DIVISORIA HAUL! 698 Mall, GladKing, 999 Mall atbp!


Okay so today, let’s do a divisoria haul.
Last week, I went to divisoria.
I was with Maphy, Joy,
Kerwin! He’s the one who knows about 698 mall
because I really don’t know how to get there
a lot of you are asking
on how to go to 698 mall, because, in my last divisoria haul, when I said that I was at 698 mall, some said that
I have my vlog, I will link it down in the description box
there, so that you’ll know how to get there
because, in my last divisoria haul where I mentioned that I was at 698 mall,
some said that, “maybe that’s 168 mall not 698”,
they don’t know 698 (mall), because it’s just a small store,
it’s actually not a mall, like the usual mall (with buildings, etc)
if you’re wondering where’s 698 mall that I am talking about,
directions, I vlogged it, from lucky china town mall
going to,
698 mall
so check out my vlog, i’ll put the link, here over the card above
or in the description box
i was also with ms. Bea,
and Lyn Vidallon, caught up with us
anyway guys, if you are feeling a bit weird with how i look today,
i don’t know what video will go up first
if my Miniso (haul), or this one
i don’t like my BB cream,
but you’ll know it in my Miniso (haul) video
this is a huge haul, so expect this video to be long
and guys, if you’ll wonder,
this will be in random,
anything that i see in divisoria,
from makeup, lashes, accessories for the hair, kitchen tools,
for decor,
even wig!
i also bought a wig
so let’s first start from the items that i got at 698 mall
this is where i got a lot of items
there, you already know that if you have this kind of plastic, where is it from?
first one, is this, Nova professional hair clipper
i got 2, a big one for papa Kitz, and a small one for me
did you know, the last one that we bought before,
uh, when was the last time that i went to divisoria last year,
i forgot but it’s been a while
Kitz will finally change his electric razor again
because he’s just the one who trims his own hair
that’s why i always buy this. this one is 190 pesos and this small one is 150 (pesos)
so isn’t it the price, the price is disposable-worthy, but we’ve used it for a long time, maybe more than 6 months
here it is
it comes with scissors, comb
it’s like the ones they use at the barber shop, right?
190 pesos.. it’s really really cheap
(oh no, someone is calling me again)
okay next one…
maybe that’s Lloyd again
this one’s 150 pesos
you can plug it,
it’s really electric.. what do you call it?
i bought this
i think this oil, is for the blade
and then the plug/cord
if you’re looking for a cheap electric razor, (you can find it at) 698 mall
(you know guys, i’m kinda struggling here, wait i’m just gonna put it here in front)
i also got some foot socks
because i now use sneakers and i feel like my sneakers are starting to stink
of course we really can’t avoid that especially if our feet get sweaty, right
I need to use a foot sock so that my shoes won’t absorb the sweat in my feet
for a dozen it only cost 180 pesos. i just got the white ones
lashes. (how many lashes did i get?) i think i got 4
at 698 mall, lashes are really cheap. It’s only 45 pesos for each box, and you’ll have 10 of it
(Number) 218, I got 2.
because these 218 (lashes), these are the ones that has longer ends
Like this. It’s my first time to use this. I think these are for lower lashes
though it kinda looks weird
Nevermind. I really don’t know if that will suit me. It’s just 45 pesos so I don’t mind
And this one, I actually bought 2 kinds for (my) bottom lashes
And then this one, it kinda looks like a centipede. This is number 012
and this one is 011
I also grabbed a hair clamp. 240 pesos for one dozen
I use a hair clamp when I take a bath — when I use conditioner, I don’t like my hair getting soap
so what I do, I use a hair clamp to soak my hair with the conditioner while, for example, I use my whitening soap
I use my hair clamp. And you know what, let’s try this out now, I missed using this
It’s just like I’m ready to do the laundry
It does look sturdy, and the quality of the plastic is actually nice, it’s not thin
It’s not like the other hair clamps that has sharp edges
It’s really nicely made, and it really looks sturdy
Next, I grabbed this thingy for the eyes
My plan for this, every night when I want to refresh my tired eyes, I’ll just dip this in cold water then place it (like this) in my eyes
There are times that my eyes are so red from being tired
It’s only 39 pesos, for a pack.. And there’s no indication how many are in there.
Next, they are not in their original plastic because we already used it, but they are 60 pesos for 6 fans
and the other one got lost already
Crazy! I just used it the other day, and it’s already lost
Wait, for 60 pesos, 20 pesos…
How much do they now sell these fans? 25 (pesos)?
Cos before, I think we sell this (we have a store before) for only 18 pesos each
But it’s okay, atleast it’s still cheaper
I will give my mom these. They just offered this for me
These are the pins that you put onto your clothes, like this, for office
Actually, I wouldn’t really buy these but they offered it for me, they said it’s their new item, and I was like “Okay”
I’ll just give these to my mom, my grandma, my aunties
132 (pesos) for a dozen
In 698, they have toys, school supplies, makeup, wig, house supplies, hair ties — it’s like SM (mall), “We got it all for you”
This is just cheap, only for 24 pesos, while the ones that we buy at the grocery store costs at about 80 pesos
Then I’m like, that’s cheap but there’s a cheaper one.. in divisoria, for only 24 (pesos)
I bought this ladle, isn’t it very random
Serving spoon. 88 pesos
All our serving spoons get lost, and I don’t know, I think there’s a stealer in our kitchen
I feel like we are accidentally throwing them away, like when we put it in a take out box,
(we) didn’t get to double check, and the ladles are actually in there
I bought this. It’s stainless steel
And this one too. I also bought this kind of serving spoon, for rice, viands, and this one is for 63 pesos
I bought 2 of each
(“I can’t find you, where did you go?”)
Next one. This is a brush set, guys
Actually this is not for me because I am planning to do a giveaway for my 4th year anniversary here on YouTube
And here it is guys. They’re so pretty, isn’t it?!
So stay tuned, I will give this away
This is pretty! Promise, guys. This is way too pretty.
It’s called Spectrum
Even the powder brush is nice
It’s all complete — there’s a powder brush, then there are also for eyes
for blend, small angled brush
Also this, for blend.. Very good!
The brushes are really soft
I bought 2 of them, but I’m not sure if they’re the same
By the way, they are 650 pesos each set
This one’s different, it’s white with gray brushes
Isn’t it so pretty?
Stay tuned for my giveaway guys
I already found the (other) ladles
My gosh, these ones are very popular today: the unicorn brushes
I got these for 355 pesos
They are also nice, look
I’m still thinking if this is for me or will I give these away because they’re so pretty, so pretty
I don’t even need more brushes, because I already have a lot, but they are nice!
So I have them in blue, and I also have one like this
They’re cheaper, 225 pesos
Because they have less brushes.
The blue ones are actually nicer because these are kinda has thin brushes
But this one has different colored brushes
then the handle is like the unicorn’s
It’s so nice, and cute
I got this for travel. It has spray (bottle), for lotion, for shampoo or whatever, anything you need to put.
This one is 55 pesos only
It also has a container for cream, contact lens, along with a spatula
Actually I bought these for my grandma when I saw these, so that she can change her medicine container
This one is 66 pesos each
This one, it is a disposable underarm shields
I want to try these out guys, because you already know, that I sweat a lot especially it’s now summer
You need to put it on your shirt
I want to try this to see if it’s effective
It’s just cheap, it’s only 50 pesos
Hair ties. I got 2 kinds. I just won’t believe it if I still ran out
72 pieces, 126 (pesos) and then this one 45 pesos, 30 pieces
Hair velcro. Only for 5 pesos each.
If you’re wondering what is a hair velcro, this is what it is
Oh, there’s even a shape
This is what I put on before I do my makeup
That’s what I put on my hair
Again, it’s only for 5 pesos. It’s definitely cheap
There, I bought earrings. (For) 10 pairs, 31 pesos. Only.
31 petot (pesos). That’s how cheap it is!
This is the kind of earrings that I like, because, the locks are rubberized
because my ears are sensitive in fakes (“as if you’re that rich…doesn’t even like fakes”)
What I sometimes do so my ears won’t get wounded, I apply colorless. (My ears) react and itch when I use fake
I also got these guys, waterproof (pouches). For only 15 pesos each. For me, for Kitz and for Jeya
You can even use it for camera, right. It’s scary if it gets wet — if we travel again.
Another earrings. Isn’t it gorgeous?
I like this one. It’s only for 16 pesos and the locks are, again, rubber
Of course if I’m at 698 mall, I need to get OMG (nail polish)
To be honest, OMG nail polishes are better than those expensive ones
The Orly (?) ones chipped fast
I got a big one, this one is 22 pesos. The small ones are 14 pesos
I got “Cloud”, “Jive”, “Hashtag” and “Coffee”
and for the smaller ones, “White out”, “Hook up”, “Are you jelly”, “Black out”
Last one from 698 mall — Wig
This is 160 pesos, guys for this wig. Let me try this out
I want to put makeup on Kitz, that’s why I bought a wig
Why is this short?!
I thought this was long
Who do I look like?
I don’t even know now!
That’s everything that I got from 698 mall, so let’s move on with the things that I got from GladKing
GladKing is located at 999 (mall)
At GladKing, I grabbed these lashes because I didn’t see this at 698 mall
And this one is like a mink lashes because it’s thicker
This one’s (number) 828
and then this one is, um, 280
I also got a brush, which I already used. This one is really nice, it’s my favorite brush
Look, it follows the shape of your head,
that’s why, it also kinda massages your scalp. I love it
The hair brush costs 150 pesos only. 150 pesos. The eyelashes, oh gosh, it’s expensive!
110 (pesos) each?!
Why is it expensive?! Well, it’s actually pretty. It’s the first time I see this design,
but for the price.. maybe it depends on the type of lashes
Real Technique sponge, the imitation ones. I want to compare this to the original (sponge)
Of course I also got a beauty blender in nude
The price is 100 pesos
and this one is
They’re just the same
100 pesos
Tweezers for
for false eyelashes
For only 80 pesos
Those are the things that I got from GladKing
Next, the random things that I just got around
When we were walking to divisoria mall, we passed by a cart that sells chopping board, mortar and pestle
I bought this one in wood, because Kitz likes it, the wood type chopping board
then I also bought a mortar and pestle, again, the wood type ones because I like it better than those
you can buy at the market that is a smooth cement (type), I really don’t like that, I prefer this one
They’re both 70 pesos. This one’s 70 and this one is 70
Next, I got this one at Cherry Berry Flowers and Decor, Ilaya Street
I bought this to decorate my shelf because it’s still kinda empty
They’re just fake, not a real cactus.
They’re just 100 (pesos) each. It’s cute, I just wanna put it behind me (in my shelf)
Let me just put it today
Here, there.
I also bought this but I don’t know what is it for, why did I bought this, I don’t know
I just fell in love with it because it’s gold
I don’t know what will I put here
Nothing, it’ll just sit there. What is it for? Why did you even bought it, my dear?
The price of it is
190 pesos
Last but not the least,
Someone just bought another wig
My husband said he wants red, that’s why I bought a red wig
When I colored my hair red, it fades easily, let’s just use a wig instead!
Why do wigs have bangs
I don’t like the bangs, how do I do this
Okay guys, that’s all. I hope you guys enjoyed this haul
I didn’t remove this hair for no reason at all
And by the way this wig is 200 pesos and it is long
Going to Tabora, sorry guys I’m not that good in directions
beside that, there are stores selling cloth
Okay guys so I hope that you enjoyed this haul and I hope you saw/learn new stuffs
Don’t forget to thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and if you want more haul, comment down below.
Thank you very much, see you again on my next video

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