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Hey everyone, it is February And so for this month We will be playing the pinball game KISS in Honor of Valentine’s Day plus Bob is going to show you how to make a really great brunch time drink It’s refreshing and it’s really pretty darn good so welcome to this month’s cabinets and cocktails and let’s get to the games Hey, so I found a kiss t-shirt for the kiss episode today, I thought I could like go all in and oh I yep. That’s that’s on me. That’s bad communication I’m gonna go wash. Oh wait. Oh, yeah, Mike Thanks, all right, so our Valentine’s Day special episode and so of course We’ll be playing the KISS pinball game, which is awesome. This has been here for a little while, right? It’s just a couple months like half of the holidays. Yeah, and the the big sign up top I’m not sure if it’s in the shot There’s a big flashing kiss sign on now, so it’ll be very easy to find when you come into the bar All right, so we’re all loaded in its Head twice All right, two player and then left flipper change of the songs. Alright? Okay, Rock City Well, that’s my favorite this year aren’t always Gene Simmons Quite a selection. Yeah, there’s a lot alright in honor of Dawn We’ll pick Detroit Rock City. There we go. Alright, let’s see. Let’s see how this goes. How did that one nice day everybody That’s about right there we go my love life right there Okay, all right, yeah Just because I’m a big demon fan I Was gonna ask which which of the four is your favorite? Gene Simmons. In college me and my friends went as kiss several times just A class. Yeah It was nice waiting in the bar underage when you’re covered in makeup So it really couldn’t tell you so you were not saying to do that at home but Cheap which is ironic because whenever demon takes his Makeup off suddenly the ages for a year drastically. Yes We are definitely tearing up a score here Oh Backstage blew extra fall Those delays always get me yeah cuz you never know when it’s coming You know, I gotta admit kisses a band that like he’s always on the periphery of the music I was listening to not darn it I’ve never been to a concert. Oh Never have I hear that it’s an amazing show though. I’ve seen every farewell – farewell tours that they’ve done So that’s like 75 tours and They’re not the best man. Not the most talented, but their shows are exactly that I mean like they say they are the show that they wish they saw growing up and That was horrible, yes, I Think it’s so crazy the like the They kind of were caught up in the like satanic panic and the ice insane the service and all of that kind of ridiculousness and Then you listen to the music and it’s just it’s fun and it’s fun It’s just about drinking partying girls Yeah, I mean what they’re and rebelling against your parents but not like Turn the heads off of bats like Ozzy Osbourne or some rock just I’m staying out late And we’re going to a concert mom and you’re not gonna stop us. I Mean and Gene Simmons Magically rhymes the word you with you. Oh, yeah, and that’s talent with me right? Not. Everybody can do that What I mean and one hell of a businessman like we’re probably gonna have to pay royalties for a second word kiss Oh that’s where the other fans shall not be named learned it from Well, and there’s so much I mean there were Toys lunch body action big action figures comics with their own blood in it cartoon But yeah, they had the cartoon they had Wow Everything that horrible movie that they never released but somehow leaked out is for the Phantom of the park. Oh, wow, I have not seen It’s horrible. I’ve seen several times. So what I’m hearing is watch party Yeah, someday, I will not say no to that. But yes wow, we did a horrible Not great And these scores I would not shout out loud. I Really got one more I think I just played your ball 614 yes, that’s too bad Wow, those are the ones the chest shoulders you’re like there’s nothing I could have done about that All right a match 14 4 3 8 4 50. Oh, you got it. Now. I was over just spit them back out All right 14 4 3 4 50 14 That’s not too bad. That’s not too bad All right. We want to leave it at that one and then go learn how to make it’s a pretty this is like nice For a Saturday morning. It’s a good little like sort of brunch drink Yeah, so don’t we head over to the bar teach everybody how to make that one? Yep. All right, and fourteen thousand four hundred forty million for 38 for fifty 14 million 438 450. I’m really glad that Dawn’s gonna be able to pop that up on the screen I’m not gonna remember that one, but that’s the that is the Valentine scores to beat on Kiss for February so if you do so take a picture tag Roll 4 Initiative and Pixels and We’ll get you it back full of swag a swag bag. All right, let’s head over to the bar Today’s drink we’re gonna do a throwback to another classic French 75. But today we’re gonna put a little twist on for KISS Happy February everybody Start off with a high colins glass Fill it with ice Take your shaker on a shot and a half of gin and cold gin if you’d like fresh lemon juice just Splash a simple syrup just to give us some sweetener with our kiss twist from a little red For Gene Simmons little blood if you would give it a nice hard shake Strain it over the ice and To finish it off top off with some fresh champagne Garnish with a lemon There you guys have it the French 75 with a little kiss twist shout it out loud There you have it folks Bob taught you how to make a French 75 With a kiss twist to make it a little bit more on point with the game that we played KISS pinball with a high score of fourteen point four million So if you get in this month beat our score tag Roll 4 Initiative and Pixels you’ll be entered to win a bag full of Prizes, so thanks for joining us and until next month. I’m Ryan, and this is Cabinets and Cocktails. Bye Now I know everyone wants to be the big shot and make that big loud when opening champagne But for brunch that’s fantastic. But if you want your champagne to last what you’d like to do is a lot different You’re gonna take it off the foil Loosen the cage keep your hand over it because remember it is pressurized. What you do is you hold on to the cork Twist the bottle slowly to release the court. You want to have a light little The loud pop is releasing more co2. It’s gonna go flatter quicker here larger surface area less of a pop This is a twist-off but generalization you get the idea same thing when pouring it the larger the surface area The more the fizz you retain Cheers

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