Couple Navigating Trauma & Intimacy | {THE AND} Jennifer & Christian (Part 2)

14 thoughts on “Couple Navigating Trauma & Intimacy | {THE AND} Jennifer & Christian (Part 2)

  1. I hope they make it! I can see the love they have and the pain they go through. I hope they start a family soon and overcome their struggles.

  2. And this is why I love this show, this card game, this idea, these conversations… So Real. So Raw. So True

  3. Thank you for your valuable vulternability. This has been a light to my life. I have experienced trauma and I avoid relationships for the reason that I hate what I've experienced and I don't want anyone else to have to be apart of that. But, seeing this, there is space for a loving relationship in my life. Because love isn't for the perfect , but love is to experience LIFE with one another.

  4. All the best to them! I enjoyed part 2.
    Thank you The Skin Deep team for always giving us great content, so much to learn from your videos.

  5. There’s so much love in this video.
    Hope it gets easier for them. 💝

  6. This was such a heartfelt video… You could almost feel the pain there, so touching. I hope she's able to overcome her demons someday & he seems like he'll support her with that but she needs time to heal & maybe counselling if she's not receiving some already? In order to move on… I wish them all the best for the future & hope they get the ending they truly want, together as I think they make a nice couple.

  7. I think that they're in love of the idea of each other, but not really of each other. It's obvious they want different things and giving up what they actually want for the other will do them more harm than good. Hope they realize soon.

  8. This might sound bad but how do you want his children but struggle to hold his hand? It's also why he's afraid to commit to her. Both men and women have needs. Sex is an important part of any relationship. She needs therapy, a child will not fix what's broken with her. Only she can heal that within herself, it's not his job or a baby's job.

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