B-Boy breakdance tutorial: Roxy and Mouse from Soul Mavericks teach reporter how to move

Now, I don’t like to brag, but I do come from
a bit of a dancing background, which is why, ahead of this year’s Sony Xperia B-Boy Championships,
I was chosen to bust some moves with B-Boy and B-Girl world champions Mouse and Roxy.
This should be interesting… Roxy. Mouse. Nice to meet you. Now you guys
are a world champion B-Boy and B-Girl. Obviously, this isn’t my strongest area of dance. What
are you going to attempt to teach me today? Well, we’re going to teach you some of the
basics, so we’ll top rock to start with, and then we’ll teach you some footwork. We’ll
probably teach you a freeze, and then we’ll probably put a routine together for you.
Awesome let’s do it. The first step is called a two-step. It goes
like this. Cross your arms on your chest, and slap your
right leg across your left leg. Five, six, seven, and… For the next step that we’re going to do…
It’s called the Charleston step. Five, six, seven and…
One two three four five six seven eight. Great.
I’m going to teach you some footwork. Okay. It’s going to look like this. Okay. Yeah, looks easy. So right leg out, and then cross it over.
Step one. Left leg back. Step two. Leg out here. Three. Four. Right leg in. Five. And
back to the front. Six. Nice. So I’m going to show you a very basic Freeze.
It’s called a Baby Freeze. It looks just like this. You’re going to go in this all fours position. Okay, put your hands in the middle. Then you
lower yourself down on your elbow. Put the right side of your head on the floor. Like
this. And you put your right hand on your hip. Just like that. Right then guys. I think it’s time to put
these moves together. Psyche. Five six seven and… There she is!

5 thoughts on “B-Boy breakdance tutorial: Roxy and Mouse from Soul Mavericks teach reporter how to move

  1. "dont mess with her tutu" as someone once sang. the sound of their sneakers rubbing on the floor grates on the ears

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