Basic Hand Rankings in Poker : High Cards Vs. Better Cards

Let’s do some hand comparisons. Let’s start
with something that won’t happen a whole lot, but let’s compare one high card hand versus
another. We’ve gotten into a scenario where a late player, say the small blind, looked
down, saw ace-king, raised. It’s a fixed limit game so they can only make a raise of one
big blind. This person here looks down and has king-queen. Well, for one big blind he’s
going to see the flop. So they’re both in. They both got money in the pot, as we say.
Let’s say it’s that amount there. The flop comes. It’s ten, deuce, seven. Well, that’s
not very exciting to either one of them. This guy, he’s got a couple of over cards, didn’t
really connect, didn’t connect to anything. This guy also has a couple of over cards and
might actually think his hand is good. The original raiser does what’s called a continuation
bet, puts some chips out.

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