[ENG SUB] 몰카 ) 동생이랑 당구칠때 미녀 트레이너가 운동복을 입고 왔더니 ㅋㅋ

Today’s prank is calling a beautiful friend while playing billiard with a friend of mine Waiting for a friend alone Average score is 150~200 Please subscribe & Thumbs up & Notification Mogwa’s friend arrives A friend arrives who has run a billiard
shop for three years His average score is about 200 They both are wearing gloves and
They never play 4-ball billiards Please understand if we are not able to play very well The loser should buy chicken I have something to tell you. I’ve called a friend of mine Do you mind if my friend plays together with us? I don’t mind but is your friend good at playing billiard? I don’t mention that the friend is female In practice Hello, I’m here
Hello~ He gets shocked lol I can sense that it’s going to be so funny He is saying you are very pretty lol I thought your friend is male Hello I’ve heard that you are really good at playing billiard – He plays really well
– I’d like to learn playing billiard It has been a while playing billiard
(She has played several times) Is this your first-time play billiard? No, I’ve played several times Help her how to play billiard
Thank you in advance She is stunning..very beautiful
Oh…my god… Oh…my god… He gets shocked He’s hiding behind of me and can’t come out to the front It’s so fxxxing funny Well..it’s damn funny from its beginning He can’t even see her in eyes Your face is turning in red
My face is also turning in red Wow I can’t help myself today too Is it okay to wear like this while playing billiard? This is how I wear usually She is very fit and likes to exercise everyday I’m good at sports too
(No one heard what he told lol) Jung-Hee (JH)’s average is 200 and he is demonstrating how to play billiard You aim at the left side and like this
Oh…my…god Have a clear mind and stay focus She drives me crazy Have a clear mind and stay focus He’s nervous I’ve made a mistake…I can’t help myself today I think I can hit this ball WOW….Her posture is like an expert Wow…she’s really good
I think she plays better than you do Let’s start the game Who’s going to play the first?
The first shot should be her Teach her how to play the first hit Me? Teaching her? Yes, she said she can’t paly well You can play the best among my friends Let’s get started You should aim the right side (I’m not sure whether this is the right posture how to play billiard) I guess I should get close to you He’s teaching her in nice manner It’s nice
It was not nice. Why do you say like that? Well..it’s my turn JH’s turn. Playing long distance and it’s success You did really well! I’m too nervous to play Nervous? Why are you nervous?
I don’t know but I’m nervous It’s been a while I play billiard
You were running a billiard shop for three years It’s a mess This is your turn Eun-Hye He’s teaching her how to hold a pole Oh…my god. He is way too kind Why doesn’t he play on behalf of her?
He is being exaggerated lol Let’s see how’s is she going to play Her posture is excellent lol Nice! He has said it’s nice even the ball didn’t hit another lol My turn?
I’m supposed to hit some of the balls That was not my best shot This is…. Mogwa changes his posture JH is sitting peacefully while Mogwa is playing lol Mogwa can’t paly well too lol What was that?
You are lucky today lol My apology This is hitting the balls by dragging one WOW Mogwa gets started to talking a lot since he hits the two at the same time I think you play better than I do Stupid lol Another friend arrives
Hello~ Hello~ His face is turning in red right after seeing her Everyone is confused with counting the game If I stand like this, will I get hurt?
That violates the rule lol But you can violate the rule It’s my turn now JH is teaching her right away lol JH is getting confused what color should hit first JH keeps teaching her even she doesn’t ask for it WOW lol He is damn funny lol She is playing quite well with the new skill JH is doing high-five to her lol JH is already on the other side to teach her to play
JH is too funny lol Mogwa has never seen JH is as nice as like this JH is complimenting her every round that she plays JH is sitting right away when its Mogwa’s turn Is JH giving her lesson? She hits every ball lol High-five again lol I guess I’m teaching her very well! You should hit the right side..here This is too funny lol You should hit this way not there as lightly as possible You should put your nose and pole on the same line Failed JH is too busy for teaching her to play his turn Mogwa has never seen JH is paying so much attention to the play This is fxxxing funny You are awesome!!! What did he say?
Are you sure she did really good? You are lying! Isn’t this too much of kindness of him….? JH…Mogwa is here too 😊 Please talk to Mogwa too They are playing like there is no one around then… I guess I thought you quite well
Didn’t I? JH keeps tutoring her how to play even in distance You should aim this ball in red and don’t hit hard I think she has played quite many times Her posture is quite good I’ve played few years ago – With your boyfriend?
– No, with my friend lol Why did you ask whether she played with boyfriend or not? I wanted to know whether she has a boyfriend or not Was I not supposed to ask such question? You can ask to her. Don’t worry lol JH is having a seat while Mogaw is playing lol Mogwa doesn’t play quite well today Mogwa gives JH great chance to play this time I’m anxious
Why are you anxious? JH is trying to control himself Failure on mission to disturb JH JH doesn’t even listen to what Mogwa is saying Failed JH is exerting the best effort into teaching her You should put your pole to the very right You are the best bro! JH doesn’t even stop giving words to her Does he just say she did good job…? The loser should buy chicken No one is interested in Mogwa while he is playing lol They don’t even look at him JH is really good at playing 3-balls billiards JH is rubbing the chalk “JH seems like wanting to show her the best shot he can do” Oops! My apology Does this happen a lot Oh…my…god! JH is giving big laughter for everyone lol Are you nervous?
No, I’m not! Oh…my…god! JH is giving big laughter for everyone lol It’s her turn He’s running into her right away lol This round would be quite difficult for you You should pull over your pole lower Welcome to JH’s billiard class You should think you need to hit right here JH is really hard working on teaching her You did really good job!
What did you just say? It’s too obvious that she didn’t hit the ball! This is your turn The ball was not even close to hit another and you are still saying she is good? JH is having a seat again lol Mogwa has the best luck today Mogwa is paying attention to the play Failed Let’s see how what he’s got Wow he plays quite well and gathers all the balls together I can see the balls very clearly It’s a good stroke Why are you sweating?
I think I’m nervous He’s quite frank lol Good shot! You don’t seem like nervous Gathering the balls again Was it hit?
Yes, it did! You didn’t see it has touched and slipped ? It gets hit!
Yes, I agree They all forget to count the score I scored quite many times! It’s dead
Yes, it’s dead Your hair keeps touching Isn’t it like JH is playing on behalf of her? Why don’t you teach me while I’m playing billiard
because you play well without my direction You did very well!
It’s awesome It didn’t even hit the ball!
Why do you keep saying that she plays well? Why do you even rubbing her pole with a chalk on behalf of her? He is even measuring the thickness of the balls for her lol You should hit this red ball Rubbing the chalk again lol I can do it myself lol He is so funny lol He is teaching her as gently as he can lol Is it something like playing duo? Mogwa is here too! Why don’t you just play on behalf of her?
It does look like they are literally playing together Isn’t it too often? He’s helping to rub the pole again lol
Are you her servant? Mogwa has a feeling of losing the game if she hits the ball this time Hit it as thick as possible Yes! It’s like you guys on the same team! Two of you are playing around of me? Are you fooling around of me? Since Mogwa lose the game, Mogwa brings the two out for dinner then… Mogwa feels like he has been playing alone Billiard Episode 2 will be coming soon!

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