California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Temptation to Stay In

There’s something that I like to repeat, because
it really needs driving home, for people to grow as poker players, and it’s that the temptation
in a lot of games, especially draw games, is to stay in, and I urge you to resist, and
play tight, even though you are getting more cards. Where it relates to five card draw,
and where it relates to lowball, is that if you don’t have a good hand to build on, there’s
nothing to build. It’s going to be so hard statistically, to build to a good hand. You
need to be starting with something good. In California Lowball, you need to be starting
with low cards, so again, if you have mid to high cards, forget about it. Don’t think
that you’re going to be able to throw away those two cards, or don’t think that you’re
going to throw away everything, but the six and the four, or don’t think, hey, I’m going
to throw away the four, and hope to catch four low cards around it, that don’t pair
me. It’s just not going to happen most of the time, so if it’s not going to happen most
of the time, it means it’s not going to happen, and lastly again, if you get this hand, four
high cards and the bug, forget about it, Even though that bug at this time counts as an
ace, you’re not going to get four low cards to go with it, so just forget about it.

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