Carbot – Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Keywords and New Cards

Hey guys it’s me your best friend!
Welcome back to another Hearthstone Battleground. In this video we’re gonna
talk about Keywords and new unique cards that are only found in Battlegrounds.
First you want to make sure you understand all the Keywords from
standard Hearthstone. Understanding these is key to making your army can work like a well-oiled machine. Okay first up we got Battlecry, an effect that activates
when the card is played from your hand. This only happens the first time the
card is placed onboard. Deathrattle an effect that happens when a minion dies. And then of
course there’s Divine Shield, which absorbs an infinite amount of damage for
the first attack against the minion. So then after that its fine. Poisonous
any minion damaged by a Poisonous minion will die automatically, they’re gone, they’re
dead, And then there’s Reborn, the first time a minion dies it’ll come back to
life with one health remaining. Magnetic combines two Mech minions into one powerful minion with Magnetic. Placing a Magnetic minion to the left of
a Mech merges the two cards together combining their stats and effects. If you
want to keep the minions separate, place it to the right. And last but certainly
not least, Taunt. Enemy minions must attack a minion with Taunt before they
attack a non-Taunt minion. They’re your first line of defense so since Hearthstone Battlegrounds is an
entirely new mode, it’s going to come with entirely new minions. So I’m gonna
tell you about a couple of these new unique cards. Pack Leader gives your
lineup of beasts and an extra punch to overwhelm your opponents. Works great
when upgrading or adding beasts to your army. And then we got Soul Juggler, make
your opponent pay for every Demon that dies.You may want to place it to the right
of your army to keep them alive as long as possible., cuz it’s gonna be good if he
does. Kangor’s Apprentice, you can just keep your army of mechs coming back
again and again again. And if you have Baron Rivendare there as well you’re gonna have even more mechs coming back! Zapp Slywick is the perfect way to
disrupt your opponent’s strategy by attacking their weakest attack minion,
paired with Divine Shield or Poison it’s gonna get real good there. Of course
lots of other minions but you’ll need to discover them yourself by jumping into
the action. In our next video we’ll be discussing upgrading your tavern tier
and triples oh baby be a trip thanks for watching like this video and of course
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39 thoughts on “Carbot – Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Keywords and New Cards

  1. Nice video. Thre is also "Windfury": Double attacks, for the double of fun (only "Zapp Slywick" comes with it and murlocs need "Gentle Megasaur" to discover and buff them) and "Cleave": Because I love you and everyone near you ("Foe Reaper 4000" and "Cave Hydra")

  2. The new keywords in battlegrounds seem very condensed and why didn’t you mention invoke ?

  3. A Thing That I Learn is simple First "Cut The Tree!!!!" Chop Chop~ [Intensif]. (If You Know You Know)

  4. Wait how can you put posion on Zapp, in the video it says that yo can pair it with Divine shield(prob thought the 4 Mana hero power) but hwo can you pair it with poison?

  5. I was playing Battlegrounds just now and made the horrible mistake of getting a notification on my phone.

    If you thought lagging Battlegrounds on Android was bad before, you haven't seen anything yet!

  6. My favorite battlegrounds minions didn't make it in this video sadly.

    Trust in the light, harness your rage.

  7. – They nerf kangor aprentice

    – Also they show her with old stats 1:52

  8. charge minions should attack first no matter where they are
    if there are multiple charge minions. they attack in the standard order then the other minions

  9. what about the keyword "Charge" from "Old Murk-Eye"? It should start your turn by attacking first regardless of the position on the board you are in.

    if you are going to put a keyword that they will not use then remove it, don't be stupid. New players who only enter to play this mode can get confused, and that is your biggest fear as you always say, you fear the player will get confused so In
    the new expansions you remove keywords like "Inspire" or "Eco" still being used in the new set, so that the new players do not get confused. Don't be stupid and be solid with what you say.

  10. Pairing Zapp Slywick with divine shield or poison? How? It's not possible within current parameters of the minion or the game. This is what happens when people don't know what they are promoting. Played 5 games = a PRO.

  11. Is no one gonna talk about how @1:08 that’s a literal Magneton
    Nintendo wants to know your location

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