Craig Parkinson’s love for Steve Davis – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC]

– When I was eight, for about a
year, I insisted my parents set an extra place at the dinner table
for Steve Davis. – Wow! – Lee’s team. – How old are you?
– How old do you think I am? – It’s not about that.
– It is to me.
– I reckon you are, to put it into
Steve’s language…
– Passing age. – ..three reds and four blacks. – You can’t make three reds and four
blacks. – That’s a good point Steve makes. I
can’t do three reds and four blacks.
– It’s impossible!
– But it took… – I know, I’ve forgotten and I’m a
commentator. – Can I just say, you can, because
you could use the black ball as a free ball, as a red, and you could
get three reds and four blacks. So you’re wrong, Steve. But never
mind, you’re new to it. What era was this? – It was in the ’80s.
– So when Steve was like the world
champion. – Steve Davis at that time, for me,
was my hero.
– Still is, surely? – MOUTHS – So, you’d never met him?
– Ah.
– You had.
– I HAD met him.
– Oh, you had met him?
– Yeah. – Where did you meet him? – I met him in a shopping arcade in
Warrington. – This story’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll. – Have you ever been in a shopping
arcade in Warrington, Steve? – I don’t know cos the ’80s were a
long time ago. How old are you? – LAUGHTER – What was Steve doing in the
shopping arcade?
– Signing things for people. – Yeah, I did sign things.
– Did you take something to sign?
– No, because it was a spur of the
moment thing. I didn’t even know he was going to
be there.
– But you met him?
– Yeah. – And how did that conversation go?
– I can’t remember. He shook my hand and he signed a
little piece of paper for me. He said, “Keep up,” because I said I
really wanted to play snooker. He said you’ve got to keep
practising and practising.
– I used to say that.
– Did you used to say that? – Yeah, a lot of times, yeah.
– I think because he was so
encouraging then, it really spurred me on, even though I wasn’t even
tall enough to start playing snooker
cos it was really hypnotising when me and my
dad used to watch on the telly. I just wanted him to be there all
the time, at meal times. It made me feel very safe.
– Oh, it made you feel safe?
– LAUGHTER – What? Don’t be like that! That’s a
nice thing!
– We haven’t found out how old he
is. He was probably born in about ’78.
– We’ve got Wikipedia? Haven’t you? – Born in ’78, I’m going to have him
down as a 39-year-old man. – Yeah, we’ll take that. That’s
fine. – The fact is that an actor, as Sara
pointed out…
– Let’s leave it there. 39. That’s
nice. – Actors don’t like to disclose
their age cos they feel it might
prejudice people against casting them and I
wouldn’t want to do that with Craig. – Yeah, it’s true.
– Do we need to ask more questions? I’m just worried about the fact it
might be true. – You’re worried that it IS true?
– I’m worried it’s true.
– Why is that worrying? – Because it will freak you out a
– Yeah.
– Really?
– Why? Because he’s a bit weird? – Well, I mean, nobody likes
stalkers, do they?
– It was his house. You can’t stalk someone by staying
in your own house. – Yeah. Actually, if you think about
it, you were in his house. You were stalking him.
– Yeah, it’s you. You. – APPLAUSE – So, look, you’re obviously a big
Steve Davis fan. How many times had Steve won the
world snooker championship at the
age of sort of mid ’80s…? – Three.
– Three. Does that add up? – I… I… Yeah. – What did you like about Steve
Davis? Why didn’t you have an imaginary
Bill Werbeniuk? – Because I’d never seen anybody
quite like Steve Davis. – SARA:
– Aw! – You believe him, don’t you? – So, what’s it going to be then,
Lee? Do you think it’s the truth? – Sara?
– I think it’s true. – Are you into snooker?
– Nope. But I’ve had a lot of fun, listening
to all the colours and all the
numbers! I’m really missing out!
– APPLAUSE Steve, what are you thinking?
– I don’t want to know about this
now. The thing is, if I say it’s true cos
I’m being sucked in, how stupid am I? I’ll be the third
stupid person on this team. – You think it’s true. Steve, you
think it’s…
– I think… I think it’s true. I don’t want it
to be true. – I think we’re going to have to say
true, then. – OK, you’re saying it’s true. Let’s
find out. Craig, was it true? Or was it a lie? – It was a lie. – APPLAUSE – Are you not interested in Steve
Davis at all?
– No. – LAUGHTER – I did like his character when he
was Spitting Image. I liked that. – LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE – Stop digging! Stop digging!

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  2. This was so convincing he definitely deserved that point. I feel Steve could've taken it nicer though. Wasn't very funny or flattered about it.

  3. Love this show. I’m a huge fan from the states so I have no idea who Steve Davis is but he came across as very rude and unlikable.

  4. I find it rather dumb when celebrities don’t want to say how old they are, although maybe Craig was just doing it to preserve the lie

  5. When he said that Steve had won 3 World Championships, why did Steve said it added up?!
    He won six and he clearly remembers it =D

  6. For someone who wasn't actually a fan Craig did seem to know a lot about about Steve Davies off the bat

  7. That's a nasty lie…. and I bet Davis deep down thought ah yes I got a fan….nope…..

  8. I love how Lee got one up on Steve over the three reds and four blacks. Not like he was a snooker player, or anything. (though the fourth black would be worth 1 point, unless it's following another colour that was used as the free ball).

  9. "I did like his character when he was Spitting Image"

    What a backhanded compliment XD

  10. He's a brilliant liar, a very convincing story, playing the Caddy has rubbed off on him I think lol.

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