Coal Baron: The Great Card Game Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today righto runs through glue cows dust grouse a carton spiel or as it’s known English coal barons the great card game and it’s a great card game well I’m gonna try and show you today in this two-player run through and wrap the bat I will definitely confirm it is great in terms of its table size this thing is a devourer of tables it is huge it is great you might say but I’ll talk about the size let’s talk about the game play so I’m gonna be playing a two-player game today I am the white player Jen is the blue player in a two-player game everyone no matter our number player barely starts with the deck of worker cards and a two-player game some of them are removed your level 4 and your level 5 worker cards are removed and also we increase the number of rounds from 5 to 7 the games a little bit longer but we don’t have quite as strong a workforce but otherwise the game plays the same at any player account and it’s part of setup we put out all these piles of cards which must be thoroughly shuffled this is a set collection game so gosh shuffle these cards up and we are now left with a world with possibilities in front of us all this coal that we can dig out of the earth and then load onto these train cars which will be pulled by these engines to parts unknown to complete contracts with different companies but hey if you’re investing in companies by doing contract with them why not get some shares in those companies so you can score more points or make some technological breakthroughs or get some some other objectives that will make you chase other points going opportunities and then of course over here there are core actions we can do these cards represent the core actions of pulling coal out of the earth and putting it on cars that’s another thing in a with more players there would be another one of these cards as well but we take one of the action cards out and right so we’re all set up we’re ready to go I am the first player how does the game play well on your turn super simple you take a worker card and you apply it to any one of these stacks of cards to do whatever that is this is a worker placement game where your workers come in the form of cards I am the first player and looking around at all the stuff that is available to me in this random setup there this is very valuable this is a train car that is a wild cards as you notice it’s got all four symbols this car only has one symbol the you know the blue castle which means you can only load coal that has the blue castle symbol on so this coal could get loaded onto this car this car has all four symbols so any color of coal can be loaded so this is very useful to have that kind of a wild card so I think I want to grab that since one the first player might take advantage of going first I’m gonna take a worker and put it up here which means I’m activating this deck of cards which means I take the top card off the deck and and in doing that I reveal hey there’s another car down here which is so now we’ve got a normal car that has a single symbol on it which isn’t quite as good as you know these really powerful cars anyway so now I’m gonna take this car and start building one of my three rail lines I can put it here here or here because I can have up to three trains that I am loading up ready to complete contracts over the course of the game and because I got the wild card one I can put it on any of the lines if I’ve gotten this one instead that has this the the red is that a fox I think I means I could only put it down here because here’s the only place where there’s a symbol for the Fox um so this wild card means I can put in any place and what the heck looking around I think I will put this card here on my middle line and so I now have a train that I could load coal onto but I’ve got to collect the coal first and then I’ve got to use a loading action to load the coal onto this train but I also this train needs an engine or else that coals not gonna go anywhere say what that was my first turn I’ve started to build a train yay now it’s Jens turn now she has the exact same starting hand as me which is was it’s five ones I think yeah two twos and a three and if we were playing with more players we’d also have a four and a five but in a two-player game those got removed so Jen is now gonna take a card and put a worker to work as well and like me she’s probably gonna take one of these single workers and put them someplace the only place she cannot put this worker is over here because I’ve already gone here if Jen wanted to get this particular car because there’s a one here Jen would have to come with a 2 a 2 card and then Jen could grab this card and then later on if she want to get underneath it she could come here with a three you know one two three hence she could get whatever underneath there so once the space has been taken other players can go there but they have to send more workers than have gone before and by the way when you’re going you can’t say hey you know what this is a really good thing I’m gonna send a to over here you have to count up sequentially so first you have to put a 1 and then the whatever card is underneath here has to be gone with the 2 and then a 3 and so on so you’re kind of restricted by what you can do anyway so what is Jim gonna do well um she’s sure they’re not gonna go here because it’s not like this car is particularly awesome in any way shape or form she came over here to get her own car so you come over here to get a train engine him over here to get a contract because it doesn’t do any good to get coal and loaded on the cars if you don’t have a contract mmm just see she could come over here and get a special power you know I know Jen she loves technology she’s gonna send a worker over here and take this special power and now this is like you know some kind of automation and what this means is Jen has basically two used one worker to get um this is a upgraded worker that can be used for value 1 2 3 or 4 so this will give Jen a lot more flexibility later in the game alright so and this goes into her hand of worker she could use this on her next turn instead of one of her regular workers and again because as you can see you know if somebody else wants to come here now I have to come here with the – Jen can use this as a 1 2 3 4 it’s awesome anyway so Jen went on grab that now it’s my turn again I’ve still got some guys and you know what so if I want this technology card which is a bonus action if I have this card I send a worker off to do something and I can play a bonus card to do a bonus action on my time which is pretty cool but I’m not gonna worry about that / – because I’d have to use a level 2 worker to come to this space and Stan’s already been there I’m gonna send a level 1 worker over here and get myself another train car and now this one is more restricted it you know has the the the rook I guess which means it can’t come here it can’t come here it can only come onto this line and that is why I decided to put my wild card here because I knew I was gonna try and grab this and it could only go on this line so now I’ve got a line with two train cars on it I could load two – two bundles of coal to get ready to ship off alright so that was my next turn and I’ve revealed another rook alright so now it’s Jens turn again and if she wants to get some trains she’s gonna have to start paying more workers to get there cuz I’ve kind of monopolizing but you know what Jen is gonna do I think Jen ooh oh yeah Jen is gonna make a bit of a saucy move she’s gonna send a single worker over here she’s gonna be the first to actually mine some coal in this coal mine she could put over here to get this double yellow which means it has to be loaded onto a train that has a yellow icon like say my wild card now so Jen grabbed this she’d be a bit worried about being able to load it because no yellow train cars have come out yet so that’s kind of a problem but Jen’s not gonna come here she’s gonna come here and get this coal because first of all this coal is worth 2 points at the end of the game if you get shipped off and it needs the rook so Jen knows I want to take this because hey I’ve got a car that requires rooks so Jen’s gonna take this and then she’s hoping later on to get this train because she’ll be able to put this rook coal onto this rook train so jen has just mined some coal and it gets put over here in this slot waiting to be loaded onto a train although Jen doesn’t have any trains yet so that was her turn now it is my turn again and I’m like ah she beat me to it I would have totally snagged that so I could have loaded it onto this car but now it’s gone so I could come over here and get this one which is worth 2 points because it can go onto my wild card car or I could get this one which isn’t worth points but it counts as two bundles of coal instead of one and it could also go onto my wild card car or I could come over here and get a contract I could see here I could get an engine my car is gonna need an engine hmm I see I came over here and give myself an objective so many options so many options and but right now if I come here here here or here I have to use a level 2 worker or alternatively instead of using a level 2 worker to come here I could use 2 level 1 workers because that would count as a level 2 worker also um where do I want to go you know uh my train needs an engine let’s go on ahead and come over here with the one and get myself a big blue engine and put it right here at the end I could put this on a different I can put this over here and then later on expand this train by putting cars but I’m just gonna try and get this car complete so this is now a complete train it’s got to put a two lorries that I could put coal onto and an engine but I still need to get coal and I still need to get a contract as well and so I took that with a level one now it’s Jens turn again okay uh right and so remember Jen wants this car so she is gonna be the first she’ll play a level two to build off mine and get this car this car can only go on this line because there’s no rooks here or here so now Jen is gonna be able to put this coal later on onto this car which is gonna be worth two points once it gets shipped off but she still needs an engine she still needs a contract all right so my turn again now where am I gonna go all right and so in doing that I Jen is just revealed a green car which I could a greener and sing cuz they can go on this line or this line there are a little bit more valuable because you have a little bit more flexibility hmm I see here but I do need some coal as well to load up um so where am I gonna go I think I am you know what I’m gonna come over here and give myself an objective card this card means at the end of the game I get two points for every stock certificate in this company that’s represented by this symbol um so I right now the stock certificates out here is the company that’s represented by the steam liner I need to get stock certificates that are represented by this and so this is gonna be something I’m gonna be working on for the rest game this stays face-up everybody knows this is a goal I’ve got to try to get stock certificates that are like this although stock certificate is now it right now I just want to ended that because hey nobody else in come here and I was able to use a level one worker because we’re running out of places to put level one workers there’s here and these spaces so anyway so I grabbed an objective and now I’ve got something I’m shooting for for the rest of the game now it is Jen’s turn again and let’s see here does she you want to let that she’s gonna come over here she’s gonna give herself a contract she now has a contract to ship a single coal to this Factory well this smokestack Factory we call it which will score her three points and this is the easiest contracts only worth three points contracts can be worth up to ten points if it’s a contract for for coal but this is a contract for one so Jen’s got this she keeps this in her hand waiting to use it later on all right and now it’s some high turn again and I see so I’m almost out of ones and I’m getting into twos and threes but that’s okay because hey – go – come over here I would need to use a three – come over here I need to use it – so where am I gonna go now I’ve got a big old train and nothing to fill it up with let’s go on ahead and use my last number one to grab now this coal isn’t worth any points cuz it’s a double butt Wow and look at that alright yeah that’s pretty cool we’re gonna put that here and later on I will load this double onto my wild card because again the symbols match and the nice thing is I just reveal the double rook which means I can put the double rook on this which is perfect as absolutely what I want okay nice so there we go with that now it is Jen’s turn and don’t forget Jen’s got this one I mean this guy that can count isn’t one two three or four so she has a lot more flexibility about what she wants to go she has this contract she still got some ones in a two and a three and I think Jen is gonna be yeah Jen is gonna be the first to come over to this space this is a very very cool space although every other space the first time you ever had to go to it it required a one because you were the first player to go this space over here you can see there’s already a one so the first player to come here has to come here with the two and then afterwards somebody else could follow with a 3 and then a 4 and then a 5 and so on anyway so Jen’s coming here the action of this space is pick any stack of cards you want draw 4 cards and keep one so that’s actually very very cool because it gives you I mean you’re not just limited to what you see on the top of these stacks you can dig deeper and get you know something that you really really want which is what Jen’s gonna do I think Jen is if she could pick any she’s gonna pick the train stack instead of just being stuck with this yellow train she’s gonna draw four and I see here’s what she’s hoping if she draws four she’ll find a green train because then if she picks up this objective this is two points for every green train over the rest of the game um hmm but I mean if she doesn’t find green this just finds her who knows I mean then that’s kind of a waste of being able to draw four maybe she should maybe heck see if you come down here and draw four objective cards maybe she’ll take this one that’s on the top or maybe she’ll take one that works a little bit better for what she’s thinking she’s gonna do or I see this is interesting because she now has a contract with this particular Factory right here she wants to get shares in this factory stock so she could draw four stock certificates because she doesn’t want this one because she’s not alive she doesn’t have a contract with the steamship company so she draws four here and finds this symbol she’ll be very happy yeah I think she was gonna go for the Train but she’s a little bit nervous if she doesn’t find the green then this isn’t gonna work out she does have a vested interest in trying to find a stock certificate in this company so I think she’s gonna draw four and boom she found it two three four all right now she’s revealed this one she’s gonna take one of the ones she drew keep it for herself and then put the others at the bottom of the deck because she is already doing business with this company she is very happy that she found a stock certificate in that company now that stays face-up everybody knows that jen has a certificate she has an investment in that company these other cards you can order them however you want and then they go to the bottom of the deck so Jen’s pretty happy with that she took a bit of a gamble drew for and got exactly what she needed because this means at the end of the game for every completed contract you’ve got with the company you can match that to one stock certificate and basically get three more points so there we go so Jen’s pretty happy with that now it is my turn again I’m starting to run out of workers here folks where am I gonna go um and by the way I have no ones so I cannot send a worker here here or here because I would need to have a one but I’ve used all my ones elsewhere I’ve got twos and threes so I can put twos on a lot of places heck I could even put this three someplace but I cannot put a one down because I’ve used all my ones so all of these actions are dead to me now so what am I gonna do well you know what I think I’m gonna take my three and I’m gonna do the same thing as Jen I’m gonna pick a stack I’m gonna draw four cards and I’m gonna pick one of them so now what stack do I want let’s see here well I know I want stock certificates that are representing this company that means I also want contracts with this company as well although actually look at this oh hey yeah hold on a second I’m gonna wait on a second I’m not gonna do this right now said I’m gonna take this number two I’m gonna bring it over here because there was a one and now I put a two and I’m gonna get a contract with this company which happens to be the company that I have a vested interest in finding stock certificates for so yeah it’s all coming together I’m sitting I’m really investing heavily in this company all right so that was my action and then later on I’ll come over here and I’ll try to actually get a stock certificate that matches that company all right so that was my turn Jen’s turn again and she’s running out of workers so what is she gonna do right oh she still needs an engine Jen needs an engine um because she’d like to load this coal onto this train and complete this contract but to do it she needs an engine here’s the problem Jen does not have a level two she has a 1 a 3 and a 1 you need a level 2 to come here because I’ve already come here now Jen could use her wildcard guy but she wants to save him so instead Joe OH so Jen could send a 1 and a 1 that counts as a 2 and Jen could get an engine on to here so that she could ship this stuff off but here’s the problem this is the ship stuff off action and for Jen to be able to trigger this action she would need a 1 because nobody’s come here yet and it’s over here she just gave up all her ones so if she wants to ship stuff off this turn again she could use her wild card guy but that’s hugely wasteful she should use him for when she needs a 4 or something like that so Jen was originally planning on getting an engine loading it up and shipping off this turn to Joe before the first of seven ships was up but because of her workers I don’t think that makes much sense for her now so instead I think Jen’s gonna wait next in the second shift she’ll get an engine instead she’s gonna come over here and use one of her remaining ones to come to a lot now she come over here this would give her two or three loading actions that she would have to spend but instead she’s gonna come over here which gives her zero or one loading action a loading action means for every loading action you’ve got you move one bunch of coal onto a train this requires one action because there’s one this would require two actions because there’s two on it so Jen’s gonna spend one action and load this coal onto the strain and she can do that because the symbols match alright so Jen now has a train loaded up ready to go but she still needs an engine for it to take off she’s got the contract in mind says this contract or this company only needs one she just needs an engine now alright but she can’t get an engine because she can’t send a three here she can’t send a one here and she doesn’t want to use her special worker all right anyway so she’ll she’ll do that next on my turn I’m down to a two and a three which is really starting to limit what I can do um let’s see here now what did I do I’ve totally forgotten all right got the contract right okay I was gonna use this three now I’m gonna do the draw four and pick one and I would like a stock certificate that matches this company because I get bonus points for every stock certificate that matches that company so let’s draw for show me show me there it is baby oh yeah all right I got what I needed uh-oh I was those are scary if I hadn’t found it you know and I might not have got anything and then I’d have a stock certificate in the company I didn’t care about but I got it so I keep this public for everybody to know and this stock certificate is worth two points to me at the end of the game because of my objective these ones then go to the bottom of the deck alright and we’ve got another steamship company on the top of the deck all right Jen she is her turn now now she wanted she could spend this three plus a 1/2 to basically be four so she could do that super action again hmm a single one by itself can’t go anyplace else she could come here but this is the action where she would actually use her contract and a completed train to go but she doesn’t have a completed train yet so she can’t do this action she can’t do this action because she has no coal to load and a single one can’t go anywhere else so I think yeah Jen is gonna do a four so this once again by combining these two she can draw from a deck and get what she needs and remember she was talking about this earlier think about it early I think she’s gonna do it now she’s gonna draw from the Train hope to get a green because then that means later on she’ll try to get this objective for green trains one it’s a yellow a black a yellow and a black ah alright well alright so Jen doesn’t really care if any of these had been green she would have taken it because then later on she tried to get this which mean green truck our cars are worth points to her well that she’ll take a black and she’ll put it at the end of this train and then the other ones go to the bottom of the deck alright and now the reason she took a black train is because there is another black train on the top of the deck and if you can when you are getting trained c-can’t you can have up to three trains being built on the go you want to match the color of the train if at all possible although if you have an objective you want to match that objective color but as it worked out so anyway so Jen’s thinking hey later on she can get another black train because if you have multiple trains of the same color you can trigger them all with a single action so you’ve become more efficient alright see what so that was Jen’s turn it’s my turn I’ve got this – this is my last worker and I can’t put him here here but I could put him anyplace where there’s a one so I could put him here which would give me oh oh if I put him here this would give me the opportunity to load zero or one coal but that’s horse and so I took this double I need two actions so I need to come over here but I can’t come over here because there’s no one for me to build on so I can’t load my coal this turn alright I could get another objective which means I would want green trains I could get this which gives me a special power I could get it no I can’t come here because there’s no one I could come over here to get another train I could come over here to get more coal I could come so those are my options because I can’t come over here because I would need a five over here no I yeah I need a five but I – or – or – so where am I gonna go I do need more coal yeah you know what I’m gonna take this because I’ve got this the blue rook car here is a double for blue rook so there we go so that means with two cars I can get four coal on them now that’s not a big deal this contract I have only needs to deliver to coal but there are contracts where ten points that require you to deliver for coal so in the future I’m gonna want to go digging for one of those big heavy for coal contracts and then load all these up and with one train get a big ten point contract anyway so that was that and then Jen she’s got a work she could use this she doesn’t have to and I think she’s gonna save this right now so she’s gonna pass Jen is the first to pass which means and you can pass whenever you want whenever you get to the point where you don’t have workers that you can or want to use anymore you can stop and you’re out for the rest of the shift jen is out and well you know so am i we’ve finished the first shift and now the thing one thing that happens at the end of the shift is whoever is the last player to come to this action which is Jen I would have liked to have come here but I couldn’t remember for reason I just explained so where was the last player takes the shift token and is gonna score one point at the end of the game Plus whoever takes that is gonna be the first player in the next round and so that’s it we’ve just finished the first shift we’re moving on to the second shift Jen is the first so now we take all our workers back D and C here which is much easier with two hands you might imagine of course when you’re playing with more players everybody just kind of splits up the duty everybody grabs a bunch of cards and sorts them out so we get all our workers back we are now moving on to the second shift and that’s it Jen is now the first player she can go to any of these places and get first dibs on stuff so if you’d like to see that watch another shifter – so you can start watching um yo Jen actually ship some coal off and whatnot you get it though I in the top-right corner screen you go the extended play through or you can go to final thoughts and here with Jen I thought game and here us compare it to its Big Brother glue cows the original board game so either way you hit that I on the top my car screen and make a choice in five four three two one

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  1. Hi Rahdo, nice video as usual 🙂
    I just don't get why Jen passes at the end of the round while she as her super 1-4 worker in her hand ? Is it because it's a "one time" card ?

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