7 College Students Decide Who Wins $1000 | 1000 to 1 | Cut

– Nurses do not make
as much as they should. But we got lawyer. (group hollers) – Civil and human rights lawyers are the least paid
lawyers in the business. – Least paid lawyers, it’s not hard to be the least paid lawyer. (group laughs) – Anyways… (suspenseful music) – [Producer] Hi you guys. – [Group] Hi. – [Producer] Who are you guys? – I’m Eiluj. – I’m Aarti. – I’m Ryan. – I’m Danielle. – Parker. – I’m Max. – I’m Jon. – [Producer] You guys know
what you are doing, right? – We have to decide amongst ourselves who leaves with $1000 basically. (laughs) – [Producer] We’re gonna
do four elimination rounds, it’s gonna be down to three
people, and those three people have to unanimously decide
who leaves with $1000. If they can’t make the
decisions nobody gets the money. Does anybody have a
strategy coming in here? – [Group] No.
– Really just gonna wing it. – If I had a strategy it was to not tell other
people my strategy. (all laugh) – [Producer] Just looking around right now who do you think is going to be the one? (all express uncertainty) – I hope so. – [Producer] All right, let’s begin. It started. – I wanna hear everyone’s little pitch. – Who wants to go first? – Cool. (all laughing) So I’m Max and I’m going
to get my Bachelors in computer science, ever since I was a kid I
wanted to be a cool scientist and I wanna make a change, I definitely want to
leave my mark on the world but tuition is very expensive, so… It’s boring but that’s what it is. – I wanna like be a civil rights lawyer, a human rights lawyer, understand
different people’s stories help people if they can’t help themselves. – What are you gonna
do with $1000 dollars? (all talking over one another) – Let’s take it back
– Is it quite…? – You get $1000, what’s the
first thing you’re buying? – Probably just pay off
the rest of my living fees that’s overdue for the quarter. – That’s what we wanted. – Specifically sports marketing
is what I want to get into, I’m a huge sports fan
I wanna work in the NFL but what I will use the $1000 for is I’m actually still under lease
at a place I don’t live in, I have a little bit of help
from my mom fortunately- – How much help and what
does she help out with, like tuition? – Just living expenses. – Do you live with her? – I do, yeah. – My car actually got
totaled a couple of weeks ago and so I have to find rides,
my sister has to drop me off and stuff, so it’s all
financially just a little tight. – What I would actually do
with $1000 is next summer, not this summer, I’m actually
planning on going to Ecuador to do aid for indigenous parts of Ecuador. So the $1000 would actually
pay for the ticket now, because obviously a ticket to
Ecuador is really expensive, so the cheaper the better. – This hasn’t been said
a whole lot but I think needing the money as of right
now, like I said earlier month to month payments you
can have more use for the $1000 than like what are you gonna
do when you graduate college. I’m not looking at the future
as much as like the current… – So who are you targeting against? – Who has the least monthly payments? I mean I know I have to
pay two rents, I gotta pay car payments.
– See that’s the thing, that’s the thing is we all… What Parker said earlier is we all have stuff.
– I have a kid, I have a mortgage… – You got a kid that’s a valid like- – But I didn’t wanna have
to throw that in there, what’s in it for us?
– Right. – We’re tryna figure out…
– It’s like we all have… – Yeah everybody has- – I’m not saying I deserve
the $1000 I just don’t think I should be voted off right now. – I am also a nursing student, once the year started it
was absolutely impossible to be able to work and go
to school at the same time. My family lives like four hours away so it wasn’t like an option
for me to live with them and so I also am like
paying rent on top of that, that’s what I got going on. – I’m studying business and economics. I have a very expensive accounting book, and so I would use that for
a pretty hefty book fee, so that’s what I would use it for. – [Producer] Does anybody
wanna ask who’s going to make the most money with their degree? – Computer science is-
– Yeah this is- – Getting into it is so hard.
– Nurses do not make as much as they should. But we got laywer. (all laugh) – I mean… – Do you understand how much student loans every lawyer leaves with? – Do you know much people
pay a lawyer an hour? – Civil and human rights lawyers
are the least paid lawyers in the business.
– Least paid lawyers, it’s not hard to be the least paid lawyer. (all laugh) – Anyways. – Sports agents make a lot
of money off their athletes. – Yeah but you got to remember
like how many athletes actually get paid the amount
and then you only get paid 10%. – 12 million dollars, 10% of 12 mil. – How many players get 12 million dollars? – A lot of players?
– Not many, not many. – [Producer] You guys, who
was late to the shoot today? (all laugh) – I was late. – Okay yeah can you
actually give your reason as to why you were late?
– Yeah. – So I took the opportunity
this morning to work so I could make some money,
so that’s why I was late. – So you knew what time
the shoot started at. – We were told a different
reason, we were told that you got the wrong time for the shoot. – I could show the text, that I had texted, I go
“I just got off work.” – [Producer] You guys
got to start figuring out who’s the person who gets voted off? – Should we do flashcards?
– Yeah. – Here’s Sharpie everyone.
– Oh God damn. – Are you guys nervous,
I’m really nervous. (all expressing agreement) – I’m sweating.
– It’s like survivor. Are you announcing the names? – I’m just gonna read the names. (expressing agreement) Is everybody ready? – [Group] Yeah. – Our first vote
– I saw it. – goes, damnit, to Max.
– I saw it, it’s for me. It’s okay guys, I love all of you. – Our second vote is to Parker. Jon. – Oh, this is…
– This is spread out. – Parker. The next vote is for Aarti. The next vote is for Jon. And the last vote
– I’m really scared right now. – is for Parker. – [Group] Aww. – Cause I was late. All right good luck to you guys. I literally won’t be far, good luck guys.
– [All] Bye. – Bye, love you! – That felt awful guys. – Yeah that felt literally so awful. – How you doing Parker?
– Yeah how you doing? – Good. – There’s no hard feelings right? – No, there’s no hard feelings. – I love your attitude.
– For real. – Guys, it’s no big deal. – [Producer] All right
just so you guys know the round has started. – Let’s stir the pot and the
people who didn’t get voted, who did you guys vote for? – You’re looking at me
aren’t you? (laughs) – No I don’t wanna know who voted for me, I just wanna know who they voted for because there’s three people
that didn’t get voted on. – Wouldn’t it be defeating
the purpose of anonymity if we did that?
– Yeah. – Well it’s the next round so
now the rules have changed. – I mean I won’t judge
people on who they voted for, we don’t know anybody.
– No hard feelings. – I voted for Parker, I- – You don’t have to say why. – Okay perfect. (all laugh) – Danielle who did you vote for sis? – It’s fine, it’s not a big
deal we don’t know anybody. – I voted for Max, I know you guys don’t like need a reason but I just figured we all
are down with tuition, I don’t know, I heard some
extra stuff from other people. Not that it’s like based
on this alone but… I don’t know that’s why I did it… – [Max] It’s okay. – We got one more, who did you vote for? – I voted for John.
– Okay. – Why? – I completely can relate with
the having to pay two rents and I think that all of us have to go through stuff
like that and I feel like you were the only person
that had brought it up. – That’s okay, high
five, I know I’m not… I’m cool, I really am, I’m good. – [Producer] We’re running
out of time, we need to make a decision so…
– Okay. – How do you guys want
to make the decision? – I think bingo cards worked well, but unless you guys wanna
play something random or something like that. – Do we still wanna play a game? (all speaking over each other) – But we’re out of time so- – We vote this round, game next round. – John how do you spell your name? (laughs) I’m just kidding. (all laugh) – It’s Jon with no ‘h’, if
you’re gonna vote for me at least spell my name right please, out of respect.
– Oh boy. – All right, I’m so scared. First vote goes to me. – Ooh.
– I know. – That’s a tough first one. – I know, putting your own name sucks. Next one’s for me. Next one is for Danielle. We have one for Ryan. Aarti. – It wasn’t me. – And Max. – [Group] Ooh. – [Max] Sucks. – What a way to do it man. (all applauding) – Now the pressure’s off. – Yeah that’s true. I just wanna know why, I’m not mad. – (laughs) I just wanna
know why, I’m not mad. – Raise your hand if you voted for me. Can I hear it? – Um… – It’s fine, it’s fine. – No, no, no, not that I’m
saying that, I’m trying to think like I… – She’s trying to think
of a nice way to put it because she’s like, “I know
why I put your name down.” (laughs) – It’s okay, I can take it. – I feel like I voted for you because everyone here has to deal with tuition and then like that was
the only thing I think, and then you said you were
really passionate about it and it’s like, everybody I
feel like is really passionate about what they’re doing,
what they’re pursuing. – Yeah that’s fine, I just, yeah. Ryan? – Who? (all laugh) I think everything was… You’re obviously… I feel like, yeah, I feel
like obviously it was… Like all of us. – It’s not so obvious it sounds like. – [Ryan] What? – You’re saying obviously
but then you don’t answer. Tell me why? – Um, wow, okay. – I gotta go. (all laugh) – I don’t know, the argument, the argument you gave just
seemed a little bit basic. – Okay, that’s fine, thank you. – [Ryan] If you wanna be honest. – Yeah Max, who did you vote for? – I voted for Danielle, only because you’re my biggest threat. – [All] Ooh! Every time she speaks
everyone’s like, “Oh yeah,” and when I went up there
no one said anything. So that’s it, that’s the only reason. – [Producer] It’s started. Let’s do ten minutes. – [Group] Okay. – What’s our game?
– Yeah, what’s our game? – Are we committing to a game? – Yes, we’re doing a game. – [Producer] You’re doing a game? – [Group] We’re doing a game. – [Producer] And what
happens with the winner? – So the winner is immune, safe. – Gets immunity. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Aw shit.
– Yes. – You just lost. – [All] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – [Max] There you go, Aarti’s out. – [Eiluj] Okay now you two play. – Wait no just do it three way right now, then you’ll all play. – [Ryan] Yeah let’s do that. – [All] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Join the club, join the club. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (laughing) – [Producer] Who’s forming alliances here? – They’re forming an alliance for sure. – Us two?
– I don’t know why you would say that.
– Oh no. – Why would you say that? – You two seem like outside of this you would hang out the most. (laughing) – That’s why I voted, I immediately was like, “I
can’t have that alliance.” – [Group] Oh. – That alliance was too
strong right off the bat. – I don’t even care. – Wow, the brain of a computer science. – [Eiluj] He’s good, he knows. – [Producer] You guys
we’ve got a minute, so… – Let’s do it not anonymously this time. – How about they stand in front of us and we raise our hands? – Yeah there’s enough people. – [Producer] Raise your
hand if you vote for Eiluj. – Oh that’s so many. – [Producer] All right go back. Okay raise your hand if you vote for Jon. Who votes for Aarti? Who votes for Danielle? – Oh my god, wait. – Aarti just realized, “oh my god”. – Wait, I feel like I
kind of messed that up. I didn’t vote. – Aarti!
– I’m sorry. – Now you gotta just tell us, now you gotta just tell us. – [Parker] You’re the
determining factor Aarti, say your vote. – Okay, I vote for Jon.
– [Max] Jon you’re out. – I’m out, I’m out. – [Producer] All right,
Jon had three votes. And Aarti had two. – [Jon] Wassup guys?
– Whaddup. – Wassup man, wassup my man. Man I just feel so bad going out when- – Yeah but now down here
you get to be a little evil. – Yeah now you get to really just poke it. – Yeah why’d you guys vote for me? – Jon I voted for you twice honestly. – I know you did, I know you did. – Honestly, think you’re a great guy. I lived with my parents
for like four years after high school and I
understand the struggle. But man oh man, Seattle
rent prices are tough. – You just don’t like me, I’m kidding. Ryan? – I voted for you cause
I wanted to be the only barista left on the couch. – I don’t really believe your answer I think that’s BS and I think you just
don’t like confrontation. – I am a confrontational person. – You’re not, you’re not. You haven’t given a good
reason for any vote, for any vote you haven’t
given a good reason. – Competition is all about
who’s the biggest threat and this is the order. – Yeah, we’re the biggest threats. – This is the order of threat. – Why do you think that? – Cause, why else would
you have voted for us? – [Producer] The next round three people all have to
collectively choose one person to leave with $1000. – Do any of you guys think that you don’t deserve it as much as someone else? – I feel like we are
in a place, all of us, where money is unfortunately
a huge factor in everything. I don’t want it to be.
– But is is. – But it is.
– It sucks. That it’s that way.
– And so it would be kinda… Unless you’re like that
top 1% really cruising with the money bags, I don’t think…
– [Ryan] We wouldn’t be here. – Yeah you wouldn’t be
here, that’s how it is. So it’s like, all of us are
deserving of a little help. – [Producer] All right how
do you guys wanna vote? We got a minute. – I think we should do a notecard. – Notecards feels good. – No more anonymity, I just like confrontation. – Yeah, I like that. – [Producer] Who do you think is going? – [All] Aarti.
– She’s going home, just because she had the most votes. – I think Eiluj is playing
the game really well. – Oh yeah. – She’s been, she chipped
away at me I could feel it, that’s why I kept wanting to vote for her. – Yeah and now the threats are out. – So it’s me. Me. – It sucks.
– Ooh. – Me. – Oh, that’s so rough. – And Ryan. – [Producer] All right
Aarti, good job Aarti. – Love you Aarti.
(all applauding) – The walk of shame. – Now you can just be like… – [Eiluj] What are you guys
talking about over there? – Yeah stop gibbering.
– This couch is getting… – We’re strategizing.
– We’re strategizing. – For what, you’re out! – They’re like, “Which
one are we gonna jump?” – We gain people when
you lose people okay? (all laughing) – Eiluj is trying to get
like a sympathy vote, we’ve been talking about
how she’s so strategic. – She’s very dominant. – What are you guys talking about? – What just happened, we’re recapping. – We’re just recapping… – We were just talking about like- – What’s led up to this. – We’re talking about what we think your strategies have also been. – [All] Yeah. – I don’t even know my strategy. – I think here’s the thing is I didn’t have a strategy
– Neither. – That’s a lie.
– That’s a lie. – I don’t know how to strategy
– No it’s not. It’s not a lie.
– I honestly, I’m probably doing it
unconsciously, but… – Oh, definitely. – [Producer] So one person gets $1000. How are you guys gonna decide? – If you had to make the
decision to choose somebody who is not yourself, who would you choose? – [Producer] Do you want to answer that? – Me?
– [Producer] Yeah. – I think Danielle, not because of anything
against you, and this is the clear fact that we don’t
have an alliance together. (laughing) – I’m like, “What happened?” – I said you earlier
as well, I don’t know. I don’t not think you should get it. – Yeah me either. – I know, I know. – And we don’t-
– And I don’t think- – We’re not grouping up on you either. – Ryan you just got voted off I think. – No it’s, we were saying- – I’ll get up so you can sit down. – [Ryan] Stop! – I’ll make room. – Remember when we were
gonna keep it simple? – I’m having fun.
– I love this. – Do you guys want me to just pick between
one of the two of you? – If that’s something
that would be fun for you you can do it, if it’s not, we can
throw that off the table. – Then we can just start
all over, that’s okay. – Ryan if you don’t win, no one wins. Just go with that. No one wins.
– Yeah. – I can’t, I’m not- – You got law school man. – How does that help him? – Oh my god. – It’s stressful because it’s
tied to people’s emotions you know, like I don’t want
to put you in that position because like I know that it’s
gonna make you feel like shit. And I’m sure that you feel the same way. – [Producer] We’re
running out of time guys, we have two and a half minutes. – [Eiluj] Okay so who should we choose? – Do you want our thoughts? – No. (laughs) – We have two minutes. – You’ve given them a lot. – [Producer] Who do you
guys think it should go to? – I think it should go to Danielle. – Danielle.
– Danielle. – Playing real submissive
and smart, it’s working. – Submissive, well you thought. – It’s just quiet, like “Oh if you think I should vote this way,” and it’s working, you’re up there. You’re on the final three. – How does that make you feel? That they said you. – Like I obviously
– [Producer] Two minutes guys. – want the money but it’s also like… It’s heavy because it
feels like I’m taking it. – Yeah.
– Instead of I’m getting it. – Yeah.
– And that sucks. – It was never ours for you to take. – Yeah. – Okay… Let’s give it to Danielle. – Okay. – [Producer] Is that okay? – I agree.
– Can we give you $1000? – Yes! (laughing) (cheering)
(dramatic music) – You guys good?
– [All] Yeah. – I’m fine, why is this-
– Group picture. – I feel like everyone here’s fine. – Congratulations Danielle. – Congratulations (whispers) – [Producer] All right
everybody group hug. (cheering)
(party poppers) (dramatic string music)

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