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Hello guys Welcome back with me, Aipan In video “How to get rich with farmable” In this video, we will discuss about pinball Because many growtopian ask me “Bro is it better pinball or ftank” This time we will discuss about pinball, how many gems and the profit we will get In this world there are 2.600 pinball trees You can break pinball with 6x hit using pickaxe and tree’s growtime is 1 day and 17 hours or 41 hours Let’s go harvest We got 9.606 pinball blocks and 163 pinball seeds guys Let’s break it now for more faster anddddd finished I forgot to tell you, I bought pinball seed for 200/12 wls Let’s we check the gems and seeds 2.850 pinball seed and 58k gems We will plant 2.600 again and sell the rest Let’s take the gems Let’s take the gemssssssssssssssssss We will sell the seeds for 200/12-13 wls, and 50 seeds for cheaper, 50/2 Pinball is rising guys Now I want to buy ssp pack with gems, it looks like more profit than birth certificate Let’s we try to sell for 14/wl I’ll change to 15/1 From 156 wls, you can get 54 wls in 2 days So you need 6 days to be able to get your own capital, and the rest you can get profit I think I prefer pinball than ftank Because pinball in 2 days earn 54 wls, 1x farm While ftank you can earn 60 wls+ in 2 days, but.. You have to farm fishtank 2x, it means 2x tired That is just my opinion, because if you can online everyday, fishtank is better But if you busy with school, or busy with searching for eels in the rice field You can think about it in bathroom Maybe just it tips that I can say Next farmable you can request in comment Don’t forget to subscribe guys, and share to your friends, because farming is fun See you in the next video!

23 thoughts on “Cara Cepat Kaya Dengan Farm Pinball (English Sub)😀 | Growtopia Indonesia

  1. Hey bujang , Pls la yah bikin video farming tipsnya tanpa MAGplant bisa? Agar lebih Enjoy bagi para para WL terbatas.

  2. Makasih bang dulu saya inget abang beli pinball nya di saya ty bang aipan

  3. Halo aku datang dari masa depan sekarang di masaku di world buypin gk ada orang lagi dimana aku harus beli pinball

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