[ENGSUB] EXO MU-BEYOND 2016 Year End Special (For life and Lotto/Louder MV Making)

Subtitles by: Kpoppinfires
Kai: This is where we shoot our music video.
(t/n: that stare lol)
Kai: See you later,Bye!
Kai: Bye!
Suho: The others are shooting together but i’m…. it’s very cold… in the forest.. i’m shooting it.
Suho: The youngers are doing the comfortable ones because i’m older than them, i’m doing the harder thing because i’m the leader.
(t/n: honestly, i’m touched by that.. i stan the right group)
Suho: Fighting!
Suho: It’s about a couple that even if they we will be born again they will still be together.
Suho: Same goes with our fans, even if we will be born again EXO and EXO-L will always be together.
Suho: Fighting!
(t/n: wooh oh oh oh)
(t/n: daddy baek..)
(t/n: r.i.p. bias list.. yixing y r u doing this to me..)
(t/n: how could someone look this so good with these wounds and bruises..)
(t/n: burn bebe burn.. when ur rich af)
Sehun: Are we going to play/have fun now?
(t/n: masterpiece..)
(t/n: omg- my minseok lookin so good)
//being careful//
(t/n: he’s so qt omg-)
Chanyeol: Can I court him?
Baek: No, you’re mine.
Chanyeol: Then you should treat me better..
Baek: (…..)
(t/n: that’s obviously a fake sub lol just a hardcore chanbaek shipper)
Chen: OH SEHUN!!!
(t/n: that evil laugh lol)
(t/n: look at those precious smiles..)
(t/n: sorry, can’t hear what he’s saying :Subbed by: Kpoppinfires

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  1. I can't believe I had the best 15 sec in my life right now (2:30–2:45)

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