A short distance – Thai Poker Vlog #1 ไทยโป๊กเกอร์วล็อก (ENG SUB)

Hi, It’s around 2am now.
There’s a “High Hand” promotion at MGM.
They will give $500 every hour,
Aces full of deuces
It would have a better action than regular days.
So, I’d try it today!

Now, it’s around 5:30 am.
Total time I’ve spent to play is around 2.5 hours.
It’s a short session.
However, I’m quite happy with the result.
Today I’m on a winning side. It’s about $1,030.
The reason I quit is the table breaks.
In a later session, there is only 2 tables left.
But when I came, there were 3 tables.
The rest tables are one full table and another short table.
There are about 4-5 persons.
And I’ve quite already known the players on the table which was short.
I didn’t quite want to play, so I’d better leave.

Actually, it’s a good thing that I live near Casino.
Because, if that day, the table is not good or the players seem don’t work.
I can come home.
And start again on the next day.
For the hand that I’d share to everyone is….
Let’s see now!
2/5 table as the same
This is not the full table.
There would be around 6-7 players.
This hand, Under The Gun is…well,
I call him Brother Argentina.
He comes from Argentina.
They come in group. Total are 4 guys.
These 4 guys play Poker as their profession.
They travel around the world.
They play Poker in several places.

He is probably the best player on this table!

Uh, Brother Argentina bets $25.

I have JackT suite Diamond
So,if I play with him, I think I should 3bet.
In position.
I 3bet $70.
There is Aunt who is a Vietnamese.
She is on my left hand. She calls $70.
I used to play with her.
She doesn’t often play Poker.
But she’d love to play.
I talked to her once. She told me she has to look after her sick husband at home.
When she is free, she comes to play Poker.
When Aunt calls $70, I think she must have a pair which is lower than Queens.
They might be a pair of Jacks or TT, or Ace King, Ace Queen
Fold is at Brother Argentina
He calls… Flop
Flop is 8/6/6 two hearts.
No Diamonds on Flop!
Brother Argentina checks. I check.
and…Aunt Vietnamese also checks
When Aunt checks, I think she would have Ace King or Ace Queen.
They would not be a pair.
TURN is Jack. Jack Spades.
Brother Argentina checks. I bet $130.
Now, I’m quite sure I am now “Best hand”.
Aunt folds.
Back to Brother Argentina. He calls $130.
River is Queen of hearts.
He checks. I check.
He shows 8/7 of clubs.
show a pair of Jack. Best hand
I got this pot
Good start!
Next hand…coming right
just finish stack chips.
Looking down, I see King’s pair.
But there is a notice. I notice myself.
And I think it’s a tell.
When I see King’s pair. If a second King appears,
I will close the cards immediately.
Quick close! It’s noticetable. Let’s take a look again.
And compare it with when I look at the bad cards.

I don’t know whether the others notice themselves like I do.
But I think…
It’s not normal.
Let’s see this hand. I bet $25 at middle position.
Aunt calls. Button calls. Small Blind folds.
Big Blind calls.
Flop is 7/7/3 rainbow.
Save flop
Big blinds checks. I check.
I think if someone has a pair on this flop, they should bet.
and Aunt checks.
Button bets $75.
Big Blind folds
I reraise and put big stacks around $500.
Because Aunt remains not many chips.
Button chips remain around $160-$170 left after he bets.
Aunt folds. Button calls.
TURN 5 River Queen.
I show King’s pair. That’s Good!

Now, it’s the important hand for tonight!
Under The Gun bets $20. Middle Position calls.
I call at Button with 7 and 4 of hearts.
Sometimes, I 3bet here with 7 and 4 of hearts
Sometimes, I call. This time I choose to just call.
Small Blind calls. She is “Aunt Vietnamese”.
Big Blind calls $20 too.
Flop is Queen 4/2/ 2 of hearts.
I flop middle pair and have flush draw.
It’s quite a very good flop.
Aunt checks. Everybody checks until it turns to me.
I bet $50.
Aunt check-raises $150.
After she bets $150, her stacks should remain not over $400, more or less not over than $25.
Meanwhile I’m thinking, she says one word…

She says “go ahead fold”.
She tells me to fold!
After she says that I suddenly feel she wouldn’t have a good hand.
So, I go all in.

Aunt thinks for a while. Then she decides to call.

TURN is 5 of hearts.
River is King of spades
I have flush. I show flush.
Aunt folds.
Aunt is a bit angry me!

Hello! before ending this episode.
There is one hand which I still wonder and have no exact answer how I should play with.
This hand happened when I just arrived. I played around 2-3 turns.
I’ve not recorded the video yet.
Action was everyone folded to me.
I had Ace Queen of hearts . So, I bet $20.
Button called $20.
All remaining players folded.
Flop was Ace Queen 3 two clubs
I flop top two pair. I bet $25.
When Button called $25. I thought he would have draw.
TURN was 8 of clubs. Flush was the third card.
I was not sure whether I should have checked or bet.
But I decided to check.He had $300 in his hand.
He seemed like he wanted to put all $300 when he bet at TURN.
but it turned out he bet $50.
So, I just called.
River was 5 of hearts. I decided to check again.
Then, Button bet $250. That was All-in.
When I chekced I thought if he didn’t bet so much like $100, $125 or $150.
I would call.
but it turned out that he bet All-in.
Finally, I decided to fold.
He showed JackT offsuit and one Jack of club.
I was bluffed.
This hand makes me think and I’m not sure if there are any other better methods to play.
I need to hear some opinions from other people.
If you guys have any opinions about this hand, please leave your comments below.
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It’s all for this episode.
Good Bye!

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