Clank!: Sunken Treasures Review – with Tom Vasel

and now it’s time for another dice power review with Tom vassal hey folks today we’re taking a look at an expansion for a deck building game that I really enjoy called Clank and the expansion is sunken treasures now they just announced it a bit ago and I was pretty pumped about it because I really liked Clank Clank is a really intriguing game where you are it’s a death building game but you’re going into a dungeon well this one said hey you’re going to go into a dungeon with water in it okay that’s neat what is exactly in this expansion well this expansion is one of those expansions I say is more stuff not a ton of things are in this expansion it’s pretty small you can easily get rid of the box and put everything in the main box although you’ll have to get rid of the insert so that will be like a tough call whether you want to do that or not but this is an another map and two more cards let me show you [Music] the first thing the expansion adds is a new board and this is really the main part of the expansion you’ll notice that there are parts of the board that are underwater and so you’ll see these different spots under water now if you are underwater at the beginning of your turn and at some point during your turn you don’t come above water then you’re going to take a damage so that’s kind of like a thing it’s like hey you can go through water and export but you’ll take a damage another thing is you’ll notice that there are some spots here which cost an extra movement to go through them like normal except if you have some equipment that lets you go through there’s a new piece of equipment that you can buy at the store which will let you go through those without having to worry about that extra movement the diving helmet not to mention the diving helmet also means you don’t have to come up for air during your turn it kind of gives me that SuperMario feeling when he’s in a water level now by the way my board here we tried to bend it in the position and for some reason it snapped I don’t know if this indication of the quality of the boarder if we just were too crazy when we bent it backwards but here’s the other side and I really like this site because I really like the pirate-ship motif here that’s on an island and it’s become a dungeon and you’ll see the dungeon here tour all this water down here now there are different other things that will show up you’ll notice that there’s some spots here that when you move along these paths there is now Clank going to be showing up in those areas so when you move here you’re going to have to your get crank to move on different pathways there’s also you’ll see that there’s a market here will this set now come with a market board so instead of having to put the market stuff on the different market spaces you simply just put it on the market board which shows you the cost of it and I said there’s two new pieces of equipment that come with this and they’re really only useful on these boards you would never buy it on the original boards so we’ll take a look at the cards first of all there is the goldfish’s of the card that’s out all the time you can see it’s always out just like the the Goblin that you’re always beating up on and this one is much harder to beat up up to three and you can only beat it in a flooded room but it does make for the rooms again more yeah tempting to go into because you know you can go to a forty room beat a goldfish and get three gold that’s pretty good and I like that again I get that water kind of an extra incentive to get into it the there’s other monsters too a crystal fish which is like a smaller goldfish sorry in here who when he gives a lot of money when you defeat him the I and the water which you can get money or lose to Clank the sorcerer who when you beat him you get a secret tome but you can only fight him in the depths there’s also more stuff to get many of the cards will now have an opportunity to discard something so here for example you can discard a card to get an extra movement here when this one is discarded you get two extra movement the shortcuts is actually pretty neat and when you buy this card you get to move right away when you buy this card you get money and it gives much to money and it’s worth 7 points if you have three market items so this is can be if someone’s going that route of money and buying market items this gives you some strategy that one and there’s some pretty basic stuff like here draw card discard a card to discard 3 cards to draw 5 there’s a bunch of pearls in this set where you can discard them to get more cards in there worth various amounts a point at the end the boomerang is a fun card because when you discard it it goes back in your hand which is neat the coin purse this one’s worth 2 when you discard it it’s worth 5 that’s a pretty neat thing and when you buy it 3 just money all over the place here this one is that like a cheaper teleport only cost 2 however you gives you Clank every time you use it this is one of my favorite cards just because I like the the choosing between it you can lose to Clank or move one or one for a cost of one that’s a great card there’s also more companions in this game and these companions are going to allow you to do different things sometimes working together with other companions like here if you have another one draw another card some of them this one here works with secret tomes which is useful this Merlin is fun just because there are one one one which is nice but mermaids really powerful because when you use it you basically have that scuba equipment so you’re able to move through the water thing so she could be very handy in a tree a medic heals you a lot of people are going to want that one here’s another one one one companion plus you draw a card that’s a great thing and then there’s a couple devices here where you can move the dragon marker up or down so you try it you know if you’re out getting close to being either dungeon you might want to make it go up if you’re at the beach you know you’re done in the depths it’s a way to keep it down and here’s another way to teleport there’s also a few different tokens that are included with the game this one the major secret itself is pretty interesting because it’s a move heal and attack potion so that’s kind of neat and that’s pretty much everything any expansion now this is really easy like I said to just throw in you can throw all the cards into your deck there’s a few of the cards that if let’s say you’re using the original board like the mermaid and a fish that won’t work if there’s not flood at room so you can take those out if you look carefully at the cards themselves you’ll notice there’s a watermark right there and you can just pull all those out although I would just leave them in you know if you can’t use it in a flooded room whatever or when it comes up in a deck you can chuck it it’s not that big of a deal but what I do like about this set is the fact that everything just kind of fits in it’s just throwing together the main focus here is the board you really don’t get a lot of cards and you get a few tokens and you get that in the market board okay that’s all nice and the new cards are cool but those new boards right because if you get this you now have four different boards to go into and I really like the water boards a lot I like that going into water realizing you might take a few hit points from being in the water which just might be enough to push you over the edge but the treasures that can be found down there are really cool the rooms down there are much better there’s rooms now when you go into them you heal a hip point and stuff I like both these boards better than the original two boards but not so much better that it’s like I’ll never play the original ones again you know but it does give me more options so this is not some fantastic game changing thing and that’s good it’s just on two more boards and some more cards easy to play into you could teach someone who’s never played Clank before with this and they would never know the difference that I really do enjoy so if you like plank a lot well then this is a no brainer for you sunken treasures diced our judgment excellent thanks so much for watching the die power video find more great videos and reviews as well as our top rated audio podcast at dice power calm you can also find other great shows at sites our I’m Eric summer and you’ve been watching tonight’s our the dice tower is sponsored by cool stuff Inc or you can find great games for great prices cool sub in stocks check them out at cool stuff thanks [Music]

22 thoughts on “Clank!: Sunken Treasures Review – with Tom Vasel

  1. Bashing the box…I like it more than the component smash.  I look to combine expansions in the original box when possible, so I dump the expansion boxes anyway.

  2. FYI for anyone thinking of getting this: the split board is a manufacturing flaw that is happening to lots of people, not just Tom. Renegade has promised to replace the boards.

  3. I'm posting this for visibility.

    As a big Clank! fan it pains me to say this, but it looks like renegade have started to cut corners with their products. The new expansion has terrible production quality. The cards seem thinner, their backs are different colour (come on guys), and the board can easily rip and fray. There have already been accounts of the expansion board being torn in two straight from the factory.

    I just read an email where they denied any responsibly and basically told the recipient to spend $20+ opaque sleeves. Absolutely not cool Renegade.

  4. How in the hell do you have a CRYSTAL CAVE INSIDE A PIRATE SHIP… LOL WTH

  5. a guy with no respect for game components or boxes being a reviewer..

  6. Now, every time I see an expansion review, I know the box won't survive the video :p

  7. This is a fantastic expansion but it would have been even greater with a different monster as well, they could have subbed out the dragon for a kraken with different effects !

  8. For those of you worried about the board quality, an explanation and solution to the board tearing:

  9. Im going to combine this with in space.

    Clank In space
    Gold and silk
    Sunken treasures (just for the new cards)

  10. Take a drink every time Tom says whoader 😉 love ya Tom. Great review as always

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