Casio MW600F Review – 12 DAYS OF CASIO – I Review Crap!

Ho Ho Ho! Hey everybody, Welcome to the “12 Days of Casio”! Let’s open day two… …it’s a red analog watch! Let’s check it out! WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU DEEP FRY
SANTA CLAUS? No idea Watchbot… KRISP KRINGLE Wow, that joke was terrible. Anyhow, there isn’t much to say about this
watch. I bought it used on eBay for $7, not too shabby! It’s a nice watch, and keeps good time. A bit boring however… The battery life claims to be 10 years for
this watch, of course I have no idea how old it is. So I have no idea how much time on the battery is left. According to the back of the watch, it has
a Japanese movement, but was cased in China. The watch is 11mm thick, so it should have
no problem fitting under a long sleeve. One great thing about this watch, is that
the band actually fits me and my huge wrists. Anyhow, here’s the wrist shot. The lume on this watch is OK, not spectacular. Here comes watchbot with the specs! OK, HERE ARE THE SPECS OF THIS WATCH! Thanks watchbot! Well, that’s all I have for today! Only 10 more Casio’s to review! Thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “Casio MW600F Review – 12 DAYS OF CASIO – I Review Crap!

  1. I Review Crap! is actually educational; I added the word heirloom to my English vocabulary and also I had no idea who Kris Kringle was, but now, I even got Watchbot's joke! Haha!

  2. This is so cool to see! My first and primary watch being reviewed! Mind if I rave about it for a minute?

    I am 17 years old, and leaving my junior year of high school in a day, as in next year I will be a senior. I own this very watch, and have owned it since the beginning of 7th grade, or a couple months shy of five years ago! I have used this watch near-exclusively and near-daily ever since the end of eighth grade, over three years ago. Even before that, I would wear it several times a week. In my younger years with it where I was a bit careless with it: back in 9th for example, I literally fell on the watch face with all 160-175 lbs of me onto a parking lot (long story) or how I rolled on a wall a few times when I was 12 years old. I even went a solid nine days with never taking it off (except to shower) when I went to camp at age 15, or when I went to a different camp for five days a year prior and never took it off except to wash as well. Despite all this hardship, this $20 watch has survived all these years with only some scratches on the plastic face, and some wear of the (silicon? rubber?) band. Unfortunately, the band has begun to crack, so I might not be able to use it for much longer, but considering it was the cheapest thing I could find at Kohl's that didn't have Spiderman or a Disney Princess on it, I took it!

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