Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand the Chip Stacks in Poker

Having a nice, neat and tidy chip stack at
the table is very good poker etiquette. It
allows a couple of things. It allows the other
players to look at your chips and get a rough
estimate at how many chips you have in front
of you. Especially when you have your high
denomination chips sitting out in front. If
you look at player in seat one, he’s got his
chips there in different heights. You can’t
get a real good idea of how many chips he
has, so you would have to ask him. Not only
that, but he has his high denomination chips
set in the back, so you can’t see them at
all. You need to have your hight denomination
chips out front, so that the other players
can see them. Now, if you’ll look at seat
two, yeah he’s got some neat chip stacks there,
about the same height, but he’s taking up
too much room at the table. You want to be
tidy with the space, you want to manage the
space at the table that you have, so that
you are not crowding up the other players
at the table. Another instance of a bad chip
stack is seat three here. He’s got what is
called a dirty stack. He has his chips rippled
together, and the one’s and the five’s are
all mingled together, so again, I can’t look
at his chip stack and get a good estimate
of how much money he has sitting in front
of him in case I want to raise him All In.
And the worst chip stack of all, seat four
over here just has his chips in a big pile.
He doesn’t know how much he has sitting in
front of him, and of course I can’t tell either.
When he goes to make a bet he has to look
around to find his chips, and look around
count some more and then put them out into
the pot. Again, this takes away from the game.
You want to keep the game rolling as smoothly
as possible, so keep you chips in a nice,
neat stack in front of you and the game will
go really smooth.

10 thoughts on “Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand the Chip Stacks in Poker

  1. LOL smoothly as posible hilirious i dunt giv a fuck anythin goes if ppl guna tilt about then feel free

  2. This is a great video. I don't see how so many commenters can try to argue against it.

  3. when im playing with ma buddy's we just stack the way we stack if u wanna raise u raise him just ask if u doubt..

  4. Its an etiquette not a requirement (having neat chip stacks). The ONLY rule is to have your biggest chip denomination at a visible spot, eg. your $1000s not hiding behind your $10s.

  5. Seems to me that you should be able to make them guess how many chips I have. Just like they should guess what cards I have.

  6. I love the poker table you have. Where can i find one like that??? Anybody??

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