A Shot in the Dark (1964) – Billiards Buffoonery Scene (4/11) | Movieclips

Monsieur Ballon, did you not state… … that, uh… … on the night of the murder… … you had, uh, just arrived from London
on the 11 o’clock flight? Yes. Why? – It was cancelled due to bad weather.
– I arrived on an earlier flight. I put it to you directly, Monsieur Ballon,
that it was you who murdered Miguel Ostos. Don’t be ridiculous. Uh… look, if you can just move… That’s it. These curved cues can be difficult. Now pull. Yes, I disliked Miguel intensely. But I am not in the habit of killing people
because I dislike them. I beg your pardon. BALLON: I may as well
tell you the whole thing. The night Miguel was killed, I arranged
for him to meet 11 o’clock plane. I arrived on the nine o’clock. He would be on his way to the airport
while I was on my way home. My wife was at a dinner party. This would give me a whole hour,
at least, alone in the house. For what? For Maria. What? Does that surprise you? (PHONE RINGS) Then I submit, Inspector Ballon,
that you arrived home, found Miguel with Maria Gambrelli,
and killed him in a rit of fealous jage. I admit to the affair, but to kill for her? – Would you kill for her?
– Of course… uh, not.

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