Carabao League Cup betting tips for Tuesday 14th August

Hi, welcome to betting expert! In this
video we’re gonna take a look at the League Cup and pick out some top tips from
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start posting your tips today. Now that being said let’s get into it and start
looking at some of the top tips from the bettingexpert community: Starting off
with the game between Sheffield United and Hull. Now I think looking at the
start these two have made in the season it’s fair to say that neither are in
great form, but our tipster LeifShinigami has picked out a value bet and
is looking at the home win in this one he just thinks that home advantage
will favor Sheffield United. I’m moving on to our second tip it comes from one
of our leading all-time top tipsters TheTrollmanSha. He’s looking at the game
between Yeovil and Aston Villa and has picked out a value bet in this one,
now Villa have won both of their opening matches in the championship, whereas
Yeovil on the other hand are currently 20th in League 2, so the form
work suggests that this should be a walkover for Villa, but the troll man is
actually predicting a bit more of a cagey affair going for under two and a
half goals in this one. And we stick with the Trollman for the next tip we’re
going to feature, and it’s Villa cities rivals Birmingham, who feature in this
tip they’re away at Redding and neither of these signs of made a great start to
the campaign, either only one point in the championship between them. So it’s
probably fair to say that this one is expected to be a close encounter and
again TheTrollmanSha is looking at under two and a half goals, as his
value bet for that match. And the final tip I’m gonna feature, we go to a former
world champion tipster and the current leader of the August tips with them a
competition is Ninca90, he’s picked out a value tip in the match between Wickham
and north hunter now Wickham of League wanna go up against Northampton who are
in Ligue 2 but Ninca90 is looking at the away side as the value pick, and
this one going for Northampton on the no draw no bet market. What do you make of
these tips post your predictions in the comments below,
and if you do place a bet as always please gamble responsibly!

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