Agent M vs Team Liquid: Pinball Battle at the X Games

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites! You’re watching
This Week in Marvel, and I’m Ryan, aka, Agent M.
Now I’m at the 2019 X Games here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There’s so much
cool stuff going on, Thanos punching bags,
obstacle courses. Most importantly,
we have some really cool gaming stuff going on. We have Stern pinball
machines behind me, and some of the greatest
professional gamers in the world, Team Liquid,
here with me this weekend. Now we’re going to go play
some pinball one-on-one to see who’s the best. So I am now joined by Casper,
Nasticle, Flanker, and Rogue from Team Liquid. We are about to play Deadpool
or Guardians of the Galaxy Stern pinball machines. And the idea is that
all I have to do is beat one of the high scores
of any of these four very, very skilled
professional gamers. And they have so
graciously offered to put up one of their
brand new Spider-Man Marvel Team Liquid jerseys. So all I got to do
is beat a high score. This is going to go so well. Let’s see how I did.
Are you guys ready? I’m ready. RYAN PENAGOS: All
right, let’s start. [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. OK, the Agent M versus Team
Liquid pinball challenge is over. On Deadpool, you guys
beat me, you were great. Killed it. Over here on Guardians
of the Galaxy, though, I was able to
sneak by just barely. So what does that mean? Well, you earned this. Yeah! Love it. This is a beautiful jersey. Now you guys can
get yours at I do have to say
one thing, though. I may have beaten you
on our official round. But he is the grand champion
on the Guardians of the Galaxy machine here at the X Games. So I feel like I
lucked out a lot. Team Liquid ain’t
no joke, y’all. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  3. I hope we get a little exploration into Thanos backstory from the Eternals film. Infinity War didn't do a good job with that. It didn't do anything hardly story wise. It was mostly one big action fest. It made it feel like style over substance. It probably wouldn't have felt that way if there was at least some build up to it other than a few short scenes with Thanos from the Avengers first movie and the Guardians first movie. Unless there was something I missed. I haven't seen all the MCU films.

  4. I need this spyde T-shirt 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Professional pinball players. Windows XP had something to do with it.!

  6. Hello Marvel I need to tell you something I need that this this summer time this coming in independence day I need something the other games I didn't came in Java I need a Captain America civil war was Spider-Man and I need Homecoming Spider-Man Java game and I need Infinity War Java game when I need some Spider-Man the Trilogy The first one not second one

  7. What a bummer I expected the CSGO roster
    Which roster is this ?? League of Legends??

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