Clash Royale: NEW CARD – ELIXIR GOLEM! 👊 Season 4 Animation Reveal 🎃

This is the best Halloween ever.
Nothing could spoil this.
Uh-oh. Meteor.
I’m sorry… what?
I don’t speak Golem.
Does anyone here speak…
Now, this is the best Halloween ever.

100 thoughts on “Clash Royale: NEW CARD – ELIXIR GOLEM! 👊 Season 4 Animation Reveal 🎃

  1. The only one thing I ever ask will be
    seriously I want to use red tower !!!

  2. it's been like two years since it was teased

    btw does this mean we might finally get the Trap

  3. Por favor concerte á nova atualização que tem muita gente bugando ganhando sem merecer o eligir tá ciclando rápido e agente não tem reação pedir uma torre de imediato isso não pode acontecer tem q ser igualmente

  4. Me: Deletes Clash Royale
    One day later
    im serious

  5. PETITION TO FIX RIGGED MATCHMAKING: Like the comment, OR reply to this comment by saying i.

  6. Question if you delete clash royale or clash of clans and install it again does it have your progress still in it

  7. Electro Wizard: Nothing can spoil this!!!

    Meteor: I'm about to end this man's whole career!

  8. It’s funny how this card got leaked like what two years ago and then they finally added it lol

  9. Has anyone predicted about the "Elixir Monster" concept from Havoc Gaming's video?

  10. I started a second clan called Elite clashers2 feel free to join promotions are available

  11. Падает метеор наносит урон как мегарыцарь и идет хуярить

  12. И так у нас есть обычный голем,зимний голем,а теперь еще и элексирный

  13. What the Elixar Golem is trying to say: Prepare to get rekt
    Red King: I’m sorry what?
    Elixar Golem translates: I say pre-
    Red King: I’m sorry, I don’t speak Golem. Does anyone here speak Gol-
    Elixar Golem have enough of trying to say it so he just rekt Red King straight away

  14. How about a elixir meteor,when it hits a tower or land,it spawns a elixir golem

  15. How many of you seen the meme of this?
    Golem: you stupid
    King: no I'm not
    Golem: what's 9+10?
    Golem:(smashes castle)

  16. can you fix this that when i open your game it just kicks me out if you see this comment put a heart i subscribe and i hit the bell and please say my account is not deleted username: exetreme1234567

  17. Hey, maybe you should fix the glaring issues with the playability of your game instead of adding a new card. Just a thought.

  18. This card is the worst card/idea ever put in the game. Literally giving opponent elixir ok.

  19. I bet the Elixir Golem can beat the normal Golem is it true can kennel lixir Goblin Play Gold on the Golem like-minded like in clash of clans of clash Royale Elixir Goblin like big as a castle or maybe bigger

  20. the only reason I like this is because. We see electro wizard speak words without static

  21. Sorry but your twin brother got crushed by a golem Red king

  22. This card sucks lmao why would I use it so my opponent can get elixir by it??😂😂

  23. And that is why you need to keep a golem at your side
    Just incase you need hem

  24. (__/)
    Ufff esta comida me ha sentado mal la quieres?
    ( >🥪
    Cuesta un like
    ( * *)
    No he visto tu like
    ( * *)
    Aqui tienes tu postre !Que aproveche!
    ( * *)
    Como veo tienes examen eh?
    ( * *)
    Pues estudia no puedo ayudarte estoy jugando al bádminton. 🙁

  25. My elixir golem deck went undefeated in the challenge, I only won 7 straight instead of 9 because 2 were with the original version of my deck. In 7 games with it I got 17 crowns and only gave up 1. It was elixir golem, DOUBLE WITCH, but i will not give the rest of the deck until after the challenge to get the elixir golem is over.

  26. I saw this in havocgaming video of cards that were soppose to be added but diddn't

  27. the red king is the voice of eggman from sonic boom. and know, I'm just thinking of eggman saying "I'm sorry, I don't speak golem.".

  28. I don't play Clash Royale anymore,
    But they surely took a hell lot of time to release this card
    I still remember when this card was teased when 2v2 came out.😂😂

  29. Fix the war plz new players don't stand a chance with their low level troops & tower.

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