Cyberpunk 2077 Lore – Fixers, Types Of Fixers & Street Deals!

Whats going on neon Nation and welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for more Cyberpunk lore. Today we are diving into Fixers, the street
business men and deal makers of the cyberpunk from the source material of Cyberpunk 2020. If you guys would like to check out the Lore
Playlist, I will have a card in the top with videos on the history and backstory of Night
City and Cyberpunk based off the RTalsorian Source Material created by mike Pondsmith. Just as an aside before we get into the straight
up lore, Fixers in 2077 will offer you a variety of Street Stories and mercenary work and will
be displayed as points of interests similarly to witcher 3s monster contracts. With that being said, onto the lore. Fixers are not simple thieves, they are the
brain behind any operation, the master minds and negotiators, outsourcing others to perform
their dirty work. They own underground nightclubs, sell restricted
cyberware and keep covert capitalism alive, but they also have bigwig legal roles such
as managing big rockerboys, political favor brokers and media talent scouts amongst other
sub-roles. The textbook definition of a Fixer is an independent
street operative who specializes in the exchange, of goods whether they are found, bargained
for, or stolen to maximize profits. These goods can range from drugs, to illegal software and even human organs. Fixers typically start off as small time street
punks, who work their way up admist the chaos of the Cyberpunk World, where true power comes
in the form of contract work with High prices solos and Netrunners who require representation. If a punk leverages contacts, and increases
his or her sphere or of influence, they can also be known to hire entire packs of Nomads
to do their bidding, or for their clientele. Prolific Fixers dictate the flow of information
and money into the right hands, and their ability to collect this information and distribute
this money to their benefit is directly proporotiate to a Fixers spot in the hierarchy of the streets. Fixers are typically paid in the form of money,
but in isolated circumstances favors are also accepted. Favors can sometimes be more valuable than
a little bit of coin due to high levels of volatility on the street. Not fulfilling a favor can also reduce ones
name to rubble, which in the world of Cyberpunk is a death sentence. The role of a Fixer is a little bit different
over the seas, as the affluent European culture funnels deals to go down more often than not
in fancy restaraunts, and offices versus the backstreets and grungy bars typical of American
Fixer deals. White collar work makes up a large chunk of
Euro-Fixer work, and streetslang won’t cut it here. In the underbelly economy that Fixers operate
in, there is an honor system between criminals known as the Giri. Borrowed from Japanese and in this context
essentially means “honor amongst thieves” High rep fixers abide by the Giri. If you do not you become known as a Svoluch,
someone who cannot be trusted and their business will suffer because of it. Full-borg fixers exist, but have the tendancy
to not be as successful as regular more humanoid ones, as they tend to intimidate instead of
lure in potential clients. The empathy loss associated with becoming a
full borg also leads to them being terrible negotiators. As a result they tend to work almost exclusively
with full borgs, and their needs such as cybertechician expertise, spare parts, tailered psychoactive
drugs, and introductions to full borg social networks. Exotic Fixers, whilst more accepted in society
than Full borgs, still have a social stigma against them. Much like Full borg fixers however they operate
on the needs of mainly the Exotic community, who rely on these fixers to understand what
how to satisfy them. Fixers can even operate in space and quell
the effects of rampant bordem in the tighly controlled and monitored environment of space. Because of all the rules & regulations, any
Fixer with the audacity to set up a racket in space opens up a world of possibility in
terms of monopolistic profit margins. Escapism is huge here, and thus some of
the most profitable business Fixers can get involved in are drugs, custom VR and braindances. Smuggling is incredibly hard here as orbital
customs are hard to breach, and private shipments of illegal goods is highly expensive, but
the trade of high-tech ware is viable due to the conglomeration of rich up in orbit. Fixers in general have to protect them selves
well, which typically scales with how well they are known. They invest in electronic security, bug stompers
and well armed guards, but even this is not a guarantee in preventing others from trying
to steal property, hijack supplies or being raided. Fixers who aren’t in the big leagues yet,
but who are pulling in decent coin also have to operate in respect to big crime syndicates
such as the Mafia, Yakuza and Triads and every large north American city has some sort of
big crime presence within it. Big crime absolutely hates when their potential money
pool is being dipped into. Typically Fixers do end up specializing to increase
the efficacy of their services. From Boostergangs who want Police patrol routes,
to street samurai who need the latest Militech gear fixers who specialize can maximize their
business and street clout. Salesman are the most well known of Fixers,
who further specialize into Black marketeers, information brokers, shoemakers, pushers and
sleazes. Black marketeers focus on the sale of illegal
goods, which are one of the riskier ventures due to how fast law enforcement can zero onto
you. Popular illegal commodities include weapons,
electronics, cyberware, body parts, drugs and chemicals, vehicles, software, slavery, braindance,
wetware and secret documents. Each market requires a certain diligence. For example software and programs require
expedited movement to the consumer to avoid them becoming obsolete against the latest
and greatest tech. There’s even a market for siphoned power. Juicemongers, can funnel
power to potential Fixer clients who have outgrown their current power restraints. Information brokers are in the business of
knowing about all things. Knowing things isn’t illegal and so the
authorities rarely bother trying to track down this type of fixer. Information is power, but a good info bro
knows that out of date information has no value and is thus worthless. They spend an incredible amount of time doing
research and curating high level informants and contacts. Low level info bros are simple snitches and
will sell of any information they get for a few eddies. High level info brokers however are some of
the most feared and respected. They know the ins and outs of the security
industry, high technology and have a army of data runners at their disposal. Data runners esnetially lock priceless information
away within them using data drives installed into the base of the skull. These are electronically protected, but nevertheless
the info bro does employ blackmail and scare tactics to make the data secure. Extra data that is not relevant at the time
is stored away by an Information broker Fixer, to be sold or shared at a time where it may
be sold at a premium. Shoemakers are the most intriguing sub set
of the Salesman fixers. In the cyberpunk world, everyone is registed
in the Net via a State Identification Number. This number is tied to the persons social
security number, bank account numbers, employee verification, net access and even their phone
number. This is useful in 2020 in the net dense infrastructure
of the world, but this openness of information makes it incredibly easy to detect and track
everyone, making it hard to criminals to maneuver through the world unnoticed. This is where the Shoemaker comes to be in
a process called “getting new shoes” These fixers will use their incredible amount
of contacts and resources, typically in higher up governmental and banking positions to alter
all these records in a full identity swap for the client. Shoemakers utilize Solos for protection, netrunners
who make SIN-surgery possible, and techies who put together the computer and info systems. Shoe makers also stockpile lifted identities
to be resold to other clients. Pushers are universally slimy, and are the
Cyberpunk variant of the modern drug dealer. Pushers prey on addicts and the weak to sell
a variety of chemical pleasures including brain-boosters, designer drug, endorphins,
and bio-enhancers. Higher tier Fixers may higher pushers to sling
their supply on the streets, but for the most parts Pushers work solo, and only deal with
others when buying supplies or selling to customers. Moving on we have Moneybags, Fixers who deal
purely in currency and finances. Factors are the big financial brokers of the
Cyberpunk world and who deal in forgery, ghost accounting and laundering amongst other things. Mob bosses have atleast 2 factors in their
payroll due to just how good they are at aquiring necessary knowledge of insider trading, and
accounting trickery. The common reason factors are brought into
a company or organization is to solve inventory problems. The factor will buy up all the inventory to
keep the company afloat, but then sell it for a profit. A fence is a type of moneybag fixer who buys
things super cheap and resells it semi-cheap. This more often than not causes a redistribution
of wealth, despite fences being small time operators. Fences prefer not to hassle with items that
draw too much heat from Law enforcement like human organs and bombs, and prefer to go the
route of technological wares. Loansharks lend out money with vicelike grip
interest rates. Not paying a Loanshark back within the allotted
time, results in less than optimal repurcussions for any particular client. Loansharks keep Solos as goons to track down
those who haven’t coughed up their Eddies, as well as Factors to play accountant for
them. CredSharks are similar to loansharks, with
the key distinction being that they only operate on the net. CredSharks have an insurance policy in the
form of tapeworm viruses attached to electronic credits they front to their mainly netrunner
clientele in-case the cred and it’s interest don’t come back. It can be activated at any time and may result
in legitimate banks closures, the client popping up on the CIAs most wanted list, or the government
knocking on his or her door. Bookies are the final type of Moneybag and
keep track and in tune with odds, money pots and payouts in the gambling heavy Cyberpunk
dystopia. Traditional Bookies track odds, accept bets,
keep track of money and hand out winnings. Oddsmakers are typically more involved with
the odds side of tracking, including providing clients with tips on betting. Betting crosses all types of spectator sports,
where there are pools of money flowing in from the Filthy Rich to bet on. This includes, boxing, martial arts, football,
baseball, soccer as well as more illegal events like animal fights and knife-dueling. Leeches are forms of fixers that make their
money based off the talent or acquisition of relations with other people. Talent scouts are Fixers who put a high priority
on being social, investing their time into searching for the untapped talents of the
world. From big time sports players, to prodigal
netrunners, These fixers make their finders fee on aquiring the best of the best for agencies,
organizations, teams and crime syndicates. Talent Managers are paid by their clients
to represent them in formal situations and in their respective industries. They typically try to get talented people
their lions share in deals and contracts and help them navigate offers and opportunities. At the top of the peak, Talent managers work
with Rockerboys like Kerry Eurodyne or Braindance Starts like Slade McCallahan. Poor talent managers are simple pimps and
involve themselves in having a variety of joytoys, girls and boys to siphon profits
off of. Next up we have the final class of Fixer,
the Go-betweens. Go-betweens are the mediums that the diverse
array of people and characters in the Cyberpunk world utilize to communicate. From full borgs to exotics to street scum
and edgerunners, the world of Cyberpunk is as fragmented archetypically as it is physically
and geographically. Go-between forge connections between all these
different people and manipulate the rigidity of the social structure for sake of malleable
business and interpersonal exchanges. Smugglers take advantage of the changing political,
economic and social landscape of America, to amass massive sums of Eurodollars. With legality differeing from state to state,
plenty of capital can be made along the synapses of the Modern United States in shipping high
demand products across borders. Higher profits naturally incentivize the distribution
of illegal product, but legal product can also be lucrative when tariffs and sin tax
policies change cross border. Traders operate in pure bartering, and use
mid night drop offs and untraceable handshake deals and an expert knowledge of the product
market to make beneficial deals. They rely heavily on real time product inventory
analytics in what ever city they work out of, and can deal in anything from illegal
black market goods, to legal over the counter commercial products. Sniffers are the private detectives of the
Fixer world, and are usually utilized by more powerful entities in Night City. These types of fixers are on the frontlines,
pushing the pavements to find anything and everything a client could want, whether that
be drugs, the latest wares, prostitutes or whatever they want or need but don’t want
to search for themselves. Owners at first don’t sound like they fit
the Fixer archetype, but because of the expansiveness of their clientele list, and contacts needed
for operating whatever establishements they own whether that’s a restaurant, club, casino
VRcade or drug parlour. They are in betweens as they bring all the
different types of Night City residents together from Street Scum, to Street Samurai, Corporate
Higher ups and Trust fund glitter kids. As always thank you guys for watching and
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