where this
came from on the car and make sure that I didn’t screw myself over with this
bolt here missing oh yeah of course these hose clamps are
just falling apart great look at that shitty ass hose clamps just unscrewing
itself real nice
real nice okay yeah come on man I’m so weak I can’t
even yeah he’s right there was barbed
fittings on these come on hmm where’s my special cutters there they are these extremely
dangerously sharp cut your finger off PVC pipe cutter thing okay and all this hos needs to be replaced
somebody was gonna install the catch-can it would not be smart not to replace the
hose one more okay trash this can be may be resold maybe okay now we should be
ready all right moment of truth here we go Oh nope nope I messed up okay now it’s ready hopefully I’d wait why am i taking the
infant take manifold off again wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh
that’s right the wire harness is underneath it okay let me say why am i
doing all this work nope wire harness yeah that sucks it means I
got to take that red one off too what a pain okay all right all right here we go what is there something attached all the
stupidity I can’t make it easy can they that would
be too convenient take that off before I fuck it up and apparently this is got to come off okay
now I should be older and other signs in my way shit almost had it okay the fuck their shit attached
underneath oh yeah the man you guys I don’t know if
you guys remember me struggling to get this zip tie on this hose coz this hose
actually has a really you know so all these hoses see how these are
clamped from the factory so they did it right when they did this one
they half-assed the job and they didn’t put a clamp on it so when you get a
turbocharger it’ll blow this hose off so I actually had to spin like an hour
trying to fish this zip tie underneath here and getting it on this hose and
getting it tight enough to actually clamp the hose if they had just put a
one-cent clamp on it from the beginning it wouldn’t have been an issue but like
I said they have asked it so all right so now this has to come off carefully so
and this is your eg oh no no not EGR sorry your evap solenoid so this is what
sucks fumes from the gas tank and at least I’m pretty sure that’s what this
is where does that hope yeah this here so this sucks fumes from your gas tank
and burns it in the engine as some part of some random government requirement
that you know how the government is so this has got to come off I think the
easiest way would be to get this nut off and cut that zip tie after all that
struggling and screaming I got to cut it off you know I just wish eBay wasn’t
such a shit company so I could you know sell these parts like I said I probably give them to a
friend of mine who might be able to use them in exchange for some favors on the
Porsche we will see okay pull that okay oh oh no no no not on the floor
Oh what the fuck that is oil from the turbo fuck it’s a shop it’s gonna get dirty
eventually but damn okay this needs to go
it’s actually really oily man that a turbo I mean even what the catch can it
looks like the turbo did some fairly decent damage where that could be part
of the engine explosion okay so that’s the valves there’s some shit built up in
there it almost looks like it’s fuel that’s been leaking out those valves are
open yeah that’s probably fuel okay so where the direct oh the direct injectors
are here luckily I don’t have to do anything with those except disconnect
the wire harness from them it’s actually okay dude this screwdriver very
carefully yeah and a feeling this one wasn’t gonna
be so cooperative come on Big Boy again I have to reuse the 2013 harness
my god what a mess all kinds of sensors and shit under here you know this one has a release
mechanism yes come on release that last thing I want to do is
have to replace all those stupid zip ties especially considering they’re
probably like a dollar each fucking hell he’ll see okay hey you got that
and then direct injector something it’s gonna be very difficult to put the
engine back together put the new engine back together it’s all the fucking shit
deep very deep inside my god I don’t even know how they did it at the factory little Japanese hands holy crap
probably help well pretty good ground strap might as well put it put them back okay yeah how the hell I mean I guess it’s
way easier to plug them in but how the hell am I supposed to take them out got to him though they’re in there good they’re in they’re really really good don’t want to unbolt this rail because I
don’t want to fuck with that and mess up the direct injectors on that engine so I
need to figure out how to unhook them without doing that yeah that is a tight-ass freaking button on
that get a screwdriver in there too fresh put
pressure on it come on fucking shit I need this connector like I had this
connector has to survive because it’s okay that was stressful say the least okay okay this whole side is free just
sucks I have to reuse this harness like you know I got a brand new engine with a
brand new harness and I got to reuse this one lame okay no yeah and of course
that one’s not anywhere where you can release it getting better each time I do something
I’m getting a little bit better at it like releasing these is getting easier
each time find a new little trick or method this is why you know I’m sure you
guys would completely agree but it’d be extremely dumb to take the 2019 engine
apart first because you don’t know have any experience you don’t have any you
know you don’t understand the quirks of the engine yet so okay it’s out that’s out and it’s ready to come out
what’s holding me back where does that go
oh wow oh that’s a knock sensor it’s kind of important
ooh there’s a knock sensor over here I forgot to I hope I almost ripped the
wire out of it that would have been dumb okay yeah I hope I didn’t mess up this
knock sensor over here couldn’t imagine having to try and fix that in the
because I was like lifting up on this couldn’t imagine trying to fix that
knock sensor while it’s in the car cuz you’d have to take all this shit apart
and you couldn’t get to anything or reach anything honestly if I got a knock
sensor fault I’d probably just take the engine back out I guess God no it suck
okay something’s still attached oh that looks like Oh yep the direct
injectors over here which we learned the best way to take the direct injector out
is with some pliers because of the design of the plugs well if you can even
get to them there we go
again I’m just learning lessons for the new engine so I don’t mess up the new
engine and this one’s not in a good spot this one is even worse I might have to
take the a/c compressor off to get to it we’re not okay now what and I assume the
wire routing is very important for not only getting everything back together
but to prevent any kind of errors like with the heat you know getting something
hot that shouldn’t be hot or the length of the wires all coming together nicely my god I feel really sorry for the
Japanese guy that has to put this together every day what up what a shit
show where does this go that’s the math it’s for the math wait no no did I accidentally throw away my
mass airflow sensor No son of a bitch no those are so expensive
no it must have been a the mass airflow sensor must have been attached to the
turbo kit when we sold it god damn it those are so expensive oh man oh I see
they see they fuck this up really nice well fuck great now I need a new mass
airflow sensor that’s great so adding to the list of shit I don’t know what to do
about the injectors I can’t guarantee that I didn’t get shit in them I mean
you could probably know because they would be closed fuck I’m gonna have to do some research on
that see if it’s worth replacing or not okay so let’s see harness is out the
crank sensor back here I can’t get it out well I can get it out but I don’t
want to because there’s a mounting bracket that needs to come with it which
means the flywheel has got to come off to get the flywheel off I got to lift
the engine off the stand so I can use my impact to get it off and then it needs
to go for resurfacing because it got all fucked up somehow which I don’t know
it’s not too bad I might be able to scuff it really good some scotch brite
because the clutch disc can you check the clutch disc because the clutch only
has like 3,000 miles on it I just replaced it the clutch disc is in good
condition so not worried about it check the pressure plate I really don’t want
to have the price of these went from like 400 to 800 in the last couple years
and I’ll have to scotch-brite the pressure plate it’s not supposed to be a
mirror coat and what what was going on is that the turbo was so powerful that
even this clutch is not strong enough this is the AC txt clutch so I actually
this is trash so I need to I mean it no turbo it won’t be a problem I just need
to get those surfaces cleaned up so we don’t have slipping problems which we
won’t I mean it’s not turbocharged anymore I think that’s everything except
well I got to get this cover off somehow but and I got to get this but the covers
got to come first and then I can somehow get that hoist over here and get the
engine off the stand temporarily well actually I probably he’s probably
smart to just take this engine and put it
that pallet and get it ready to transport
wherever right I mean honestly there’s probably a lot
of money in here it would be nice to know what went wrong with the engine it
doesn’t I don’t see like a dropped valve I don’t know I don’t know I don’t want
to even bother with all this extra shit so that’s probably it for today I need
help to get that timing cover off so yeah yeah so anyway
stupid heater thank you guys for watching and I will see you next time beautiful stars outside the classroom
card you can break me no no nothing can break

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