Crocodile on the loose: Reptile roams flooded Acapulco street

Terrifying scenes on the flooded streets of
Acapulco… As a crocodile washes up from an overflowing lagoon. After managing to evade capture for a while,
the reptile was eventually caught by locals in the flood ravaged Mexican port. It comes as the area experiences some of the
worst storm damage to hit the country in years… Leaving tens of thousands of people stranded
and claiming at least 80 lives. Airlines are continuing to run about two flights
an hour from the city’s still-flooded airport, with the the cost of rescue efforts expected
to reach 900 million dollars.

14 thoughts on “Crocodile on the loose: Reptile roams flooded Acapulco street

  1. It would of been more terrifying to see a sharks fin going past in the waters of them flooded roads, like a great white shark swimming through. so stay out of the water at all costs

  2. Shark isnt that stealthy as a croc and a croc is a very intelligent hunter keeping track of its victims at a dealy basis and learning there routine,striking when they are ready ….I am more scared of a croc then a shark…I am South-African so you can take my word for it

  3. Lmfao i just had to look if it exsisted hahahahahhaha omg the shit they come upp with.
    Also advertised with it piranhaconda what are these ppl thinking i mean com on tone it down with the acid guys

  4. There's "Metal Tornado" about a scientist doing experiments with magnetism . THAT was one mean tornado.
    Or Ghostshark, or Two headed shark attack (with Brook Hogan!)
    or Megacroc vs. Dinogator.
    Pirhanaconda IS a great name though

  5. I'll take your word for it!.
    Either way I would not like to meet either whilst swiming

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