All right hi guys so welcome back, to our family nest, so right now blake and i are headed to like occupational health
center because he has to get drug tested because we think he’s on drugs
no, if you guys remember back when he went and interviewed for the job at
car dealership to detail cars where Andrew’s been working but will be quitting soon when he graduates hopefully and finds a
full-time job but um
he got called back for that so he’s gonna be starting that job probably I don’t know maybe next week i gotta wait for your results right

um I guess they drug test everybody because you
End up like driving the vehicles on the car lot and stuff and obviously they wanna make sure you’re not showing up to work
doing drugs, right
yeah see i don’t understand that at all
what because they could drug test you today what you could do drugs a month from now
yeah it’s like the stupidest thing ever
well how long do drugs stay in your system
i have no idea
I thought like doesn’t marijuana stay in your body for like six months or three months or something
anyways and right now headed to the post office because i have Andrew’s
taxes he always owes from michigan because he works in ohio

His work doesn’t pay his michigan you’re gonna have to remember that
your work doesn’t pay michigan taxes
But they just take a little bit out of every check and then they give me enter a check at the end of the year
that pays for his michigan texas
But when you file your taxes you have to pay yourself
but anyways i was up until 3:30
in the morning last night getting our taxes done because i knew today and i had a hair appointment and this appointment with blake
Carly wants to go do something later so i had to get our taxes done last night
Stayed up till 3:30 took hardly just : went back to bed until 10:30
this is the first year and probably
– we’ve had our recruiting business for i’m going up to my office
this is the first year probably 10 or 12 years
That i haven’t had to pay
When i do my final texas i actually i’m getting about a lap i saying i but it’s we
we’re actually getting a little bit back for once so
But i have to ascend in our first quarter text payments search he doesn’t a team so i still had to
Spend some money but it usually it’s a lot more than this in april so that was good news
The chipettes
what do you find out
so tell them how they made you take your shirt and everything up
and empty your pockets
And they think you need to never think cut the pee in your pockets
it must be what people do right
yeah, they and a lot of people and they’re doing drug testing
I’m sure that’s what some of them do it is appointment was that 3:30 and he didn’t even get done until 4:30
We’re heading home i got lilies heading over you haven’t seen oh, no you said you seen her at school today right
that lily’s back from vegas she went there because her
mom got married and then i think carly
Chase asha and ken and i are gonna go to the mall and go see a movie
We have a branch in the way it looks like it fell down the last
big storm that we got like just pulling off, to the side
puffy is here he’s gonna try to kick it that’s a long chase
there we go we got to come out here and clean some of this up thank you to all be green pretty soon
we didn’t show you guys earlier and
it was snowing actually there was snow on your car this morning when you left for school do you have to scrape your window a
little if this here already cuz you did does do you ever color that
it’s so stinky would last me
This doesn’t look like you’re doing loud i was in the middle of a holes playing how long does it take to gotha whole
Wall you gotta wait for the opposing person oh you just have to throw sheets in the dryer?
well the sheets already done these are clothes those are dry
this was all wrapped inside yeah look still wet it’s danish
what are we going here for leggings
like that wait okay which ones are they what do they cut
Those are miss crap one stuff those are crap i think i think i think the blues oh?
So it’s 30 degrees out nobody’s wearing coats chase is acting like a child?
carly and alexis are playing some smacking game
See what?
they, were more mature when they were five and six
mind your manners chase
You don’t so they smell
locking on
you’re gonna wear those to work out around the pond
so we just seemed the movie the quant a quiet place i
sure was scared to go
She was hiding her face are you scared
she kept hiding your face – did you cry
alexis cried she cried twice
she can’t tell we can’t tell
Yeah, so can the whole time i got in trouble for eating popcorn in a blood there’s
totally quiet movie the whole time every time i took a drink of my drink candy to look at me or
took a bite of my popcorn
look at me
give me dirty looks the whole movie z it’s a movie of deadside man he’s going
slurping his slushy making my lips i was trying to know your
your slushy it was frozen i was like half full alexis kept going like this i heard straw
did you not know you were doing that
So you’re gonna have nightmares now asha i talked to chase i would buy you a night like he said you already have?
remember with we looked at the whole tastic kids would always sleep with the bathroom light on
Yeah yeah i’d shut the closet they’d always have it open open do you know when the hall lights
to the motion lights when we stay at hotels i always leave the bathroom light out and just crack the door
Why cuz it’s like pitch black and you don’t like you know how in your own house you like know the way in the dark?
You don’t know the way in the dark at like a hotel if you had to get up real fast there’s a few showy
corners and rooms yeah i did that pose being sarcastic
dad like you’d run into tables and beds and stuff
What if there’s an emergency and you got, to run fast but if in the middle of the night you have diarrhea?
So i got these shirt from lululemon
by the way i paid for all these with my monthly allowance
right nope see i
got a white headband
has a little more going
once you stretching pain let’s see it really
it’s a good cat look don’t put it on the counter don’t put around the counter we kind of – you seemed angry
sure i got
shorts what’s it looking for
wide open your eyes are she’s not full
This is the only cute dog yeah except this man i didn’t get to see the pablo in lace no, ah blowing please
one is green thirdly collar blood green oh yeah they don’t they look black right here but they’re like olive green
So you wanted to get those plum colored ones but they didn’t have her size so she’s gonna
What once i think it’s kind of like plum there’s no matter i’ll go get my thing out of my brow go grab it
lululemon cuz obviously i don’t buy clothes from there cuz i don’t worry guys i don’t know what do they got here ten
twelve maybe i
got myself a fanny pack that holds my camera my phone
it’s got like a zipper part on the back
So there’s a lot of times when i like to just have like a little purse just making a little fanny pack
Like let me go to see your point kings island
like you do
so guys that is it for today’s video thank you guys for watching make sure you thumbs up the video
Subscribe and the question of the day is
what is the scariest movie you have ever seen it was called like don’t breathe
this felt like this these kids who were
Stuck in this house with a blind man and they he could like hear everything so they had to like be quiet and scary
It’s been a long time since i’ve seen this movie that actually scared me same so bob

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