Billiards: Advanced Shots: Part 2 : Jump Shots in Pool

Now the thing we need to remember about jump
shots is that, they’re kind of like bank shots and kick shots, in, meaning that the angle
that you hit down on the cue ball is going to determine the angle that you get the cue
ball to come up off of the bed of the table. They’re not exact. Like an angel coming down
on the cue ball, like this, is not going to give you and equal angle coming up. But it’s
going to be somewhat less, but it is going to be close enough to where it gives you an
idea of how to make a particular shot. Like, let’s say this shot right here. If that were
my object ball down here and I’ve got this ball obstructing my pathway there and I can’t
get to it with a curve shot or whatever, I want to jump over this ball to pocket that
ball. Well, I only need the cue ball to come up about this high, which means I don’t have
to have that much of an angle coming into the cue ball. So, I can use an underhand stroke
such as this. But, I do want to come up and back. Again it’s a shot that’s an exception
to our level cue rule. So, we would want to line up on it like this. Leaving the wrist
very lose, aim at our object ball up there, and then shoot it. Like that.

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