Creepy Ted Cruz Says Democrats Have Gone “Bat Crap Crazy”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz thinks that Democrats
have gone insane. And he said as much during his Friday speech at the CPAC conference that
went on over the last few days. Uh, in fact, Ted Cruz doesn’t just think Democrats are
insane. He actually called them bat crap. Crazy. The exact quote from Ted Cruz is as
follows. I think there’s a technical description of what’s going on. It’s that Democrats have
gone bat crap crazy. Now, Ted Cruz was referring to the fact that Democrats do not want to
shell out billions of dollars for Donald Trump’s worthless, needless and useless border wall.
And that makes Ted Cruz very angry. And he thinks the Democrats because they don’t want
to waste $6 billion our bat. Crap. Crazy. Well, you know, ted, if you ask me, you want
to know what I think is bat crap crazy. And I’m sure many members of your own family would
agree with me here. Um, bat crap crazy would be bowing down before a man who literally
insulted your entire family tree. Uh, he called your wife very unattractive
attack, a tact her appearance, um, implied that your father was somehow involved in the
JFK assassination and repeatedly mocked you, berated you, and attacked you during the Republican
primary and not just in the way that other Republicans attack each other when they’re
trying to run for the same office. You know, I just agree on this policy. He’s bad on this.
No, he was personally attacking you, your wife, your father, and any other member of
your family that he could to me bowing down before this man and blindly supporting everything
he does that his bat crap crazy. And I’m sure that your wife would probably agree with that.
I’m sure she probably is not too happy that you refuse to stand up to Donald Trump when
he was attacking her, when he was attacking your father, when he was attacking you. You have become one of the most disgusting
Donald Trump’s suck ups sitting in the u s Senate today. This man absolutely verbally
destroyed your family. And how do you get back at him by doing everything he wants you
to do? You know that pathetic picture of you sitting in a phone call center calling people
on behalf of Donald Trump tells us everything we need to know about your character. And
that is that you have none. You have no integrity. All you care about is furthering your career
and you don’t care who’s wagging. You have to hit yourself too. In order to further that
career, everybody notices and everybody knows what’s going on with you. And in reality,
the only people that have gone back crap, crazy are the people who still think that you are a decent senator.

99 thoughts on “Creepy Ted Cruz Says Democrats Have Gone “Bat Crap Crazy”

  1. Never thought I'd agree with Donald Trump, but "Lyin' Ted" was an absolutely appropriate name for that CaKnucklehead.

    Ooooh, look! A flying pig!

  2. If a poor excuse of a human being like Ted Cruz is calling any group of people "bat crap crazy"…they doin something right.

  3. Ted Cruz is a medical miracle, he’s the only known surviving spine donor.

  4. Ted….I don’t know if you lie that much, but a guy that is campaigning and doesn’t present his very best in every way….right now I am speaking about your hairy appearance…not your best!

  5. About as insane as him TRYING to grow a BEARD I use to beat the shit out of PUSSIES like Ted BITCHBOI Cruz

  6. Oh but wait…! It was Obama… Obama's tan suit… But, but Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi….. But Hillary…. Hillary's private email server…. Hillary's emails… DNC server… etc…. LOL

  7. Ted: shut the fuck up and get back to sucking God Emperor Trump's fat, orange toes, you pathetic beta cuck. lol

  8. Fat Lying Ted at it again everyday he looks more now like a Talaban member

  9. The GOP and their base project, they are insane with a healthy dose of evil. Trump has been enabled and coddled his entire life. Insult people in front of me and I would have broken the sobs jaw

  10. So says the guy who voted to lift sanctions off of Russia. Qid pro quo, Ted?

  11. Congress' main job appears to be campaigning. No time to legislate when you gotta raise bribes, then defend the bribers, repeat, and recess.

  12. Ted Cruz kneeled before Zod Trump, and he sure isn’t Superman.

  13. Hey Ted, or "Rafael", that beard won't make less creepy. And your daughters will hate you when they grow up(pretty sure they hate you now).

  14. BatCrap, is that even a word? Honestly Bat$hit rolls off the tongue much better & describes Ted Crud perfectly 🙂

  15. Y know what bat shit crazy… sending someone $ on patreon who doesn't want to work

  16. Republicans: We are the only part that is fiscally responsible
    Also Republicans: Anybody who refuses to more than double the country's national debt on a border wall that experts have proven would do nothing to curb illegal immigration and is only even on the table because a conman appealed to low educated morons in the Bible Belt who believe they are the only intelligent people in the country are mentally insane.

  17. Pathetic Ted Cruz, he has no spine, honor, guts, he is a poor sad weak little man….his family must be ashamed of him. Texas deserves better.

  18. Ted Cruz here embodies the principle of the pot referring to the relative darkness of the kettle.

  19. Typical piece of shit Cruz, down on his knees slurping and sucking away on the orange mushroom cock of the guy that repeatedly called him a liar, and he thinks democrats are crazy, SAD

  20. Bat-crap crazy is wanting to build Trumps worthless border wall in the first place.

  21. Think cruz has been smoking some bat crap crazy joints🚬 👅👄🐴💩

  22. How Ted can claim anything…,  Being he was'nt even born on American soil or an American Military Base   to one parent of non American Heritage is beyond me.  How is he even an elected official?

  23. Ted Cruz is having a hard time breathing with his entire head between Trump's orange butt-cheeks. Oxygen deprivation. Yeah, that's it.

  24. Texans are Bat Crap Crazy for reelecting this embarrassment to the senate. They stand the most to lose from this "wall", but would put a man back in office who would help destroy their own lives, land, livestock, agriculture and livelihoods at the Rio Grande.

  25. Democrats might be Bat Crap Crazy but Ted Cruz is without a doubt Bat Crap Spineless.

  26. Ted Cruz is a spineless shill who only knows how to bow his head to those in power. He bowed his head to his wealthy donors when they slapped him down, he's been bowing his head to Agolf Twitler. And he doesn't care how low he has to sink in order to keep clinging to what little power and money he has, doesn't care who he has to throw under the bus. All he cares about his spineless, shameless, worthless self.

  27. Hahahaha,that coming from the very nest of crazy. Butt kissing moron,im surprised that his wife didn't divorce him

  28. IT IS There Job DEMOCRATS TO DO WHAT THEY are DOING For The Country's You SHOULD Do THE SAME For Your Country

  29. I thought a man is the defender and protector of his family? At this point, I'm surprised that Ted Cruz still has a family.

    Bottom line: Ted Cruz is a Chicken
    S _ _ t, yellow-belly coward.

  30. The only reason that Cruz supports Trump: Partisanship. Cruz is a Republican. Trump is a Republican.
    Therefore Cruz wouldn't turn on Trump even if Trump changed his mind about Heidi and banged her right in front of Ted. That's how deep the partisan divide is in America.

  31. (Rafael)Ted Cruz is the worst Texas senator we've ever had. His name only comes up during the election cycle in Texas and never anywhere in between. He should be deported for criminally backing a criminal.

  32. Lying Ted Cruz should keep his mouth fucking shut! You ought to be investigated!
    You are the definition of Crazy!

  33. Wait, wait, wait how come Ted Cruz didn't wash his face before appearing before the camera ! 😱😱😱

  34. Here are the facts:

    Cruz is a creepy unctuous beta worm.

    The woke left has gone bat crap crazy.

  35. That CPAC shit show was definitely bat crap crazy. The leader of the conservative right Rep party is a lunatic. All of these fools that have no conscience and refuse to stand for anything but tribalism.

  36. What are you trying to say this man is a typical Christian man. Cowardly lazy stupid arrogant knows exactly how everybody else should be living their lives when his life is totally out of control

  37. Well, Ted Cruz can't talk, because he is nuttier than squirrel SHIT!!!

  38. "Bat Crap Crazy"…wow, look at that politically incorrect badass not saying "shit" lol edgelords. conservatism is definitely the new punk rock….if punk rock was a church service they've been doing for a thousand fucking years. Lol

  39. Cruz you are 1 stunned ignorant Asshole…Go lick you supreme leaders ass…Your PITIFUL.

  40. I guess that to Republicans like Cruz, to put the American people ahead of personal wealth is crazy. I mean how would the GOP cope without the Kochs telling them how to screw over the people? They'd have to do it on their own.

  41. Ted Cruz has no room to make claims about DEMs when he didn’t have the balls to call Trump on his schoolyard bullying during the 2016 primaries

  42. It's people like Ted Cruz for which the guillotine was invented. Bring it to Washington and let's start using it. These bat-crap crazy Republican viruses are out of control.

  43. ted cruz… a little boy that betrayed his wife and his family so he can suck on Donald Trump's dick!

  44. One speaker at CPAC told the crowd that they were the "rebels". Ted cruz, so rebellious he can't say shit.

  45. What’s crazy is allowing a person to insult your entire family and then kissing his a$$! Pure BETA !

  46. Why do you call this man Creepy ? As soon as this Creepy bald head appeared I knew why?

  47. Even when Republicans get their way, they're not happy, why is the Right so miserable?

  48. I can't believe Texas reelected this ass clown. Don't think so much of Texas anymore.

  49. At onetime, a Texan would have punched the shit out of someone for saying what trump said about your family, but you have been neutered, now Texas is weaker for having reelected YOU.

  50. As a Canadian I am proud to see that Cruz has taken his own brand of Bat shit crazy down South and has never returned to Canada.

  51. Republicans want to hide the President's crimes because they are raking in big profits from those same crimes. So long as they keep profiting, there will be no check on the President's criminal enterprises.

  52. I want to lick all over Ted's beardy face that really would turn me on like nothing else

  53. I wonder how many of these Trumpist Republicans in Congress have experienced a nose dive in their sex lives since Trump was elected.

  54. Trump unjustly insulted Andrew McCabes wife,I’m sure McCabe wouldn’t endorse The doofus.But then again McCabe has his shit together.Ted doesn’t.

  55. This from a man who befriends a man who insulted his wife. Cruz, you are almost as disgusting as your a$$hole buddy.

  56. Look who's calling someone insane, lol He inspired the movement and Trump turned his ass into a boot licker!

  57. Ted Cruz was born without balls. Anyone knows that. Ted Cruz never spares a chance to show the world how big a coward he really is.

  58. This just in: Zodiac Killer doesn't understand people wanting a real government

  59. Darling Ted baby: what is that stuff growing on your face lately? Have you gone bat crap crazy to have grown such ugly facial adornment hair ???

  60. This slime ball looking more repulsive each day. Save us Jeezus!

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