69 thoughts on “Bar Trick Bets You Will NEVER LOSE!

  1. TROLOLOLOLOL i won 15$ from my friend with the first trick xD

  2. if you read this I will subscribe to you but first you got to subscribe to me thank you have a nice day

  3. I subscribed! (I actually subscribed awhile ago but I want to get a reply from you! =))

  4. You are reposting content without permission or credit. That's plagiarism.

  5. What are these comments? Usually there's always a funny, original joke in the top comments but here there's nothing..

  6. You almost imitated Quirkology in the right way, but you messed up the title a little

  7. You just copied another youtubers content. Why not get something original

  8. your messed up you got this from another video your just doing a voice over your even using there video! you copier

  9. Tie a Hair in a Knot..try to untie it…It can be untied if ya know how…

  10. Point to the finger. If you touch it, they'll know which one to move.

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