Clash Royale: APRIL UPDATE! 🏆 Trophy Road 💥 New Card ⚔️ New Game Modes 👊 TV Royale!

Welcome back, Clash Royale fans
from around the globe!
I’m Seth here with Drew,
talking about a bunch of new features:
new card, new game modes, and more.
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and here’s the update!
Welcome to Trophy Road,
a new progression system
for ladder play in Clash Royale.
What we’ve done is,
you still have the arenas
where you unlock cards along the way,
like Goblin Stadium, unchanged.
But the difference is,
instead of waiting till 300 trophies
to get better chests and more rewards,
you’ll pick up the rewards along the way,
and still be rewarded
when you hit a new arena.
There’s prizes in every arena,
but they get a bit higher
as you reach better arenas,
getting better rewards as you progress.
Let’s take a look.
Goblin Stadium, up to 300 trophies,
will have a couple
of these sweet reward bars
that we legally can’t call chocolates
like we’ve been calling them.
But at each segment of 50 trophies,
you’ll get a different reward.
This may be chests, cards, gold, gems,
Trade Tokens and more.
Early on, you’ll get to pick
between cards in your current arena.
Starting off with level 1 Commons,
being able to jump fast to level 3
allows you to build the deck
you’d like with the cards you want.
It’s good for the Epics early on.
The Trophy Road isn’t just
for new players,
and it isn’t just
for the first few arenas.
Actually, it goes
all the way to the top, baby!
Players who reach 4000 trophies
will get multiple guaranteed Legendaries,
including a Legendary King’s Chest,
right before you hit 4000 trophies.
It’ll give you a nice boost just
before you get to the 4000+ trophies,
which is where the season starts
and stuff gets cool.
That’s not all! We heard
that you liked the Chest Speed Up Boost.
So, every time you reach
a new arena or league,
you’ll get a 24 hour Chest Speed Up Boost
and these can stack.
So, if you’re bursting through
early arenas,
or at the season start, moving back up
to where you were,
you’ll keep getting and stacking up
these Chest Speed Up Boosts,
making ladder even more lucrative.
One of the big changes,
as we move into the leagues,
is that 4000+ will be much easier
for players to advance.
So many players are getting stuck
between 4000 and 4500
that we’ve introduced something
to prevent you from losing trophies.
Why don’t you tell us
about Trophy Floors?
Yes, Trophy Floors, maybe a name
that is pending,
but we like it, so we might keep it.
Each arena you reach
will be your new Trophy Floor,
and you cannot
drop below those trophies.
For example, you hit 4000,
you’re super stoked,
and love being in a Legendary Arena,
then you lose a match or two,
and you’re down.
This prevents that.
Every arena you hit,
you get a safety net to let you
comfortably, confidently
switch your deck, try new cards,
and you won’t drop
to the previous Arena.
You’ll be gaining much more trophies
during a season than you used to.
If your previous Trophy High
was 4800 trophies,
you play the same amount,
you’ll end up with more trophies.
Also, each time the season resets,
you can claim these rewards again.
You’ll be able to climb back up
through the ranks,
gain rewards and new stuff.
And if you’re worried:
“Wait! I’m already at 4000 trophies,
will I get the Trophy Road rewards?”
Of course! Who are you talking to?
You’ll get everything, from zero
to whatever your trophy count is,
all at once, so enjoy
this massive burst of rewards
for being a longtime, loyal player.
And if you, maybe, are coming back
to Clash Royale, don’t worry:
You’ll still get the same rewards
as everybody else.
It’s really good for returning,
existing and new players.
We want to make ladder
a fun place to be.
Important note, though:
the Season Draft Chest is going away.
The Draft Chest from the end
of the Season will disappear.
However, all the rewards
in the Trophy Road above 4000 trophies
are much more than
what the Draft Chest gave you.
I think it’s twice as much or more.
A new game mode
is coming to Clash Royale.
It’ll be called Elixir Rush.
This is a new game mode,
and Seth will tell you all about it.
We’ve been experimenting with more ways
for players to get Elixir advantages
on their opponent.
We think that the best moments
of Clash Royale are
when you have the advantage
and you can push for victory.
Two new mechanics will be
in the Elixir Rush game mode.
First, there’ll be
Elixir Droplets on the bridge.
The first troop to walk over
that Elixir Droplet
will collect it for that player.
They appear on the bridge
every 30 seconds or so,
so you need to consistently
control the middle
in order to get the droplets.
It’ll be a lot harder
for players to be defensive:
You’re missing the Elixir advantage
by not being aggressive at the bridge.
A neutral Elixir Collector
will appear in the middle.
It’s an Elixir Storage
from Clash of Clans.
You’ll see it appear in the center
every once in a while.
It has two health bars: one for
the red player, one for the blue.
The first player to destroy the storage
will get two Elixir immediately.
These things will also generate faster
in Double and Triple Elixir mode.
If you see Elixir Rush,
and it gets into overtime,
the droplets will spawn faster
when the Collector comes back.
We have another new game mode coming:
It’ll be called Mega Deck.
It lets you build a deck with 18 cards.
The players wanted to use
a wider selection of cards.
So, we started testing with bigger decks.
10, 12, 16 and settled on 18 cards
for a Mega Deck.
It’s a lot of fun to play,
because you can’t rely on the right card
at the exact right moment.
You need to know
how to use a wide range of cards
in many different situations.
You can’t do, “Okay, cool!
I just used my Hog,
time to cycle back through 17 cards!”
You want to think more
about your deck-building skills,
and what your opponent’s playing,
because you can’t simply guess
what cards they’ll be using.
There are no archetypes to follow now.
– I’m sure there will be.
– In the future.
– That’s for you to figure out.
– It’s the first time we do this.
It’ll be a super fresh way
to play Clash Royale and have fun.
You’ll probably play four or five spells
in your Mega Deck,
maybe multiple cards
that attack buildings.
It’s interesting
to play with different strategies
and combinations in a single game.
Also, we added a really handy little
Randomize Deck button.
If you just want to try some new decks,
we’ve got you covered, bro.
Pow! Press the button,
and we’ll randomly generate a deck
so you don’t need to think too much.
We have a new Dragon Egg mode.
Working title by the way, terrible name.
In this mode,
players will fight to control an egg
in the middle of the arena.
Both players can attack it.
The first player to destroy it
gets a random dragon
out of the egg,
in the middle, on their side.
It’s extra good
if you can spawn the Inferno Dragon
and they don’t have an answer for it.
Burn down the Tower all by himself.
If you thought we were done
releasing new cards, you were wrong.
A new card is coming out
with this April Update,
and it’s a familiar spell
to Clash of Clans players.
It’s called Earthquake.
It’s three cost, rare,
in between your Zaps and Logs,
cheaper than the Fireballs and Poison.
It’s specifically meant to be a counter
to ground troops and buildings.
It won’t even affect air troops,
because they’re flying
above the earthquake.
Troops will get slowed and damaged,
but when it hits a building,
Earthquake really comes to its own
and does a 400 percent damage
than it does to a troop.
You can really use this to take out
stuff like Furnaces and Barb House.
Elixir Collector decks will be
on shaky ground against Earthquake,
because it deals almost all of the damage
to an Elixir Collector,
only allowing a little bit of Elixir
to be pumped. Great counter.
We want to introduce more hard counters
to cards like Furnace
and Elixir Collector,
providing more deck building options
to you sneaky strategists out there.
We have four new Star Levels coming.
Knight, Goblin Hut, Balloon
get to tier three,
but the big one is Rocket.
– Rocket’s my favorite.
– It’s my favorite too.
We’ve got the Goblin
riding the Rocket the whole way down.
Never do that again. That’s disgusting.
It’s a cinema classic, Drew.
I just remember it from The Simpsons
because I’m a millennial.
I’m 80 years old.
It’s not the only thing getting prettier.
We’ve heard that you want to know
which emotes are exclusive.
Starting with this update, emotes
that are only earned through challenges
and other exclusive prizes,
those that never appear in the Shop
will have a legendary glow around them.
So you can show off
your accomplishments a little better.
– Flex your emotes.
– Let them know that you’re better.
For you Esport fans out there,
Clash Royale League is returning,
and to make keeping up to date
with the matches easier
we’ve got a new live
flashing indicator thing
in the main menu, as you can see.
It’ll alert you
when there’s a game going on
and you just tap the button
and pow! You’re watching the game.
But it’s not just for CRL.
You’ll also get to catch
other major Clash Royale Esports events
that will be linked into the Esports tab
under News Royale.
Stay tuned and we’re really excited
to see how CRL 2019 turns out.
That’ll do it for this TV Royale
on the upcoming April Update.
It’s a huge update
with a bunch of changes
that we didn’t get a chance
to cover in this video,
but the main focus is the complete rework
to the ladder progression.
Update your game.
Enjoy the cool rewards
of the Trophy Road as soon as you log in,
and if you haven’t played your way
through the Trophy Road, good luck.
We tried a new format today,
a bit of Let’s Play vibe going on.
Let us know
if you liked it or not, in the comments.
And remember to subscribe to our channel!
And we’ll see you soon.
I don’t know why I did that.
King will have his cuckoo clock
and you click on it. Everyone’s happy.
Bye. See you.

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