Artificial Intelligence “Libratus” Beats Top Poker Pros | QPT

Libratus is an artificial intelligence developed
by Carnegie Mellon University.
This AI system has made history by defeating
four of the world’s best professional poker
players in a marathon 20-day poker competition,
called “Brains Vs. Artificial Intelligence:
Upping the Ante” at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh.
The developers of Libratus said this victory
is statistically significant and not simply
a matter of luck.
This new milestone in artificial intelligence
has implications for any realm in which information
is incomplete and opponents sow misinformation
Business negotiation, military strategy, cybersecurity
and medical treatment planning could all benefit
from automated decision-making using a Libratus-like
Libratus’ victory was made possible by the
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Bridges
computer, on which the AI computed its strategy
before and during the event.
Bridges total speed is 1.35 petaflops, about
7,250 times as fast as a high-end laptop and
its memory is 274 Terabytes, about 17,500
as much as you’d get in that laptop.

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