DIY Playing Card TARGET!!

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  1. I shit you not i dont even have any playing cards 😂 i just watch you cuz you're entertaining👍

  2. Maybe a caed throwing tutorial on how to (permanently) vanish those 'made in china' cards mentioned in an earlier comment…ideas like throwing them into a paper shredder, the garbage disposal, etc.. 'oops, these seem to naturally want to go into the fireplace not my target..! WEIRD!' LoL

    (this is obviously a joke more than a suggestion..well, maybe not, lol 😀 )

  3. Chris can make tutorial on "How to make your own playing cards". 😃

  4. Love this channel… and Chris too…(pun intended) or not?

  5. Can u teach how to do the trick u did where u tore the corner off the card and it was in that guys pocket I would love to learn it

  6. Do you normally use feet and inches or just doing that to please us 'mericans?

  7. I'm totally looking forward to your tutorial on throwing cards, but if you give me nothin unique to the hundreds of other tutorials on the matter, then I'm gonna have to call click bait. But even then it'll be cool to see which way you throw them cause there's a lot of ways and you tend to do most things perfectly… Except for the spring flourish.

  8. You've probably been asked this countless times and have probably even done a video on this but for someone just entering cardestry what deck do you recommend the most as the most durable and easily accessible

  9. anyone from Malaysia here ? know where to get good cards xD this mother fucken countries best cards is literally a fake deck of jaws xD can't find bikes anywhere and their supper expensive to ship all the way from us

  10. Can't even hear this trough the video. that's not "the worsed sound ever". that's THE ENEMY!!!

  11. its much easier to cut it with a hot knife or a hot box cutter just a tip, heat your knife and then cut it it goes through like butter without making any sounds 🙂

  12. taught my mates how to throw cards when we were drunk. they loved it and it took maybe 10 min before they were launching them at each other across the room haha

  13. I've done the same thing. I used styrofoam from the craft store over the hardware store. The reason is because there are more options in thickness. Hardware stores deal with insulated foam….hold shape well but really stiff. If you don't want to spend money or make a styrofoam cutter…rather than a sharp knife, a serrated knife cuts styro easier. As far as decoration…that's up to the individual. I personally like the medium plastic styro I get from craft store. It's durable and cuts nicely. Lite weight too…

  14. Yo chris! I love your shit, and you inspired me to get into magic. Im goung to put a few videos of me doing some magic on facebook and instagram, and i was wondering if i could snip out some parts of your music and put it in my video. I'll credit you and put link to your insta and youtube. Even if you say no i still love you bro.

  15. Hey Chris I just accidently ripped the eight of diamonds while attempting to do my first paroh shuffle and pressed to hard caused a 1/4 inch rip does anybody have an idea of how to repair it other than tape

  16. when will u do the reaction to bad Ramsay magic i am waiting for it

  17. i hate this sound so much…
    Dont make any video with that sound again
    but its a good video well done

  18. Hum… do you have a tissue or something? My ears are bleeding lol! I'm looking forward to see if you can make better than Ricky Jay with a watermelon (even if I'm sure you can :-p )

  19. Shoutout to Chris for doing all his measurments for us Americans in inches and feet.

  20. Hold up, is this video just drawing a target on a piece of styrofoam? Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Well I've got nothing better to do.

  21. what is the name of deck u used in 3 card monte street hustle video

  22. Which book or video do you recommend me to buy? Im still new to card magic and would love to learn some more card tricks and more ways to control cards.

  23. Hey Chris. Can you say me what is name the music in this video? 0:50 ??

  24. That's cool…..
    Can't wait to learn how to throw the cards though 👍👍👍

  25. started watching you and now spend all of my time with a deck of cards in my hand. love the idea of a target. have been throwing forever and never thought of it. interested in seeing your method. most videos say to throw woth card on your middle finger and index on the uper left corner of card but i find i get much better results throwing with upper left corner pinched between index and middle

  26. I really lke your work on Youtube and you are amazing as a magician and if you will ever do a deck giveaway I will be very happy if u choose me .

  27. Man you got me boosebumps while cutting the styrofoam! But the result is pretty sweet, I will try this myself with some friends. Thanks for the nice idea!

  28. awe Ramsey, I enjoy all your videos especially when you quit smoking…😂you said you like to see how many people watch the whole video… yip… I'm not going to lie you my top 3 favourite magicians

  29. Man, it would be sweet if I could get some more decks. I only have a few sense I just started practicing magic and cardistry. BTW I think you and Daniel did great on the Knights cards.

  30. Oh man differently making that. Be so much fun with a group of friends. Especially with some drinks. Awesome vid Chris can't wait for the next one

  31. Hey Chris! You are an Inspiration and you are the reason why im so deep into magic. Thank you for your content!

  32. Chris so when is the next video be uploaded??LOL I am so exited for that one…

  33. Aww shit I had goosebumps like crazy cos of the styrofoam cutting part. Urghhh….

  34. i just bought the royal road to cardistry thanks for the recomendation

  35. Damn love it can't wait for the next one and btw do u have an Instagram

  36. Adding a box or something under it helps with the mess. Like a bib 😮

  37. Chris, I work at a big company that makes a lot of cool stuff. We make huge statues out of foam so I have a lot of scrap sheets of foam. I'd love to link up with you and maybe send you some or print your logo on some so you can have and give away. Great vid!

  38. man take 20 30 dollars and invest in it icant even offer to buy cards for 5 dollar

  39. lol i thought you meant diy card deck that that's made over a deck brought at target

  40. I honest to God didn't notice he was using chicken nuggets. I was about to flip out

  41. Question, is whether or not the card sticks to the styrofoam based off of how fast it is going? Or the angle in which it lands? Or something else? Because I have thrown cards at my target so many times and I see the corner hit, but a lot of them don't stick in.

  42. I don't know but whenever I throw a card to a Styrofoam that I bought it doesn't stick, I'm throwing it very hard but it just bounces off can someone help me?

  43. or instead of drawing lines, if you have projector just make a target on ur pc and project the image on the board. good thing about it is that u can get creative with ur targets and change it every time 🙂 great video btw

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