Busted Knuckles Motorcycle Show – Episode 6 – Poker Derbys and How to Recover a Motorcycle Seat

Hi, welcome to Busted Knuckles my name Steve Belaire and I’m your host.
We’ve got a great show lined up for you today
So stick around I know you’re gonna love it
Well, first up the
Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups is
Having a poker derby.
Let’s go find out what that’s all about
My name is Doug Houghtn I’m one of the directors of the coalition of Manitoba motorcycle groups CMMG. And
Each year, we have a couple rights to raise money and promote motorcycling in Manitoba
And promote motorcycle safety in Manitoba. We had an early ride this year a safety rally at the legislature that
is a free one this one this ride is for us to raise some money to cover our cost of administration and
We have one every year
the CMMG is an official intervener at the Public Utilities Board hearings to
lobby for fair insurance rates and legislation
We work closely with Manitoba Public Insurance and the province of Manitoba government of Manitoba
Look at motorcycle regulations. In fact, we just got
New regulations on motorcycle safety some improvements on the old legislation and so on
so today it’s about raising a little bit of money to help ourselves and
It’s gonna be a great day. The suns out so far. Hopefully you don’t get too many rain squalls
We this is the first stop is at the Marion hotel. The Marion hotel has been helpful for us for at least 25 years
we have our meetings here our first stop next stop this morning will be at
Royal Canadian Legion in Selkirk following that we go to
Drifters Inn up Lac du Bonnet and back down to Beausejour at the Airliner Motor Hotel
Airliner Drive Inn rather and our final stop will be at the Frantz Motor Inn at Steinbach. It’s a nice spot
Why we picked that if you’re underage or you have children with you their bar is open to anyone
so that’s where it ends and hopefully out and looks like we’re getting agood turnout because a lot of people are
Right behind me and I hope they don’t try all register at the last five minutes
They just went in.
Yea, I hope they went in.
So how long do you think the ride will take?
The rides about 260 clicks to get this time back, but most people we hope just take their time and enjoy the day
That’s all about fellowship and getting to know some of the other riders and getting to know the highway getting to know the towns
Its some people from the city of never been to.
Is anybody welcome to come along?
All motorcycles are welcome. If you don’t have a motorcycle we want to drive your car. Go ahead. Ok
I can by hand and we also fifty-fifty draws, okay
Perfect and we have a few free draws at the end for jackets and sweats and that’s all and door prices. All right
Thanks a lot, talk to you again.
Okay, so let’s next go out and visit Guy Mastaler he
Recreates motorcycle seats
This is very interesting. I think you’ll enjoy this
educated people know they’ve seen the shows and they’ve they’ve they’ve seen lots of bike seats and they’ve seen
You know what can be done and then they’re ready to go for it and most of them were
Happy to pay the price
I don’t even know what seat I’m gonna use yeah. Yeah. Well, that would be could be another segment that you follow. Yeah
So that’s the customers either just way that you’re gonna do oh no, yeah, they’re all customer seats. Okay. Yeah, I don’t build any
For the shop or anything for it. I mean I might build I will be building some seats
For this show and shine at the casino
August 18th at the South Beach casino Oh table there this year. They have a little built a little
Artisans village. All right. Yeah. It’s so big a there’s so many bikes there
so the other Harley riders association
Spearheaded it and they rented tables and rented a tent and got it all tickety-boo and charged everybody
Makes cheap rate to get get us all in there
That’s where I’m headed
So I’m gonna probably do that little Sportster seat do it all up real real
Wild and I got a couple other seats that are kicking around here that I’m gonna fancy up and make a big mess
I’m not I hate sitting there trying to talk. I like looking at every that other trade shows. I’ve done the Rolling Thunder
Or the world of wheels. I’ve always brought stuff to do. I just I just I
That’s part of the education. I
Have eight hours to kill
I’m gonna bring some tools and and some stuff and work on it while I’m there. Yeah, and
People can see. Oh, yeah. Look what he’s doing
Customer seat he dropped off
Wednesday after making an appointment from this year. We should go lining up the appointment
to drop it off on Wednesday and
They take seats I guess for while it’s been doing them on the side forever
But I started really taking seat. Seriously, then I built this shop in 2008. So I’ve been at it for about 11 years Wow
I was good both
clothing and seats
Up until I built this shop. I was working out of my basement in this house
And I mean if I really got a deceits when I was
Sharing a studio space on Bannatyne with another artist who was named upholstery hose and clothing
she wanted to learn about clothing and
upholstery so weak but not spent a lot of time trading tricks and trading ideas and
Time with the shop either over a couple years Lane and Valentine
And she went on everything, you know
Started. Why do you say? Yeah, I I have a lot of clothing
Techniques for all that I see. Okay. Yeah, so that Oh, like all the clothing
Ideas or technology or techniques are all flick the ball in upholstery Oh, okay
are sewing a pattern making
Creating shape creating 3d from some two-dimensional items, right?
That was easily transferable skills. Yeah
And that gal went on to work in the movies in the costumes, oh wow
And he’s like a vault drink. Oh fuck
How do you switch screws? Yeah, yeah
And yeah
Same thing with her
She had you know that knew all the laws either knew all of oh all kinds of fabric and just wasn’t incredibly
Fashionable, you know
Talk with all these cut all the way. Oh, oh, she’s a costume designer. No, no. No. Yeah that
Would be to that all of the movies are fun. I’m gonna lose do for all right
oh, oh would you fun but
They demand your time Oh
Too much time. I don’t know because I
I’d like to play in bands. I’d like to read them looks like why I like to boast
I clean like fun with my kids and right that’s kind of impossible
Because the timeline is crazy the you work, you know 14 hours a day
If you if you go to work after 12 hours, that’s a short day. Right the only poem. Oh
I’m good to you after a while. Yeah, just I
Love that. I mean I
Make a lot of money. You have a lot of fun you’re working with a whole crew of artists. So you’re here. That’s fine
the director
Everybody my doubts in the director, you know locations people everybody’s interests everybody else
As an artistic eye. Yeah
And with that comes some craziness, haha
You’re one near one of those Aggies dude, yeah
Yeah, I would still be working movies, but you have too much time. It was in 8 hours 8 hours a day
I’d be guilty with that but
1718 and then six days in a row and work 17 days in a row
This is tough to have anything else in your life
And I started sewing when I was 14, okay, my grandma started me so
Little tyke
Would you be able to fend for yourself yeah, it was just
As an artist I could appreciate what grandma was doing for me to make these fireproof polyester suits
When I turned you know, thirteen, I thought I want something else. I want I
Want what I want I want something cool like what Roger Daltrey’s right? Right, right
In 1982
1982 the reunion to earth the first kind of first shows without Keith Moon get out of the candy Jones on drums
So I was yeah
Saw the bench saw Roger Daltrey’s
Ha ha ha grandma. I’ve looked this Oprah cheer like jump in the car go buy fabrics and after a while and sleep
The rough lice give me gone
Jimmy’s holster has one of these. No, okay. I
Have uses those to measure
these other than those IDO tell you
that’s a high-tech item, but it’s
Great idea. Yeah, it’s and I thought I thought machinist using it. Oh, it’s a good idea to make sure
We’re doing the dial gauge on it. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I’ll get to a hundred thousand something
That’s made for the little pieces. Yeah a little flat but it gives me a good idea of where I’m headed
There’s a level larger level now you’ll feel it I guess
Yeah, any little Ridge you’ll just cut into you but yeah, so I’m gonna start grinding this one make sure you got it freely
Is built for them built to their specs
Yeah, anyway but east when he sees this he’s gonna go
There’s your problem there’s a bomb right there
And it is that all you took office the part that pushes your out order and squeezes, yeah
We’ll use a bag for your pattern. Oh that’s interesting
Wow wasn’t that something if you want to see how he magically
Transforms a garment bag into a beautiful motorcycle seat now come back next week
Anyway now, we’re gonna go out there Siam’s the CMC the Canadian motorcycle cruisers had a
Big their big annual rally this weekend and Winnipeg and
We dropped by for a few minutes and watched them doing playing some biker games. Check it out. It’s a lot of fun
The fourth bandwidth
For real
On your hair while we catch it we’re not doing it right
Okay, you want to start this now or what
If we beat down
I might know a merica. Nope
Hi, my name is cliff Graham, I’m with Canadian motorcycle cruisers 0t3 chapter and Winnipeg
Our national rally has been in Winnipeg this year. It’s the 13th National Rally and we’ve had about
240 participants come up from
Vancouver Island all the way to Ottawa
A wonderful chapter is the largest which was nice. We had about 15 of our own members here
0 4 6
Had about 12 members some of the other chapters were all in the same
We’ve really enjoyed herself other than the 30 plus heat which is taken its toll on a few people
We had some motorcycle Games’s just went on behind us. We had a Saturday morning breakfast
We had a Saturday dinner. We’ve had a ride on Saturday that was went up to Winnipeg Beach
The ladies at the Legion and when it beats put on a nice bunch force
Hit a loop around to boses your ice cream and that back here for a great dinner as ice before
Town and country campground has been a great host of ours
They’ve been able to do whatever we ask so
We’ve had a great weekend. Some people have got headed home today some heading toward Sturgis
Sturgis Rally starts next week or this week and
people are heading, uh
Just working their way home. Yeah
That’s right
Thank you
Okay, so that was fun next. I’m gonna pull the pipes off my show
Check it out. Okay, welcome back. I’m
Continuing with the shovel build of the teardown at this point and I’m gonna pull off the exhaust next
Okay, it’s obviously been apart recently covers not rusted in place
It’s nice from the comfort easy. Oh
Yeah, boys
Come to help that yeah get all greasy
Look I mean never come in here and this is the first time comes years when I’m recording. Mm-hmm
Okay, scrap you guys go play what?
Behind the house
Do I go in the house
Too hot. Oh look turn on the air-conditioning
Well, that’s all we have for today
Thanks for joining us and I’ll come back next week got a great show planned for you. Take care

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