5 Worst Betting Shop Breakdowns Ever Caught On Camera

Losing at the bookies is something that everyone
hates and it’s understandable to lose your
temper when it happens. However, these next
5 punters took their rage a little too far
and found their way into our list of the 5
biggest breakdowns ever seen at the betting
He Reckons The Races Are Rigged
After a particularly bad race, this irritated
better and the guy filming him have a debate
about how the races are rigged. We’re not
sure this really qualifies as a debate since
it’s basically the camera guy calling this
horse race conspiracy theorist an idiot, but
it’s great to listen in on all the same.
Guy Loses £3,200 At The Bookies
This is what losing more than three grand
will do to you.
William Hill Customer Places The Wrong Bet
In this 5 minute long exchange, a punter at
William Hill has accidentally made the wrong
bet and wants to fix it up before the match
starts. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite
get the “customer is always right” treatment
he wanted. Good thing this guy knows the old
trade secret of repeatedly demanding he get
his money back. He’ll be refunded in no
time, for sure.
Betting Shop Destruction
In this CCTV footage, we see another example
of a better having a bad day.
Losing At The Lotto
And in our final spot, we see this how this
energetic Irish punter goes beyond the betting
shop and starts taking it out on the lottery
presenters themselves.
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61 thoughts on “5 Worst Betting Shop Breakdowns Ever Caught On Camera

  1. I work for one of these betting companies, this is a behaviour you get on daily bases. People come, spend amounts they can’t afford and than act like dickheads… it can be mentally draining job sometimes

  2. Horse racing is fixed, I've been watching it for 30 years, I stopped doing the horses 25 years ago, I look at the races when I'm in the bookies and tell people when a horse goes in front 99 per cent it will lose, when there are about 5 runners and there's an say 1/3 favourite garentee it will lose

  3. Gambling should be forbidden. I played myself a lot and lost Money. I won aswell but i could afford it. Many ppl cant and get addicted to it.

  4. They deserve it, why doesn't everyone go to the stables and take the motions out and stone them all. That's the way. They are morons

  5. Its always the guys that are put in a bad light, never women. we are always told indirectly told that women are superior.

  6. The black fella at the start is right. Lots of fixed races. You are
    better off betting on football. A hunch is often right. But when I do it
    I only use chicken feed. If you start using serious cash at the bookies
    you will be broke fast.

  7. Horse racing is not rigged. That first man is betting on the jumps and with all sports, e.g. hurdle running, short track speed skating, (watch Elise Christie in the winter olympics) competitors do fall which is same for horse racing over the jumps.

  8. There are a lot of losers etc.. in these betting shops , but some of the staff that work in these places are no better , stupid and unprofessional cunts.

  9. everything is rigged by the bookies now. remember when they were telling us about race rigging well here it is

  10. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Losing money really brings out the worse in ppl

  11. If he thinks it rig why keep betting ignorant twat

  12. Degenerate gamblers. This is what they're really like, if they're not doing this at the bookies then they'll do this at home.

  13. if he believes its rigged, and keeps betting on it, hes a moron

  14. Who cares if the bookies have to fork out after their shop gets smashed up. Has anyone got a small violin I can borrow?

  15. 1:40 Notice the screen goes blank JUST BEFORE it gets smashed with the chair;

    But yeah, 'What are you doing?' – what's it LOOK like?

  16. It seems like a lot of these incidents take place in Britain. This suggests people in the UK are not scared of going to prison.

  17. Excuses excuses excuses. They never work these days and it won’t give you jackpot of £500 in any sort of way.

  18. The black man has been gambling on horse's for 40 years, well it's about time you stopped then you idiot, the other guy didn't lose £3500 bookies took it, because there thieving bastards

  19. It's hard to have sympathy for "problem gamblers" when you see this.

    As a woman, it's actually terrifying to think that there are probably girlfriends and wives at home waiting for these awful people to get back, who could very well be on the receiving end of more of this behaviour.

    And just… Grown men having toddler tantrums because they lost a bet. Pathetic.

  20. No-one should bet on some cartoon old nag to win a simulated horse race..just crazy

  21. This is modern stealing the money from everyone !!! Specially from poor people … they think they can get their money back but it’s all scam !!! You NEVERRRRR can win against a machine and a heartless owner

  22. Do not gamble it is safer to keep the money in your pocket if you give your money to something else or someone else the money is no longer your and hope is not money in your pocket.

  23. Why goes against these punters when most of them are in the right.Online betting companies like William Hill Ban accounts when they show a profit.But they encourage losers and guide them to the FOBT.About time people starting bringing NO WIN bookies who encourage people to play FOBT to book.
    The bookies like William Hill still tried to circumvent the new £2 a spin laws that were brought in recently.Best play on the betting exchanges until co. like William Hill are fined by the Gambling commission or changes their T&C that bans all winners.

  24. It's human nature to see patterns and create explanations for events where none exist, it is just a compartmentalising mechanism of the brain. Also, people want to rationalise things and by saying the race or event is 'rigged' it removes the onus from themselves and their ability to 'work out' the race or event and pick the correct outcome. They are simply moving the failure onto some external source in an effort to psychologically distance themselves from it. People also really do not understand all the countless variables that go into even the most seemingly simple events or actions. This is why events like a horse race CANNOT be accurately predicted… no matter how much information you have at your disposal, but much less using 'form' or any of the means at the disposal of your average punter. There are simply far, far too many variables and every event is actually a flux of probabilities and potential outcomes, there is no one 'winner' which is how most punters see it, like it's a puzzle that can be solved. What I mean by this is If you were able to run a race or a match 100 times from the exact same starting conditions you'd see a huge number of completely different results. There may be some sort of bias towards one team or horse or whatever winning but that would be about the limit of it. This is why successful gamblers learn to understand that the key to success is identifying value aka where the odds achieved do not accurately reflect the probability of an event occurring, but are instead slightly to moderately larger than they should be. That does not mean the professional is attempting to accurately predict what will happen in the race or event, just the relative probability of one outcome over another in order to find a bias or 'edge' in the odds they can achieve. And as markets are dynamic and fluctuate wildly on the day of and leading up to a horse race (particularly on betting exchanges where this movement is often exaggerated) potential outcomes and their subsequent prices continually move in and out of value, for the astute to capitalise on, ensuring they certainly don't win every bet but are able to make a long-term profit by utilising this value (this is the same way bookmakers work, by offering slightly lower odds than they should be they can secure a long-term profit). Meanwhile the mug punter remains in the dark and must attribute their failures to external forces.

  25. I lost money and wants it’s back l am stupid twat that bets

  26. The horse races are rigged, jockeys don't always fall off on purpose, they occasionally do but they use tactics like squeezing their knees to prevent horse breathing properly, pull on the horses maim or just generally not be interested in the race, the reason is because they are all given weights called handicaps (you also get non handicaps but we'll get to that), now, the better a horse does, the more weight he's given, and if he keeps winning goes up a class to race faster horses, and again and again, t he worse he does he gets weight taken off and goes down etc. Sometimes jockeys are told by owners don't win or place in this race, just stay with the pace of the leaders, because if we win this race worth £2,678 the handicapper will put another 2 pounds of weight on the horse, next week's race is the big 'something something' race worth £82,456 and there's some strong horses, but my horse can win that race, so 2 pounds less would great help… now in terms of handicapping and non handicapping, if a horse has been running regularly in one specific type, it can be easy to then put that horse into the other type and get a easy winner.. I know it's rigged because I get told when certain horses are going to win xD

  27. my niece fell from a stationary horse and ended up in A&E. Why would anyone do that

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