Apple Card — Why I’m NOT using it and 3 cards that are better

Hey there, Dave here. This is a video I’ve
been wanting to make ever since Apple
announced their new credit card, the
Apple Card. This card looks amazing. It
has some really neat features. It’s
something that I was like, yeah I’m
immediately gonna get one of those. First
of all, I’m a complete credit card nerd. I
literally keep a spreadsheet comparing
the various rewards and benefits. And I
have a bit of a problem: these are all
active credit card accounts. I do pay my
balance off every single month. I just
use these things for the rewards. I love
everything Apple when they announced
they were coming out with the Apple Card,
I knew that I was going to get one. Nerd
alert: I do know a lot about credit cards
and I probably like to talk about it
more than most people like to listen. So,
I will have a summary of what I’m going
to say at this time code right here… and
I’ll also show you a graphic that you
can take a screenshot of and save it to
help you decide which card use in
which situation. My goal here though is
to make things completely simple. I
actually only use three credit cards and
I only carry two of them with me. The
rest of these sit at home in a drawer
so I’m going to share with you the two
cards that I use and maybe that will
help you too and if you like this video
hit the like button it helps other
people find the video and I do have to
say that this is not a sponsored video
every single website I go to that
compares credit cards is full of
advertising disclosures because they are
all paid by the credit card companies to
send them leads I make no money if you
choose the cards that I’m telling you
I was actually updating my spreadsheet
to add the Apple credit card once some
of the details were released and it made
me realize that I have a lot of
information that might be useful to my
youtube followers so let’s start with
the Apple card and I am a huge Apple fan
so no surprise I like the design of this
card it’s titanium there are no numbers
showing it looks super cool even the
activation process you hold your phone
to the thing and it just automatically
activates Apple does things right the
Apple cards integration into your
iPhones wallets is seamless the
reporting and the visibility into your
spending and interest and all of
good stuff that they’re showing you I am
really a big fan of the card actually
comes with pretty decent rewards 3% at
Apple 2% when you use Apple pay and 1%
on everything else now I will tell you
that if you watch this video you’ll
learn the cards that I use to maximize
my cashback but if you’re looking for a
card where you don’t have to think about
it the apple cart is pretty good
but other cards can be 4 times as good
would you rather have $100 back or $400
back one cool thing about the card
though is when you do earn that cash
back you get it instantly every single
day where other cards you collect and
then you have to redeem and it’s done on
a monthly basis so from Apple you get
daily cash right away it goes straight
into your iPhone on the cash card
incentivizing people to actually use the
cash card and instead of competing
services like venmo or PayPal or squares
cash I really like that the apple cart
has no annual fee and they’ve taken that
to a level that I have not seen on a
credit card ever it’s no annual fee but
it’s also no cash advance fee no
transfer fee no late payment fee there’s
no missed payment fee you pay the
interest but there’s no fees for using
this card at all most of the cards that
I have charged a fee at least for cash
advances not with Apple so with the
apple cart obviously you have an amazing
design you have a really slick
integration with your iPhone you have
decent rewards and you have no fees so
why not use it all the time well I’ll
tell you I absolutely love the design
but every single time I pull it out of
my wallet and use that card it costs me
money because using the physical card
earns you the lowest cashback of 1% you
can literally make four times as much
with zero effort by simply using a
different card the Apple cards 2% cash
back for using Apple pay is actually
really good but every other card I have
is compatible with Apple pay and all of
them will pay at least 2% now the 3%
cashback at the Apple store is probably
the one place that I actually will use
the Apple card and you actually buy
stuff from Apple way more than you may
realize yes there’s Apple products but
there’s also apps and in app purchases
and iCloud storage and all kinds of
stuff I’m constantly paying Apple for
things 3% cash back
is a really good rate and it’s higher
than the other cards that I typically
would use to pay for Apple products so
yes Apple card you win there but when it
comes to actually buying Apple hardware
you may want to actually consider not
using the Apple card because a lot of
cards will automatically double the
manufacturer’s warranty
the Apple card does not do that so does
doubling the warranty and losing one
percent cash back pay for itself
Apple cares a couple hundred bucks using
that other card might cost you ten bucks
but ten bucks cheaper than a couple
hundred bucks something to think about
my goal is to not have you end up with a
wallet full of credit cards I actually
don’t use most of these I use three
credit cards two of which I carry with
me and one that I use online all of
these cards are cash back cards because
the whole point system has just gotten
way too complicated all of these cards
are no annual fee and today I’m not
factoring in signup bonuses and I’ll
tell you why in a minute if all of this
is too much I’m going to show you a
graphic right now that summarizes
everything you need to know without
knowing all of the rationale behind it
so just take a screenshot of this file
it away in your camera roll and refer to
it whenever you’re trying to figure out
which credit card to use but if you do
want to know why I’ve got a lot to cover
so I’ll go as fast as I can use that
rewind button if you miss something
let’s go I may have a handful of cards
but I actually only use three of them I
don’t want one card for gas another card
for groceries a different card for
hotels another card for department
stores way too complicated I’ve done
that and there are category specific
cards that let you maximize your points
and your percentages it’s just not worth
it it’s too complicated let’s simplify
alright so which cards do I actually use
as I mentioned I’m sticking with cash
back the whole point system has gotten
so complicated every time I use points I
feel like I’m getting a bad exchange
rate Membership Rewards thank you points
bond voice of merican miles it’s too
much and I’m not factoring in signup
bonuses because while they’re great that
goes away and I’m looking for cards that
have the best ongoing value also you
want to be careful when you sign up for
a lot of cards because if you sign up
for more than five cards in 24 months
that seems to be the number that credit
card companies flag is being to men
you’ll start to be declined even if you
have perfect credit all of the cards
that I’m talking about today and that I
actually use have no annual fee because
even a ninety five dollar annual fee
wipes out a lot of rewards benefits when
you’re talking about cashback so decide
what’s best for you I’m sharing what
works for me I probably spend more on my
credit cards than most people which is
why this is super important and I’m very
passionate about it so without further
ado here are the three cards that I
actually use starting with the city
double cash card this card is awesome it
pays 2% cash back on everything you buy
no categories it works with Apple pay so
you get the same 2% that the Apple card
would give you but it always works you
can use the plastic card and you still
get the 2% there are no categories to
remember no limit to the cashback that
you can earn this used to be my
no-brainer card but effective September
22nd 2019 they’re removing a lot of the
benefits from this card so now the cash
back is still good but everything else
the removing is not as good oh and the
biggest gotcha on the city double cash
card is they charge a foreign
transaction fee of 3% do not use this
card traveling internationally there are
better cards for you including the one
I’m going to be talking about next but
this basically is your everything else
card everything except restaurants
except travel and accept products that
you want an extended warranty especially
those that you buy online and when it
comes to buying online the second card
that I recommend Amazon Prime card
this isn’t titanium like the Apple card
but it’s definitely not plastic it’s
some kind of metal and it gives you 3%
back on all of your Amazon purchases but
if you’re like me and are a frequent
Amazon shopper I assume you’re also an
Amazon Prime member and for Prime
members you get a full 5 percent cash
back on everything you buy from Amazon
no-brainer you need this card I don’t
carry this in my wallet to even use it
as a prop in this video it took me about
30 minutes to find where I had stashed
it away but this is the default card in
my Amazon account if you’re a credit
card nerd like me you know that this
card is a Visa signature card which
means it comes with some
purchase protection benefits that
includes doubling the manufacturer’s
warranty on everything you buy up to one
year and if something gets damaged or
stolen in the first four months this
card covers it up to five hundred
dollars up to fifty thousand dollars per
year that’s a good benefit the car does
not have price protection and Amazon no
longer offers price protection either
meaning if you buy something and find a
lower price later the cards not going to
help you out Amazon’s return policy
might but this card also doesn’t have an
extended return period so you’re stuck
with Amazon’s
standard 30-day return policy so bottom
line this is your Amazon only card
you’ll get 5% back every time you use it
at Amazon it’s also good for 5% back at
Whole Foods so here’s what I do save
this as the default card in your Amazon
account and then also add it to your
iPhone wallet you can use this at Whole
Foods and then you don’t have to carry
this car it does give you one percent
cash back everywhere and two percent at
restaurants but I have a way better
restaurant card which brings me to
number three the uber card from Barclays
Bank this card gives you four percent
cashback at all restaurants and bars so
don’t whip out that fancy titanium Apple
card just to show off your status symbol
when you’re splitting lunch with friends
you’ll know that you’re earning four
times as much as people using the Apple
card at a restaurant and it includes all
restaurants from high-end expensive
restaurants to casual to fast food to
delivery they specifically say uber eats
which makes sense I know for a fact that
you get four percent back using door –
probably some other delivery services as
well and it gives you four percent back
at all bars and it’s four percent of the
entire amount including tax and tip the
uber card also has some good purchase
benefits if you want some of the
benefits that are missing from the
Citibank 2% card this card pays you 2%
back on online purchases and 1% on
everything else but it does include some
of the purchase protection benefits it
includes an additional year of warranty
it includes covering items from being
stolen or damaged for three months
instead of four like Amazon but for the
same $500 per item up to 50
dollars per year per accounts it also
includes some things that Amazon does
not have like price protection that’s
limited to 250 dollars per item up to 4
times per year and it includes one other
thing it includes it extends the return
period for 90 days up to $500 per item
up to $1,000 a year this card is also
very good for travel now if you have an
airline or hotel card that you like
their points that you find value in it
by all means keep using that card use
this as your backup when you’re not
flying on that airline or not staying at
that hotel this card will give you 3%
back on all airfare all hotels and that
includes Airbnb and that includes things
booked through sites like Expedia or
other travel agencies if those still
exist interestingly it does not give you
3% back for uber or lyft it only gives
you 2% there because it considers those
online purchases it only gives you one
percent for taxis it gives you one
percent and other travel related
categories that you might have assumed
would have been considered travel like
renting a boat or taking a bus those are
all 1% purchases unless you can buy them
through a travel agency at which point
you’ll get 3% this card also comes with
some travel benefits that I typically
associate with cards that have an annual
fee and the uber card is no annual fee
if you check bags on an airline and the
bags are delayed they will reimburse you
up to $100 per day for items you need to
purchase while you’re missing your bags
they will also refund up to $1500 per
person if a trip is cancelled or
interrupted and that includes you
getting sick and not being able to go on
the trip and this card has no foreign
transaction fee either so it’s perfect
for international travel
so bottom line think of the uber card as
your restaurant bar hotel and airfare
card and that’s it these three cards are
really all you need and these two cards
are the only ones you need to keep in
your wallet use the Amazon card on
Amazon for 5% back on everything you buy
also use it at Whole Foods use the uber
card not for uber but for bars
restaurants hotels and airfare and also
purchasing products that you want an
extended warranty on that you didn’t buy
at Amazon
and then use this card for everything
else it’s really that simple so win
should use the Apple card use the Apple
card on all of your Apple purchases
unless you’re buying hardware and you
want it extended warranty and you don’t
want to buy Apple care
simple enough thanks for watching I
think that’s it it’s a pretty simple way
to maximize your benefits without having
to carry a ton of cards without having
to think about which card to use when
there are three cards to use let me know
in the comments if you found this
helpful also hit that like button
because it lets other people know that
this was a good video let me know what
you think about my strategy in the
comments I could talk about credit cards
all day I feel like I’ve done just that
hopefully I’ve edited this down to
something that was watchable I make
videos all the time on YouTube. I’m also
on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter.
Check out some of my other videos. If you
like what you see, subscribe, come back
for more. I’d love to have you. I’m Dave
Hanson… I will see you next time.

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  48. Really going to have to look into that amazon card and possibly the uber once at some point. I am a points guy since i like to travel a lot and found that consolidating points under one bank works better for me than separate banks. My main cards use to be

    Chase saphire preferred – used at restaurants, and travel for 3x points

    Amex (dont remember the card) – used everywhere else as your points double when you hit a certain amount each month.

    I since moved from Amex to consolidate all my points under chase. I find there points have much better value than amex. So my main 3 card now:

    Chase Sapphire Reserve – $500 annual fee – but it's worth it in my opinion if you travel.

    $300 annual travel credit

    Priority Pass Select membership – for access to lounges

    TSA Precheck / Global Entry

    Points are worth 1.5/1.75x more when you redeem them through chase

    This card is used for restaurants, and pretty much all things travel for 3x points

    Chase Freedom – no annual fee

    Quarterly 5% cash back categories that are given to you in the form of points up to $7500. Current category is department stores, so that is when I'll use this card.

    Chase Freedom Unlimited – no annual fee

    This card will probably only be in use for a year, as it provides 3% cash back on all purchases for a year, up to $20000 (this offer is no longer available).
    So this card is currently my use everywhere card.

    I also have the apple card and strictly use that at the Apple store, as it is a pretty useless card elsewhere when compared to others.

    Long post, but I'm also a credit card snob and like to find ways to maximize my returns on everyday purchases 🙂

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